by Rossul M, courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

Friend, is discussion of the supermundane possible when the foundation of existence is not yet realized? Clear awareness of fundamental energy is the necessary key. Train thought upon the idea of energy till the feeling of energy is certain.

Though man accepts that fundamentally there is just one energy, this alone does not give progress--one needs also to attune oneself to its innumerable qualities. Narrow customary attitude limits man's perceptions of energy's properties, thus limiting his understanding. Upright attitude surpasses much, but establishing an appropriate level of fair uplifting consciousness is difficult amid life's travail. Very few realize that life's difficulties spur development. Goalfitness focuses one's awareness amid apparent contradiction of fundamental energy. All can realize the supermundane vibratory domain via the understanding process of the many-faceted fundamental energy. The blind may see.

To conceive of the supermundane as most primary is correct. As above, so below--this of old has served as guidepost.

1. Urusvati knows the Tower of Chun (Chinese: Spring)and remembers how the exterior resembles a natural cliff. Access to this tower is tenuous, a small landslide can conceal the structure from those below. A small dam can change a mountain-stream into a lake; in dire need the entire district can be immediately transformed. Organized expeditions? The power of thought would divert the caravans! Chemical effects can prevent the approaching curious. We guard the Brotherhood. The most advanced aircraft cannot discover Our Abode. One should not doubt the existence of an inviolable Abode. Urusvati remembers passages leading to Us and the light from our tower. One should see our archives of knowledge to comprehend the work of our abode. One should hear our singing to understand our ashram life. We shall speak of our life and labor.

2. Urusvati has seen much of our apparatus. Man is growing accustomed to his inner forces. One achieves a whole transformation simply by realization of primary energy. Over centuries we have applied the idea that concentrated energy can be directed to any domain. Our mirrors cannot be termed magical, they simply increase the effectiveness of energy employed. Strong magnets could hardly be called magical, though their action is remarkable. The subtle enrgy body and all experiments connected with it belong to science, not to magic. One should abolish superstitious use of the confusing term "magical". Man has been affraid of anything mysterious, forgetting that the key to mystery lies within. One must free oneself from all impeding conditions or circumstances, which are different for everyone. Progress depends upon free will directed toward good. Ideas rule the world, though people laugh.

3. Urusvati has seen some of our repositories. These objects therein serve as a reservoir of accumulated auras, and the creative emanations of their former owners remain in them much longer than one might suppose. We can study in this way the true meaning of a particular era. Sometimes a total opposition between objects, or a mutual harmony, can be observed. In our many experiments we observe not only with spiritual vision but also verify by the use of our apparatus. This is not so-called psychometry but the science of radiations. Just as you observe the usefulness of fruits and plants, we study the language of objects by their radiations. The finer energy with which an invention is invested puts its seal upon it; it permeates all inventions with harmful or beneficial effects. Let the hands of inventors be pure! We watch inventors with great attention, sometimes rejoicing, often grieving. Our tower is open to all potentiality, and it is a special joy when the matrix sent by us is accepted by a worthy worker.

4. Urusvati knows how difficult is thought transmission. Many conditions affect it. Man is either like a boiling kettle or a radiant discus-thrower propelling thought thru space. One should not only control oneself but foresee the chemical reactions that in contradiction may arrest even a strong will. Do not suppose that superficial methods will produce completion. An impure servitor cannot perform a pure action, and the most sanctioned ritual cannot free him from impure consciousness. I affirm that each action must be coordinated with the teacher's thoughts, thus true collaboration. We have apparatus to assist thought transmission. The application of finer energy transforms the simplest of motors.

5. How many perilous illnesses are caused by lack of reciprocal caution twixt individuals! It is most necessary when there is a great disparity of vibrations. Vigilance and mutual care then are required in order not to cause harm. People cannot take into account all the reasons that compel us to be so cautious, and in their ignorance they wish to experience the strongest manifestations regardless of consequence. All is relative, and one should give serious attention to rhythm and vibration. If sensitivity to vibrations is strongly developed in plants, it must be immeasurably stronger in people. Let us bear in mind that our vibrations will never be forgotten by those who have experienced them, for in them is joy, but also an intensity not every heart can endure.

6. Each negative reaction or mockery paralyzes even the strongest vibrations. The ignorant assert that we provoke revolutions and seditions, but actually we have tried many times to prevent murder and destruction. One can mention events--brother Rakoczy prior to the French Revolution and with Napoleon, the advisor to the American constitutional convention, appeals to Queen Victoria, Russia, Sweden, Spain. Remember that ten years ago (1928) the ruin of Spain was foretod. The sign of salvation had been given, but as usual, it was not accepted. We hasten to send help everywhere and rejoice when it is accepted. We sorrow to see what fate nations prepare for themselves.

7. We often instruct that unity be preserved. Not merely a moral point--disunity is the most abhorrent dissonance, striking space very sharply. When people are filled with malicious discord, damaging disruptions in space occur immediately, creating spatial karma involving others like them. It is dreadful to battle with such fresh-generated chaos. Whenever one must deal with the free will of man a great waste of energy must be expected. The power of free will is great, equivalent to most potent energy. How much the efforts of experienced physicians are needed to close the spatial wounds from malice in the subtle planes! We must work for unity by labor and raw effort. Few will strive to our Brotherhood when they learn of the sweat of our labor.

