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441. A cooperative is not a closed community. The cooperative is a bulwark to the state and nursery for public life, teaching unity.

442. It is time to understand and to look into the dwellings of the poor.

443. Who value not and love not unity? They have never experienced steadfast feeling of valor, they have renounced advancement, absorbed not joy, and scorned strength. What is left to them?

445. Only subtlest energy distinguishes between life and catalepsy. But people prefer life amidst phantoms.

446. By this touchstone test people's consciousness: evolution, development, advancement, attainment. It must be accepted joyously, courageously, with inspiration, but often one may note faltering, doubt, self-pity.

447. Not weariness nor irritation nor divided thought lead to advancement. You know that arrows do not strike a person in love's motion, that his rotation returns them against the enemy.

448. Once a disciple noticed the master conversing with a passing archer. Afterwards the disciple asked in surprise "What importance has such conversation?" The master replied "I asked him how he constructed a sound bow and how he hit the target. It is ever appropriate to inquire into strength, marksmanship, skill." Let us conceive of inspiration as continuous, then it will bestow still higher inspiration. Side by side with true discoveries is then the ongoing life potential.

449. All existence shall be elevated in inspiration and nature shall resound. With simplest desire one may strive for advancement.

451. The potential of inspiration is inherent in all people.

452-3. Remember that the book of the teaching should lie at the crossroads. Let us not enumerate the inscrutable paths. Remember that the heart beats in unison with all that exists.

454. Gratitude only exalts, purifies, attracts freshness.

455-7. Long ago some noted finer energy's luminosity, some its magnetism or dynamic, some its lightning speed. Connection between diversified subjects must be found. Frequently the fragmentary derives from the earthly viewpoint. With such as clairaudience and clairvoyance it is necessary to recall many principles in order to understand what is taking place. It is first necessary to broaden consciousness that all frequencies may clarify.

460. Finer energy begins to act freely when not constrained by impositions, its essence strives toward truth. Courage affirms the best solutions. Guard the heart and finer energy. It is not enough for the physician to give out his own energy, he must also call into action the patient's energy.

462-3. It is impossible to bid a carrier pigeon fly, one can only release it; it knows whither to fly. Likewise one releases finer energy from the carnate cage; a magnetic bond is immediately established. A scant second is sufficient to release the energy. We speak of a physical law.

465. It must be understood that finer energy investigations should be carried on prudently. Ectoplasm, midway twixt earthly and subtle being, is the storehouse of finer energy.

466. Inherent knowing reposes in finer energy, its spark passes via the ectoplasm.

467. Scientific method is needed in everything.

468-70. Swiftness and focus conform to the essential nature of finer energy. Nothing can be achieved all at once. Constantly dynamic prana is the flow spiral of the galaxies. Without realization the energy remain untapped.

469-78. Finer energy is instantaneous, constant, growing, the bulwark of self-sacrifice, a magnet, justice, indefatigable, labor, beauty, omnipresent and fundamental.

476, 479. What capacity of consciousness is necessary in man so as to not hamper the dimensions of potentiality! Containment must be stretched so greatly as to sense the cosmic breathing both below and above.

480. The middle path--like nirvana--means that equilibrium affirms but does not lessen the energy tension. The middle way is an equilibrium of higher tension.

482. Fatigue is harmful while tension is vitalizing. The boundary twixt these two is very intricate.

484-5. Quests of new approaches to truth should be welcomed. Poor is the petagogic method that ridicules fresh attempts at challenge. Especially with higher subjects caution is necessary to avoid misunderstanding.

487. A just approach is truly scientific.

489-90. Usually people place upon the concept of guidance their own interpretation--premising unbelief is to be three-quarters lost. Wherein lies guidance? Precisely in the indications of the most necessary and in protection from the most dangerous. The higher facets are responsiveness, keen-sightedness and containment. It is both invisible and inaudible. To regulate karma guidance is particularly necessary.

494. Only a broadened consciousness understands the difference between striving and hustling.

496. The deaf and blind are often good and less irritable, not only by reason of their withdrawal from earthly life but also due to closeness to the etheric.

497-8. Only the rainbow of integration bestows advancement. Let man not be afraid but draw nigh till he assimilates the rhythm of the entire mosaic. Grow to love each unfolding blossom.

501. Integration is based upon conviction and attraction.

502. Each one can drink of the living water, potentiality.

503. Each hour should be regarded as entree to ordained labor. One must so self-cultivate that nothing impedes renewal. Aum is the combination of the best vibrations. One should purify one's thought of all impeding trifles.

504. One ought to test all useful qualities. One needs to oppose oneself to great terror in order to prove to oneself whether or not fear can creep in.

506. A healthy, rational, inquiring mind does not engender doubt, but any ignorance can be the source of the most ugly doubt. Doubt finally leads to betrayal. The betrayal epidemic is already planetary. From an insignificant worm of doubt a frightful dragon.

507. In experimentation with finer energy doubt is the greatest obstacle.

508. Knowledge leads to simplicity. Only pseudo-science chokes itself with heaped-up things, so obscuring its destination. Let dynamic simplicity help liberate people from husks.

509. You already know that evil ones detest the good, for to them it is both cruel and unjust.

511. Fruitful cooperation contributes to the perception of continuity of labor. Man cannot work at only one and the same thing. Only thru improved quality can one grow to love continuity of labor.


383. Often not from falsehood does a man conceal his inner feelings but from failure to discern his sensations.

384. The very quality of harmonization, as shown by music experiments, gives the best indications on vibrations and man's vitality. Likewise with aromas. Then one may combine color, sound and aroma to observe their interaction as motive forces.

385. People will finally apprehend what powerful forces surround them. They will realize their routines shape their destiny and will become attentive, they will use affinity in interaction and guard against destructive influences. Thus the reconstruction of life.

386. People have become too accustomed to the notion that someone will do their thinking for them and that the world is obligated to take care of them. Learning how to apply one's finer energy means the gradual cultivation of consciousness.

387. Imperil is the chief enemy to developing finer energy. Each within his own possibilities may eliminate the useless.

388. Around fire manifested and unmanifested one must conduct oneself with special caution. One should grow to love such all-pervading energy. Both direction and restraint of one's thought is indispensable to finer energy experiment.

390. We are cautious in this area: firstly, some may utilize such information for evil purpose; second, some may carry experiment with their own health too far; third, some may be jealous of progress. Let only those devoted to knowledge engage in serious study. Each experiment proceeds under its own conditions.

391-2. There are silences in nature. The process of acquiring direct knowledge from the depths is aided by finer energy. If some substance is not readily acceptable to man, it usually proves to be harmful.

393-4. Oak and pine aid finer energy activity. The chief factor is inherent in man. The ability to reason simply and clearly results from cultivation of spirit. Too often people avoid expressing that which is most simple and avoid arriving at the fundamental solution.

395-6. In symbols one may see something far more profound than people care to admit. Reflect upon the course of ancient thinking. Great have been the extremes in the ways of life.

397. A new epoch has begun because realization of great energies is entering and science is rising to new heights.

398. Pay no heed to the voices of darkness. Blasphemy, mockery and slander are their weapons.

399. The signs of the new era are multiplying.

400-1. One may repeat countless times about the good of unity, yet few ponder the reasons for this insistence. One may observe how even the approach of one person may completely disrupt the energy rhythm. Each experiment shows multiformity but within the unity of fundamental energy.

402. Energy apprehends and registers each vibration, from manifestation of cosmic event to the falling of a rose-petal.

403-4. One should know how to suppress one's own feelings in order to be free from preconceptions. It is still more difficult to command oneself not to think than to think.

410. It is mentioned in legend that in order to become prophetic one must walk thru the dew for 70 days. Snow, full of meteoric dust, contains the same curative properties.

414-5. Nothing in the universe can be disregarded. There are three proximate evolutionary gifts: finer energy, raising up the feminine, and cooperation. Woman's upbringing and education are not on a level with man's and motherhood itself is not protected.

416. Woman herself must set an example in unity, by her own hands helping to mold the steps of evolution.

417. One encounters two types of opponents of equal rights--one, an admirer of the rule of the harem and its custom; the other, indignant at the past, demands supremacy for herself in everything. It is impermissible to drag past offenses into the future, or to preserve the ossified outworn, or to erect obstacles to freedom.

419. Full rights is a natural just condition and must be accepted calmly.

420. Without innate striving for quality, one cannot acquire the feeling for perfectionment.

422. I affirm that realization of finer energy--giving confidence--cements the firm foundation of cooperation.

423. Each domain of life has become so complicated that cooperation everywhere is required. In no single branch of life is a man truly isolated; cooperation becomes, as it were, the science of life. In each domain the potential of cooperation should be keyed to precisely. Thought must be cultivated and harmonized in order to sense utmost utility above and beyond conventionalities.

424. There is much opposition to cooperation. Some via selfishness, some thru pretended cooperation yet aim at overthrowing all order. The trend toward infatuation with mechanization can be rationally solved by cooperation. Only thru broadest cooperation is found the true relation of state and labor. Cooperation reveals conducive paths toward perfection.

425. Only enlightenment having family basing affirms sanity of spirit and body.

426-7. Finer energy must remind about the presence of the great energy in everything. One affirms qualities by realization of the great energy. It is hard to remember this amid the waves of life.

428. Why is woman's touch so curative in cases of illness?

430. There is much activity of subterranean fire.

432. Orators and singers feel fatigue not only by reason of nerve tension but also from the pressure of finer energy drawn from space.

433. Unity is a magnet, healer, health, rapid attainment. Unity is harmony with Hierarchy.

436. The draining of another's energy without the transmission of one's own is inadmissible. Many aspects of vampirism are nothing but ignorant dissoluteness.

437. Symbols are as banners to which warriors may rally. The secrecy of a symbol is, as it were, a tension of energy.

439. If earthly explosions shake the sky, how much more destructive are the actions of subtle energies!

440. Each one collecting the sparks of awareness is a lightbearer. Let us learn to guard each step of scientific cognition. Each has the right of access to the teaching. Prejudice is a poor counsellor! Let us not forget to bear gratitude toward those inculcating awareness.

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