courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

295. One can see how evil thought engenders imperil, a physical substance; born of egoism, it acts beyond self upon broad masses. Many of the most useful observations are made during experiments with thought. Precisely such reflections constitute the opposition to egoism.

297. Truly, anything of good quality fears no test. Each test teaches new conditions which might otherwise remain unnoticed. When a man is ready in heart to undergo all life-experience, he can think of advancement and he can distinguish twixt harm and usefulness.

298. Can lawyers and judges administer earthly laws if they have no concept of universal law?

299. The style of an era is molded out of raw experience, winged by Knowledge. How superb are structures into which the thought of beauty has been impressed! The very quality of structures is felt in the strength of their materials.

300. He is no sower in the field of creation who feels no tremor in the realization of beauty's potential.

301. Each form of work has a creative domain. People depressed by daily routine lose sight of the horizon. Man's eyes at once do not become light-adjusted. Let science in all ways aid the expansion of the horizon.

303. One should compare the fruits of luminous labor with those of a toil enshrouded by man when he has robbed himself by discontent, doubt and self-pity. Man should be told "Do not weaken yourself--discontent, doubt, self-pity, all consume the finer energy." It can be proven that a man unmolested by these three vipers works ten times better, besides he preserves immunity against illness. Each thought is either a stone in the construction or poison in the heart. When the vessel approaches shipwreck, all forces need be summoned to the common task.

304. Earthly cares are like stones rolling down a mountain. The lower down they roll, the more violent the impact as the landslide. Upward striving transforms our attitude toward earthly cares; even though they continue, their meaning is altered. One may perceive the many advantages of the summit over the canyon.

305. During the process of self-poisoning, obsession is very easy; under obsession poisoning ultimately takes place. The instrument of foreign finer energy inevitably opens a channel to various infections. Many epidemics have obsession as their origin. Periodically there may be a relaxation of the obsession, such method obsessors use if they value the victim.

306. Aspiration toward the universal is the best recourse against obsession. Exalted thought not only influences nerve substance but also purifies the blood.

308. Spatial currents can be strong determinants of any reaction.

309. The progress of scientific knowledge is amazing. It is utterly senseless to disregard the highest energy. As during religious wars and persecutions those with daring and acute perceptions must, like alchemists of old, hide from inquisition.

310. Let us not lull ourselves with the notion that certain minds will solve the problems for everyone. Mankind is obliged to think; it must strive unitedly to attain. One cannot allow the chaos of ignorance, gaudily attired, to crash in and jeer at knowledge.

311. Careful observation and comparison of finer energy activity, in universal cooperation, would demonstrate the unity of the higher energy.

312-3. There has never been such confusion of the trivial and the great. Lay up a store of patience against ingratitude and ignorance. We classify people first on the basis of gratitude.

314-5. Written notes have great significance because finer energy activity is forgotten with extraordinary speed. Steadfast unwavering attention helps deepen observations.

316. Evolution requires new forms in everything. People do not keep pace with thought; nonetheless thought leads the world.

319. Do not permit the gray dragon of everyday routine to triumph. Most repulsive of the impeders of each advance is the drab dragon of everyday routine. Boredom is not in infinity but in human limitations. Where filth and ugliness have been eliminated, the gray dragon does not exist. Conquest of daily routine is reverence for the pristine.

320. Many voice devotion to precise knowledge, but in practice clothe each reality in the motley rags of prejudice, premise and mood. Where then patience, goodwill, tirelessness, observation and steady attentiveness? Let us not weary of restating how readily the way unfolds in the absence of complaint, discontent and negation.

321. People may justly condemn those who have permitted or generated the destruction of life. Sandstorms are sources of infection. One should observe where the waves of these frightful destroyers are passing. For entire ages people have helped fill the lower strata of the atmosphere with particles of decomposition. It is not permissible to poison the finer energy of entire generations! So many beautiful souls perish from the poisoning of the planet!

322-3. The rhythm of labor is the adornment of the world. Labor may be regarded as a victory over everyday routine. Earth without willing workers would be chaos. Invincible tenacity is forged by labor. The true toiler loves his task and understands tension. The best quality of work brings forth the rhythm of the beautiful. Labor, prayer, beauty--all are facets of the great crystal of being. In toil lies evolution! A great deal of perfecting takes place in labor.

324. The creation of good should be so natural an effort of man, an aim unspoken, unexceptional, lest one presume less of man's estate. The history of man reveals repeated revolts against gold. People have filled themselves with false concepts about treasure. Each great master has positioned himself to challenge the golden idols, yet people have hastened to kill each daring rebel to the cherished belief.

325. Among hid things, especially veiled remains knowledge of where the good seed will root. The grateful look up into the eternal furnace of creative thought. Wishing to express enraptured gratefulness for saving grace, a man looks upward into the eternal furnace of creative potentiality. Someone has sent him joyous help. Aum!

326. Anonymous thoughts receive impersonal thanks. It is not for us to determine the river's flowpath. Such heart-depth in a moment of joy, the leaping pulse from somewhere out of the blue. Aum!

328. The world is upheld by the ineffable.

329. Once at graduation the students were tested to expound their own thesis before a most diverse audience. Such exercises are ever useful.

330. Man should understand where injustice begins. Let the heart tell.

331. Regarded from the subtle plane, the irritated man is especially hapless, attracting to himself a great number of small entities that feed on anger emanations. It is amazing how reasonable people seem, only to succumb again, with invented justifications. Simplest truth must be reasserted. In irritation and anger man considers himself strong, by earthly considerations. This state is inadmissible not only as producer of imperil but as a gateway for lower entities.

332. Only cognizance of the subtle plane forces can broaden one's judgment. The blind man, receiving a blow from the elephant's trunk, believed he had been struck by the hand of God. Reference to the pristine is a solemn thing.

334. I enshrine the teaching to each one who lives in the three worlds, for men don't remember.

336. Antagonism to truth infects space finitely, but still more loathsome is when people, realizing truth, later shrink from it.

339. One can see in the pendulum swings of life how continuously energy vibrates. Finer energy ever weaves its protective net.

340. All-forgiveness resounds beautifully--but one must outlive follies committed. Self-cure requires cycles for mending. Aum heals as finer energies come into consonant cooperation.

341. No one can find sufficient strength to overcome ignorance in single combat. Knowledge must be universal and upheld in full cooperation. Paths of communication know no barriers, so too paths of knowledge must blossom in the exchange of ideas. The battle with ignorance is a battle with chaos. Knowledge is so much an expanding process that continual renovation of methods is required. Science is free, honest and fearless.

342. When you feel weariness you should not strain the energy. Finer energy should be guarded in all circumstances. One should not dissipate but conserve the force which wonderfully broadens the domain of cognition.

344. Patience is conscious systematic understanding of what is taking place.

345. Each experiment with finer energy confirms what the principal considerations are--precision and focus of thought.

346. It is especially important to observe spatial waves, which act as wireless telegraph.

348. Sendings from a deeper tone usually receive access to a lighter tone of that color.

351-2. Thru exercise one may awaken one's potentials. Usually people's consciousness slumbers thru indolence, the featherbed of evil. To indolence is attached doubt and self-pity. Doubt corrodes everything.

353. Verily man bears a touchstone within himself.

356. Even a strong potentiality will not be useful so long as a natural accumulation of disciplined rhythm has not taken place.

359. Evidence is of no help when a man has blindfolded himself.

362. It is possible to verify the value of trust. Let us take the conversation of two persons. If there is mutual trust, the radiations will be excellent and will even improve from energy combination. Now let us observe if one of the two is a hypocrite, or if they mutually dislike each other, the aura will be repulsive, with black or gray spots. Moreover, two hypocrites do mutual harm, and there's no better hotbed for the germination of their disease, plus space is infected.

364. There can be no mistrust where burns the fire of reciprocal caring. All other aspects of cooperation operate thusly.

365. People are not brought up in the understanding of the life-principle. Fresh discoveries await so that the greatness of being is unified infinitely in consciousness. One must grow to love awareness so that one may selflessly in heart strive without weariness and vulgarity.

366. One must vibrate to all manifestation; let us be very careful, for subtle energies require subtle handling.

370. Many precious conclusions about finer energy have not been published and have perished in scattered manuscripts. It is necessary to set aside in their deserved places the barriers erected by ignorance.

371. Let us find strength to renounce personal habits and the prejudices of many ages. As we firmly understand the weight of these precipitations, one of the most difficult locks will open. The next lock concerns coordinated action. Then the third entrance, the treasure of basic energy entrusted to mankind. Whoever teaches recognition of it is a true teacher. But let us not hope that people will easily recognize their heritage. They will invent all kinds of arguments to bring disrepute upon each discovery of this energy, the fiery potential. They will pass silently over their degree of opportunity, yet, the path is one!

372. Let us apprehend that mediation between planes of being has been given to man individually in his own measure. How beautiful!

373. Amid a variety of data one should wisely distinguish the source of communication. Naturally akin are mutually attracted. The consciousness in inherent purity is able to keep clear from conditions such as of a filthy inn. It is one thing to open a window into darkness, quite another to admit light's radiance.

374. Always warn against lower psychism, which can lead to obsession. Each must keep in mind that he has been entrusted to serve for evolution, though the ignorant make contradiction of this. Each must strive only for the best.

375. Energy can be applied decisively in all cases. It is indeed fortunate that many do not know how to approach the power. Only after improvement of consciousness is it possible to entrust finer energy for broad use. Let this good approach more quickly!

376. It is cause for rejoicing that no one's path intersects the path of his neighbor.

377. It is impossible to demonstrate to an inexperienced investigator to what an extent collective energy multiplies. The success of this depends upon the striving of all participants; if even one does not desire to participate whole-heartedly, then that group had best not commit. Let all remember who so need.

378. In antiquity finer energy was sometimes called the heart's air.

379. Magnetization of water placed near a sleeping man indicates radiations. Each sleep is not only a lesson for the subtle body but a nursery of finer precipitations.

380. Pure thought is found to generate longlasting radiations. Ability to perceive the significance of high concepts pertains to science, it being inadmissible to divide science into material and spiritual.

381. Many-sided observation and experimentation is valuable. It is possible to invoke the cooperation of the most unexpected elements. Not a superman but just the most healthy man can be winged in attainment. In each everyday life can finer energy be studied. Each age bears its own contribution.

382. Learn to observe patiently what conditions are most favorable for taking up challenge more thoroughly. Many combinations may be found to best strengthen finer energy.

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