8. If people only realized how much they can increase their strength by cooperating in visible and invisible ways with the Brotherhood! If they at least thought about cooperation, which can be manifested every moment! Everyone can apply his strength each moment; one need only understand that in our mountains ceaseless labor continues to help mankind. Let thought of the existence of the Brotherhood help open hearts. Then cooperation will be revealed not as duty but as joy, and the drops of sweat and sacred pains will bring the crown of enlightenment. This is not abstraction, but vital. Glory to the all-embracing heart.

9. Urusvati has been to our laboratories and has seen one of the formulas of atomic energy, absorbing it inwardly. But in mad haste man would scatter knowledge like hail upon the fields, not caring about the knowledge growing from unbridled passion. Understanding the ripeness of cycles is a great step toward Brotherhood. Only a high level of consciousness can deal with such valuables as the Gobi Desert guards. Even for a proven patience it is hard at times to await the approach of a caravan bring joy. Happy the one understanding the command of the heart. In their simplicity people do not understand the harmony of cycles, and seek to impose their own disorderliness and irresponsibility in all matters. It is of no importance to them that, when certain requirements have not been met, a great idea is lost. In addition they insist that everything be done by their own measures. The exact knowledge sent out by our laboratories often cannot be understood, because the formulas are given in unusual symbols. Integral science, some from Atlantis, is worlds apart from mere analytic science.

10. Urusvati knows our language but we must know the speech of all nations. Each should send thoughts in his own thought language. Forcing oneself to think in a foreign language calls forth inner images connected with the culture of those who use that language and may disturb the clarity of one's thinking. I advise sending thoughts in the most simple appropriate surroundings. No forced tension is needed, only complete concentration and calmness. One may place before oneself the image of the person to whom thoughts are being sent, better though to hold this image in one's mind. Harmonious music may accompany thought sending. Remember these conditions in conceiving and transmitting our way.

11. Urusvati finds insight as to what is possible with people. The discovery of these limits is a stumbling block for many, and great misfortune results from overlooking limits. The co-measured boundary shows to broadened consciousness. People like to play jackstraws, pulling out only that most attractive to them. They do not care if all falls to pieces, although even children know that the whole should not be disrupted. One can site many falsehoods about the Brotherhood. One can point out how the Brothers were thought to be dark forces. Especially insistent have been those who chose not to heed our words. Shame upon unbelievers, the ignorant, the causers of disunity! Let them occasionally ask themselves if they are not in the wrong. But the ignorant cannot become wrong, they already live in error. Let this be remembered by those whose hearts are aflame. Everyone can affirm at least a grain of truth.

We gain invisibility by attracting from space the rays needed for it. Flights to the far-off worlds definitely require mobility of the subtle body which in its tension attains fieriness. This ability can be attained thru many incarnations and ceaseless striving. Mobility cannot be acquired by force. Our sisters are especially effective in these flights, as the integration of the feminine is helpful.

13. People do not quarrel about deeds but about names. We have been compelled to hastily hide ourselves in order that a good work might suffer no harm. One of the first conditions of the Brotherhood is to put the essence of the action above all. There are two kinds of thought, one born from the mind, one from the heart. Self-sacrifice is born from the heart, and the Brotherhood is built thusly. Our cooperation lives by the heart. The most repulsive sight is hypocritical unity. Hypocrisy cannot enter into our abode. Certain exercises can without apparatus enable one to understand the thoughts of co-workers. Let those who strive to Us understand that the quality of labor grows thru a feeling heart.

14. Each herioc act invites persecution. Combat with darkness is unavoidable, and chaotic waves engulf bold fighters. Yet such touchstones only testify to the spirit's invincibility. Heroes have endured all tortures so that their strength could be tested and carried on. Each wishing to serve with us knows he must endure dark assaults. In words people offer, but in deeds avoid. Does no one realize that every deviation lengthens his path? The study of mann's nature provides direction and broadens consciousness; people sail to our shores naturally with no need for former vessels. Let santana, the life-current, carry the expectant travelers to the shores of becomingness. Let people learn early the difficulties, clearly understanding the fight with darkness. Let them not hope to avoid it. The path to bliss cannot be easy; first let us forge the armor of spirit.

15. Urusvati was amazed to see our tension when sending ideas to remote points. We are actually charged with electricity to increase the primary energy, using apparatus environmentally. Everywhere harmony is necessary. A thought sent to a particular person or place does not require as much tension as general spatial thought transmission where much opposition is encountered. An electric vortex is then needed as armor, attracting certain refined souls, who will then feel much fatigue, being joined magnetically to the general current. We try to preserve balance as much as possible. Let mankind ask to be healed, for without their consent they cannot be healed.

16. Urusvati knows the three states of our bodies, their atmosphere not easy for earthly lungs and hearts to withstand. One can observe that where more labor is performed, the atmosphere is more saturated. Great harmony must prevail in any place from which ideas are sent into space. Lamas speak about the abode of the great rishis. Each describes Shambhala according to his understanding. Many strive to find us, but we must be found first in spirit rather than geographically. Discussion is more preferable to complaints. A heartfelt talk is more in accord with the harmony of our abode. "The kingdom of God is taken by force," force of spirit not fists. Let people not forget where the true gates are.

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