courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

Commencing effort, let us beware of weakening the flow. Ignorance saps and checks unfolding consciousness. Remember potential--it is to be drawn upon again and again for advancement and renewal. As primordial potential is often forgotten, let us summon all our attentiveness so as to merge in the mainstream. Let us reiterate the principles of the source of advancement and tirelessness.

1. In finer vibration one finds only a radiance of refined hues. Some prefer densest shades, crimson and black, not seen in the rainbow. For these people regeneration is very difficult. One who does not prefer the subtle quality of color has not yet realized the higher worlds.

2. Each entity joined to the highest draws precisely the highest. A lower nature draws from substances only lower vibration. Though physicians notice this, the law of commensuration needs to be applied in everything.

3. The physician of mankind, helping in spiritual ascent, must join intellect, heart and finer energy. The physician must be a psychologist and must not ignore the wondrous finer energy.

4. For receptivity of finer energies the organism requires a harmonious state. Therefore the wise have shown the potential of sacred invocation. Prayer and meditation are likewise keyed to this purpose. Mankind has long sought this benefit, whether in music, song, dance, each in his own way. Prayer and inward concentration are excellent for spiritual wellbeing.

5. Let people not complain but live more purely. The heart may be encircled by a luminous diadem and hue, merging in grace, though but once in a lifetime.

6. Pondering deeply, one may perceive the higher way. We grieve to see people falling short of the line of salvation and plunging into the abyss. We are ready to help wherever the law permits. How many thoughts revolve before reaching the simplest and best resolution. Yet the mad persist in boastings and assaults upon Aum. This is but a stone cast midst the ocean waves.

7. Some proceed as the dead, others as the newlyborn; so in all things.

8. The memory or ethereal body being fine-tuned, it may be reinforced by pressing fingers upon the bridge of the nose or temples. The power of higher energies may not be transmitted thru fragile vehicles, but overcoming the mundane disharmony, one may make less dangerous the contact of higher wings. The best help here is constant thought about the higher forces, as this accustoms finer energy in the nerves to be reinforced and oriented to greater use.

9. Reflected and refracted rays differ greatly from the basic ones. Anxiety and unwillingness to pause and consider conceal for most the entry to ongoingness.

10. The spiral of man's consciousness thru the centuries shows culture's steep influence and a rather constant degree of ignorance. The rarely attained luminous transmissions of higher spheres are like lightning, both in unexpectedness and heart-penetration. Only exceptional people endure these lightnings.

11. As long as the serpent is underground, people have no peace at their hearths. The hero calls forth the dragon with a trumpetcall in order to slay it. Each overcoming of darkness is man's duty and his contribution.

12. Finer energy and thought transmittance run at varying frequencies. Alert observation will distinguish certain signs of their degree. To distinguish the quality of sendings it is necessary to be highly observant of oneself and of one's surroundings.

13. Just reflect that a thought from infinity is carried thru all realms. Aum, the power of grace. One should realize at heart that people are not isolated from higher realms. The all-pervading energy!

14. The reception of vital thought from infinity is itself affirmation of man as spiritual lightbearer. Will not the world bloom via the consciousness assimilating vital conceptions of beauty? I affirm its comprensibility.

15. When we know the infinitude of hierarchy, a far more majestic course than egoism is ratified. Great thought, cycling in the megaphone of infinity, purifies and exalts realms.

16. Many centuries ago the following experiment was performed. Many threads of varying thickness and color were attached to the ceiling of a dwelling, and bringing the dwelling into tranquility, thoughts were sent forth. Certain thoughts had their correlated threads, though sent from afar.

18. In place of mistrust and denials, let the chords of the far-flung realms resound. Few perceive thusly, let us guard these heralds.

20. Leave not Earth derelict. Realization of cosmos broadens consciousness, but one must not turn away from earthly suffering.

21. Quality of effort develops the ability to concentrate on all planes.

22. In finest decision-making one foresees elemental difficulties. A ship succeeds in returning when the sea is calm, but seamen know how storms aries and they plan ahead.

23. The criterion of the best is understood as congruence with highest principle. Each object has been generated out of the creative power of thought and should be respected. One must find forbearance toward imperfection, for each creator was once imperfect. Beginning small, let us cognize the great. A line is stretched from one thing to another--left untaut the string hangs loose in space.

24. Besides the achievement of outward heroism, there may be a precious unseen achievement. In the plane of earth and in higher planes thought merges into one comprehensive flow, this oneness resounds as salvation.

25. The word Aum itself is vibration; such resonance is the vital harmony of space.

26. People will come and assert that even the highest instruction does not satisfy them. They desire the physical rather than the spiritual. Neither grace nor aum illumines them--the coal black heart remains black and is reduced to ashes.

27. One should not ignore the machinations of evil. One must be wisely aware of reality, the better to value the power of grace bestowed for salvation. For evil creatures pure unearthly thoughts are but targets for mockery.

28. Sorcery is inadmissible--it is impossible to estimate the number of deaths and sicknesses caused by an evil will! Thru space these swarms of claws are borne, none foreseeing where this poisonous flock will alight, but somewhere a weak man receives their infection. Only potent auming brings harmony amid discordancy. It is imperative to warn mankind against all sorcery.

29. None should scoff at prayer. Usually base people from ignorance particularly attack the prayer of others.

30. Let the purity of the path lead to purity of heart. To a great extent the significance of invoking the highest has been forgotten.

31-3. Let the sacred consonance aum fill the heart with grace as in the best days of mankind. One cannot better express constant striving than in heart-prayer. It is the heart that sings, it resounds and fills the entire organism with a special energy. Inner magnetism, inherent, is fundamental in singing.

35. Prayer is a conduit to the current of benefaction. The current flows abundantly but it is necessary to be united with it. One must find in one's heart a concordance worthy to meet and welcome the highest sacred treasure.

36. It is time to turn back to basics so that even the example of lesser brothers may call men back to the higher path.

38. It is forbidden to have in the cities factories producing poisonous gases; yet the consequences of blasphemy and foul speech are far more harmful. How many prayers and good thoughts are required to fill these abysses and ulcers in space!

39. Near Satan is only slavery. Only without fear is it possible to march over him or thru him. Heartfire is more potent than any satanic flame.

40. Little do people of different temperaments understand each other. Therefore it is necessary to cultivate consciousness so that it be made tolerant and able to contact diversities of existence.

41. At first prayer is external, then from the heart, after that is communion with Good.

42. One may regard prayerful bond with the higher realms as the foundation of being.

43-4. One may transform earthly life only thru the heart-tie with purer planes. Let us find in everything we do a place for communion with the pristine.

45-7. Tranquility develops proportionately to realization of the universal. Prayer follows this realization. The unity of the universal gives strength and aspiration to a man. Is it possible that people do not perceive the whole satanic plot against the pristine? It is not sorrow but hypocrisy when the pristine is burdened by self-pity or by rote.

49. Dreams are beyond time, demonstrating the relativity of earthly measures. Thought also can surpass time and enter infinity.

50. The heart should not be forgotten amidst observations, for all keys to the heart.

51. Keep consciousness clear. All agitation behaves alike in water and in consciousness. Thru higher attunement a balanced quality of clarity and sensitivity exists. The vital link with the pristine bestows tuning and clarity not made turbid by the dark currents of earthly drama.

52. Unity and victory are the best mantram, shattering the forces of darkness. Remember not to burden the master purposelessly.

54. Shame upon mankind, that it has broken aware from the shore of Knowledge!

55-6. One's vibration depends upon the nature of the heart. Heart-vibration cannot be falsified.

59. Frenzies can be no assistance toward the link with higher planes.

60. Let each understand in his own way but let each heart strive upwards--this alone is perfection's way.

61-2. When signs of the higher consciousness are anchored, then every science becomes transfigured. He who does not feel the greatness of unity and infinity has not grown in his awareness. The ignoramus makes out of a twig from the crown of great achievement a toothpick for himself.

63-4. It is not difficult to understand that the link to the pristine aids the heart and carries along to the nerves salutary benefaction. No opportunity to remember the pristine should be lost. Malice acts like a destructive whirlwind; only pristine alignment restores balance.

65. It must be remembered that light-forces unceasingly smite the darkness. By dispelling falsehood one serves the light.

66. The defeat of falsehood must take place by raising up the fiery sword, but not thru irritation.

67. A spark of cosmic energy has been entrusted to each man; as its bearer he and his dharma are correlates or bridge to the pristine. A reminder of this is touchstone to the spirit being tested.

68. The Kali Yuga among its characteristics includes denial of fundamental principle. That is transitory. In terms of communion firstly reckon with boundlessness.

69. The natural harkening of a child should not be reproved or ridiculed. Using the name of God for intimidation is a great blasphemy.

70. Children feel keenly the whole structure of everyday life, one should not presume that they don't notice futility; prayer lives best in a clean home.

71. Passing into sleep, purification and prayer help seal the consciousness. Only the heart's thought upon the pristine provides impenetrable armor.

72. Lose not the prayer motif, banish not goodly thought. The consuming fire is also refuge and future. Let the heart by its beat ever remind one of spiritual sustenance.

73. It is well to assemble for the integrating of thought, thereby generating benefit. Goodwill is far from covetousness. I consider worthiest the hours spent in sending positive consideration to both friend and those in need.

74. With whom may one fortify thought? Only with the enlightened. But chaos is intolerant of the constructive. Therefore strongly founded thought and tuning resist the whirlwind.

76. Though tongues differ, consciousnesses aspire to the same goal.

78-9. Man cannot tear himself from the ladder of Hierarchy. The path of light sings, boundless space resounds. Let us walk where sounds infinity.

80. Great love is laid in the foundation of the higher realms; only similar love correlates to this.

81-2. New life is poured into him who dares to toil in great service. He who knows to discern the presence of the pristine in smallest things is thus in ascent.

Maitreya Fire #12: