208-9. Thought about us as purification of consciousness can be likened to looking far into the distance. People do not tightly cover an ailing tooth or open wound; likewise, perception must not be deprived of communion with the pristine.

210. There can be no dark paths for the enlightened eye.

211. We are not deniers, for negation does not permit profound study. Many hieroglyphs have been scattered thruout the world, but only in goodwill does one approach the sacred indications. Each one wishing to engage in great service must free himself from arrogance.

213. Sleep is a participation in the life of the subtle sphere.

214. To the arrogant: do not bellitle, rid yourself of the disgusting worm of disparagement. To reduce something to worthlessness is an unworthy transformation. He who dwells on the negligible will find himself on the path to nothingness. Whoever is preoccupied with representing his neighbor as a nonentity is measuring by his own insignificant standard.

218. The foundation of life must be a clean one. The germs of most terrible diseases are found in impure foods.

222. When consonance is accepted as the basis of medicine, then one can imagine what subtlety of energy will be summoned to mankind's assistance.

224. Many resources have been directed only to the destruction of finer energy, so that not only in cities but also in the midst of nature prana is already being violated by the intrusion of extraneous currents. Physicians should give attentive consideration to the relationship and consonance of the three realms (eternal/inherent, ethereal and earthly) and to the refinement of their own awareness. Poisons have increased too greatly. It is necessary for mankind to understand that it has no right to poison Earth's atmosphere.

225. As man continually suggests and is under suggestion, then how attentively must one cultivate discrimination of influences! For this, scientific research is necessary.

226. Let us not separate the higher concept of life from medical assistance. The physician must have authority thru love's disciplines else he trails behind the diseases without the possibility of warding them off. There will be no health so long as people don't know why they bear the earthly burden. Let the physician as priest of science be one to bring knowledge of light's realm into the home.

227. Let people value every knowledge!

229. People forget the beautiful law of improvement. Evolution is often understood as an imposed obligation, but the joy of improvement is indissoluble from the seed of spirit. Only with this orientation of integrity does one cross all the chasms of darkness.

231. It is possible to observe the development and elimination of concepts. Take Sanskrit and Latin. Note how far the latter had already dispensed with profound concepts, consistent to Rome's materialistic attitude. Language is the chronicle of a people.

232. The soul of a people is an open book, their study a science affording ways and means to proceed. There is solace in understanding the three planes of superconscious, conscious and unconscious.

234. Of all earthly themes, love and creativity are most closely entwined with the concept of the pristine. Be not distressed in the encounter of deniers and condemners, tis unavoidable as light and darkness. Insight counsels where the degree of darkness negates endeavor. Thru love and the light of Knowledge let awareness rise to clear heights. Everyone of heart rejoices at each proper elucidation of the higher realms.

235. People repeat about the invisible and immediately proceed to imprison light in stale matrices.

236. The pristine is incorruptible, but instead of self-purification thru thought and effort, people still try to bribe grace. Sufficient evidence has been given as to how worthless for evolution is everything engendered by selfishness.

238-9. The most complicated matter can be approached by the simplest path; the principal requisite is attentiveness. Yet the pristine requires love and gratitude. How else to scan the subtle signs amid incarnation? As the eye learns to distinguish the multiformity afoot, it becomes more tuned to subtleties.

241. Let us especially not base our concepts on the finite because in essence the finite does not exist.

243. Only a few comprehend the difference between abstract wandering thought and real thought. Only in immutability can the pristine radiate.

244. Tasks in patience, even in schools, should be proposed. The dimensions of the tasks of the universal require tests of patience. Let the ignorant lose their tempers, for they have no other answer to challenge.

245. There is no point in exiling the thinker, his heritage is indestructible.

247-8. How many of the subtlest garments go to ruin! Incaution leads to error.

249. Go forward, knowing that few hear and few see, yet space hears and sees. Thus proceed.

251. If all experiments with finer energy were to be collated, a treasure-trove of access to the universal would be at hand. Nothing supernatural or dark should encumber such observations. Such research should be natural, honest and useful.

252. Deciphering aum again: first letter as basis; second symbol of subtlest energies; third letter symbol of the ineffable in fire and grandeur. Similar to "yes". The chief consideration here is that the essence of the concept remain inviolate. Let us invoke all steadfastness.

253. Lack of steadfastness in antiquity was especially rejected. It was called ruination and regarded with reproach, as barrier to advancement. Wavering was considered a mark of ignorance and failure in primary education.

254. Self-perfectionment has as its goal the general welfare--each good thought is universally beneficial.

255. Examining the word Amen in Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian and Sumerian, thru many steps one arrives at the affirmation of the triune symbol. So, instead of disarray, Knowledge reveals unification. Only those of vile disposition strive to disparagement and disunity. Understanding discovers everywhere the golden braid of grandeur and light.

257. Just as madmen cut off their fingers in order to avoid battle, so do madmen dwelling in the subtle realm contrive to avoid a summons to the banner of labor.

258. If scholars are told of magnetized water, they accept the expression; if one speaks of enchanted or bewitched water, one is classed with the ignorant. The distinction is only in name. Science may now broaden its horizon, unhampered by casual designations.

260-1. One cannot imagine the degree to which the atmosphere is saturated by finer energies. Much should be written on the significance of the basic energy, otherwise vague and unenlightened thought will again obscure the source of wellbeing. Occult expressions have not enabled people to realize the significance of vital finer energy. What right has man to defile surrounding space with his impure thoughts!

262. Touches of evil can create a very infectious nidus.

264. In the historic study of faiths one may observe how mankind has repeatedly grasped subtle conceptions only to forget and later cast aside that which has been cognized. One may see how people anciently grasped the law of reincarnation only to reject it again in a spasm of denial. The waves of cognition and of ignorance create an agitation of the waters so needed for advancement of consciousness, for striving, yet tranquility of spirit comes thru striving amid storm and stress. Witness the ecclesiastical denial of reincarnation--a caste protecting its prerogatives in the face of a certain equalizing factor.

266. There is so much intolerance and brutality in mankind--of what avail is man's literacy if he remains only a beast! Thus it is necessary to tell of the shame of ignorance with special brevity and speed.

267. Finer energy reveals its face according to the quality of energy of the investigator.

269. Each one desirous of investigating finer energy must first of all test his own finer energy. The more subtle the energy, the more indistinguishable to crude vision are its qualities. The touchstone then is purity of thought, arising from desire toward unselfish utility. Achievement, attentiveness and open-mindedness aid examination.

270-1. In everything it is possible to find the greatest usefulness. Perceptivity is formed in the heart's domain. In the future the ones excelling in perceptivity will be particularly esteemed.

272. Let deniers not judge by themselves. Judging by oneself creates a hotbed of egoism.

273. The evolutionary structure must be harmonious. It is instructive to compare man's reasoning to the steps provided by the teaching; thus is obtained a significant ladder of ascent.

274. How often man pities himself and closes access to higher forces. How often have we spoken of inexhaustible heart energy, yet man permits himself otherwise. Exhaustion of forces is a conceited concept. When people realize the correlation of energy, they will discover the stronghold of their own invincibility.

276. Man fears responsibility and with this he falls into heartlessness. People tend to accept the concept carrying the least responsibility.

277. The particles of higher energy existing in man's organism correspondingly exist in other kingdoms of nature.

279. Good clear sight is due to clarity of consciousness.

281. People wish to conquer and appropriate everything, yet for them the power of thought is idle dreaming! It is so easy to arrive at an understanding of the value of united energies.

283. Unified labors of a nation construct imposing ramparts of protection. So too chaos can engulf the entire wealth of a people. Waves of chaos are penetrating mankind's consciousness. Evolution is the antipode of chaos.

284. People are unwilling to co-measure earthly life with infinity. Of all actions of a thinking being, terror before infinity is the most degrading.

285. Where can there be thought of infinity if man limits himself to earthly existence?

286. Men generally want that which belongs to another, are impressed by things alien, while the closest and most precious attracts no attention and provokes no study. One must apply judicious observation to everything. History shows how the nests of true thoughts have been put together, therefore the science of thought is the science of be-ness.

290. Since thought-transmission at a distance exists, so must thought-interception. When people become dangerous, it is necessary to break the bond of the auras, as naturally as possible.

291. Decidedly, all unbalanced conditions must be eliminated naturally. Each passionate unbalance cannot be arrested by command or compulsion. One must recognize the usefulness and then comes evolution. Without realization it is impossible to overcome low earthly passions. Consonance, color and the best thoughts provide the antitoxin against infecting chaos.

293. It is imperative to impress people's consciousness with the fact that each bit of filth infects those around. The filth of moral dissolution is worse than any excretions.

294. Nothing can vindicate the self-generation of poison, equivalent of murder and suicide. Many physical diseases break out as a result of the infiltration of imperil--distress, anxiety and fear enter with the poison-bearer.

Maitreya Fire #12: