83. The flesh is crude, only the heart beats in the name of the pristine. Aum! Observe the finest signs of the higher realms. From such traces spring forth the most steadfast lofty trees.

84-5. Fear is unfitting; conviction lies in the primordial reality.

87. Let people not weary in seeking grace. In eternal vigil one may take upon oneself the service of the eternal, without priding oneself yet with a special joy.

88. The mind will act as scabbard to the flaming sword. Thus, tasks of broad range are presented from On High. Advancement of consciousness proceeds from the center, integrating successive spheres of understanding.

89. Fragrant the consciousness attuned to grace. One need not sit in fetid poisonous atmosphere.

90. The intersection of thought currents forms a spiral of conception.

92. Why begin all over again at the level of pebbles, dust and rock when it is possible to ascend infinitely? It is not difficult to replace the feeling of emptiness with eternal life.

93. Any feeling can be cultivated, fearlessness too.

95. The great wisdom of thought is shield and guard against chaos. The law is illumined by thought, displaying suppleness with immutability. In all cosmic amplitudes the basic factor is awareness.

97. Many dwellers of the pristine are hastening to incarnate on Earth; herein is expressed the growth and acceleration of evolution and the rapprochement of realms.

100. Let us not take the jumbled figures of the bazaar for the laws universal. Love's transport enables perception. Let us imagine a parchment on which first was written a cosmogonic treatise and which later served for a love sonnet, while finally there was written on it a reckoning of fabrics and furs. Does not the same thing take place in regard to the hieroglyph of the three worlds?

101. Deniers ridicule the very best communion but are unable to connect three letters.

103. No one and nothing can detain in the lower strata a steadfast consciousness striving toward good. There is no more direct communion with the pristine than this. The crucible of awareness is somewhat wrought amid the earthly. When consciousness is clear it leads upward as gas lifts a balloon. Positive thought is most direct.

104. When confusion takes possession of the world, propound the simplest. Prepare that which is most needed for future flight--sharpen thought. Wings grow only thru thought.

106-7. Mainly let us comprehend the great invisible labor. Let suspicion be charred! Light-mindedness, curiosity, suspicion and unbelief are of the same dark family.

108-9. People are far from true understanding of be-ness. Licentiousness and coarseness and savagery--the consciousness of the majority has returned to the darkest age.

110. It is right that reverence for the guru be the firm foundation of an entire people. Destruction of respect for the guru will also be the cessation of achievement. Complete attainment is possible only thru complete trust, an inner issue for the heart. The guru is in no need of worship, but trust in him is the sole vital bond of the higher realm.

113-4. Samadhi liberates from all sorrow, thus this joyousness makes way for truth. Aum is inaccessible to heartlessness.

116. Only the realization of the pristine can help conquer all survivals of superstition and avatism. It is difficult to evaluate over and above all conventionalities, but devotion to higher service will open one's eyes and enable one to perceive very clearly the seed of the spirit. Thus the pristine alone bestows higher judgment.

118-9. Affirmation of life is in affirming light. Existence itself affirms eternal renewal. Let each by the quality of his conceptions further the ascent and clarify perception.

120-1. Tranquility is the crown of spirit. Strengthening of the aura occurs thru pristine communion. Strengthening of the aura occurs as egoism falls away and as communion and selflessness are generated. This subject invites scientific observation.

124. Man may receive a continuous increase of forces, it is only necessary that the source of forces be constant and near.

125. What is the need of war itself with all its disasters if a single mirage can intensify energy? Maya can sometimes be a most powerful impellent.

127. The pristine is the touchstone of consciousness. No one will call joy coercion. How much inspiration must one develop within to become a harbinger of joy!

128. One can fall under the darkest influence when the saving thread to the master has been willfully and treacherously broken. Traitors vegetate but dignity is gone. The guru is the bridge to cognition of the higher realm.

129. One must rejoice at the approach of each physician who desires to study the principles of oneness, of the domains cosmic, relative and communing.

132. A-thought; U-light; M-mystery, which is commensurateness.

133. Man has departed so far from clear concepts that he must enter thru simplest gates.

134-5. Religions have caused such terrible wars thru spasmodic thought upon the universal. Real comprehension of the oneness will bestow equilibrium upon mankind. Nature whispers that equilibrium is tension, gateway of discoveries.

136. In each gift a part should be allotted for the common welfare, and this leads to equilibrium.

138. One must conceive cosmic awareness to generate the music of the spheres. One strengthens the planet by perfecting its health. Hence, true equilibrium.

139. Disgruntled ones don't take the time to seek out the source. Notice to what an extent aspirants under great difficulties find strength to discover light.

140. Awareness uplifts as its process is cherished.

141. The heart beats unceasingly, equally incessant is the pulse of thought. It is almost impossible to make man realize his pre-eminence lies in whole awareness, unceasing as the heartbeat.

142. Awareness, the Great Guru's gift, perishes in ignorant actions. Men are ready to betray even their own planet provided they do not have to think. It is necessary to repeat doses of medicine to the ailing--aum! Madmen know not what they possess! Is not the great gift of thought, attained with such difficulty, being reduced to nought?

144-5. Light does not coalesce with irritation and fear. Each instant man is evoking light or darkness.

149. In the simplest and most needed manner the guru indicates what is crucial. One should know when and to whom to intrust the seeds; thus do the concepts of the guru grow. It is very important to assimilate that the great mystery is no obstacle but the guarding of the path.

150-1. As madness darkens the reason, so does treachery against the path of light cast one into darkness. Where are those who whispered treacheries into their ears? Why do they not succor their issue? Terrible is that condition.

152. Dark poisoners, do you know all your victims? But you will not remain ignorant. Sight will be given you, you will see the entire scope of your doings.

156. Ingratitude constitutes sinking into darkness.

157. Thinkers are presumed the crown of the planet, but if lumps of coal are found in the crown instead of precious stones, the resulting damage will be planetary.

158. The subtle realm is to be observed naturally and this broadens the concept of life, leading to communion, love and creativity.

159. Without love the mystery turns into concealment, awareness into scheming, and light into a firebrand. The true path achieved thru love admits no sacrilege. One may rejoice at that which finds a place in the heart, at what is loved. Things find their place and higher service begins to radiate.

160. One cannot force oneself to receive the calls of space, they reach only open hearts.

161. For each true discernment there is needed full confidence and spontaneity. One should strongly affirm these as the basis of progress. It is possible to demonstrate how mistrust and artificiality will be the worst enemies. They swallow up vital energy. The sacred sounding can turn thought back to the fundamental and to light. Thus let us conquer all obstacles and learn to love them.

162. Darkness is finite, light infinite. Each one knowing this simplest truth is already invincible. Any admission that light is weak and darkness great makes victory impossible. No matter what is given to one of little faith, he drowns all in the ocean of darkness.

163-4. One should look upon influxes of chaos as infectious epidemics against natural order. All beings belong to one organism and must regard themselves as responsible cells of a community. Good health must be a vital concern of the state.

165. Often people will be outwardly rebellious but will accept what is sent. It is important to us that that which has occurred be useful. One must be tolerant and pay no attention to lack of knowledge and crudity, paying attention to essential nature.

166. On the basis of man's inherent attraction to beauty and solemnity is afforded opportunity to point out the supernal. To cautiously approach mankind's heart via expanding consciousness, special love is required. This along with purity of body and spirit. Let spiritual hygiene have a place in the schools.

167. Community of spirit is highest transmutation of life. Life requires no temptations. Life can be transmuted under any and all conditions.

168. Many ignorant do not wish to understand that community of spirit does not depend upon external form but upon a living magnet of broadening consciousness and sole service of truth.

170-1. Let us only apply all our forces and best strivings, leaving judgment to the higher realm. The manifestation of the heart-feeling in lofty communion is called the silver thread.

173. People know how to break up stone blocks and remain with a rubbish heap.

175. It is necessary to return often to the idea of mankind as a single heart capable of amiable cooperation.

176-7. Consciousness exists at a far greater depth than people suppose. The laws of finer energy operate far beyond the scope of human imagination.

179. The majority of cosmic dross originates from malice.

181. Reinforced finer energy proceeds out of the ashram. Thus cooperation at long distances. Those who transmit the energy can only sense its outflow, but in their turn receive a useful ray.

182. A consciousness cannot synthesize alone, it must receive higher impulse in order to see the way concisely and thematically.

186. When a man realizes all surrounding influences, he is able then to begin to create. He learns to discern where is hiero-inspiration and where low destruction. It is not so easy deciphering cunning wiles, but it is fortunate when heart tremors with realization of usefulness to the pristine. One should love the vital tension from On High, sine qua non of great service!

187. The higher realm is of the heart's fire which adorns each task with a radiant quality.

189. Aum! Awareness and light are blended (A-U) in one indivisible. One can observe everywhere how goal-fittingly the laws of oneness have been established.

190. Let him not think of the pristine who willfully demands rewards for his merits.

191. Nothing calls one's heart as devotion and the sense of beauty living in it.

193. Let us smile at butter-churning; the same energy evolves cosmos.

195. It is impossible from compulsion to attain the construction of the heart temple.

196. When people will construct life upon the grandeur of indivisibility, they will transform whole existence.

197-8. Beautiful is the way of the secret heart sacrifice. How careful one should be with the highest concept.

201. Seedfire from On High has been generously strewn over the bosom of Earth. Verily, all life becomes a fulfillment of useful tasks entrusted by higher thought.

203. Is it possible to endure the siege of earth if hierarchy is unrecognized?

204. It is necessary to be deeply conscious of the primordial in order, by its signals, to know how to step thru the mire of the street. It is necessary that one be prepared to listen not only to higher harmonies but also to the cry of animal terror. He who knows of the realm of light is not afraid of darkness. It has been said that the bazaar is the veil of reality.

207. Aum in its pure vibration leads the consciousness into the best state for observing finer energy. One may rejoice when by simple methods one may take up a crucial graphic experiment.

Maitreya Fire #12: