512-3. One needs to preserve the consciousness of victory as a strong shield. One must fill space with victorious thoughts, for in them is ozone and protection. One must feel how great is the tension of life nowadays. Finer energy is under pressure in man and must be directed into the potent ordained track, otherwise it aborts progress--no casual matter. Knowing and cultural ones must arise to link in cooperation, thus producing scientific disciplined bases. How else overcome spreading subtle diseases? It has long been established that criminality is a subtle disease.

515. Nothing harmonizes finer energy better than love. Each one must look after the store of finer energy.

516. For strengthening the energy, what is needed is fiery transport, love.

517. The entrusted energy is a drop from the sublime chalice.

519. Let the pathway of good be long and narrow. Though overgrown in places, guard each seed of good.

522. Once the choice is made, the strong will come to love the difficult path, for how else comes testing?

524. People can hardly imagine the influence of spatial currents. The consciousness of the young should be made aware that around them a continuous vortex of subtle energy whirls.

525. One should not avoid discussions, they form centers for the vortices of currents and their changes. Let them, after the depressing changes finer ones come.

536. Refined psychic energy is called magnet, bridge, gates and treasure; so that man may be impressed by his own true treasure.

544. It is not at all easy to be mother of agni yoga--much self-sacrifice is required to proclaim the fiery might.

549. How severely philosophy is ridiculed because it teaches one to consider!

550. Let the champions of awareness unify!

554. Observing children one can enrich one's knowledge of finer energy.

555. Life is for all that lives, and each one must bring his own stone for the construction.

556. Each man has an open wound, as finer energy reveals. Each raw realization teaches honest assistance to life. From the temple let us go to the cellar. Let us contrive to retain in ourselves not only soaring flight but also compassion.

557, 561. The heart's ruby magnet must be guarded. The nodes of finer energy can easily be termed a stone because magnetism is a lodestone conception. Finer energy, sensitive to cosmic vibrations, must be brought into tranquility. Aum has oft been the epitome of ancient counsel upon fundamental energy.

562. Massage is based upon rhythm, but rhythm is highly individual.

563. A current of the higher energy can only be received by a fiery heart.

564. It cannot be doubted that the fundamental energy flows in certain rhythms according to the mode of inspiration.

565. Many cases may be cited when people, under the influence of higher energy, forgot forever their defects.

566. Each excessive strain wears at harmony.

567. It is especially important to recognize that a good frame of mind is already the halfway mark of achievement. No one can perceive subtle vibrations who has not assimilated rhythm and does not harmonize. The fiery rhythm of the heart I reference.

570. If people are asked how they picture something of great import, they propound ingenuous hypotheses, none to the essence. the fundamental energy directs the receptive to the mark.

575. People must learn, learn, learn.

576. There is no reason to suppose that only fortunate individuals can tap the heart's treasure while this is denied to others. Potentiality!

579-80. Develop the feeling of solemnity (wings). Readiness is harmony of the chakras and can be constant. The man filled with harmony is ever giving and ever receiving. Receiving must not be construed as accrual of personal property. Strengthening of finer energy produces firmness. Constant readiness is the product of a healthful finer energy.

582. Beset by failure, let one reflect how to cultivate his finer energy and test himself variously. Arm with patience and devotion for observation, yield not to unsteadiness and impulsiveness.

584. "By whatever paths ye come to Me, I shall meet ye." -Krishna

586. Man is not right in keeping the fundamental energy in a chaotic condition. Let each neophyte-investigator test himself in varying circumstance. Only diverse testings show precisely what properties predominate in the given finer energyfield.

587. Safeguard sensitive seekers against the attempts of the hangman. Each in his own sector can do so much useful and selfless.

588. Many images assist attunement. Thought should not wander in a labyrinth. Directness and simplicity will be the most effective bridge.

589-90. One is continuously convinced that without heart-action nothing external has any significance. Let us speak a word of love as a strong shield.

591-2. How attain an even light? Only by constant meditation on the basic energy. Like a wordless mental process in heart-rhythm the inextinguishable light is strengthened. Descending into a deep cavern, one prefers to have a bright even-burning lamp rather than a smoky sputtering torch. Thus with finer energy. If after reading this material, people more attentively observe the signs of their own finer energy,...one must courageously observe both plus and minus examples of finer energy.

593. Arrogance befits ignorance. Responsibility is duty to oneself and to the highest. Do not consider that taking up great responsibility is arrogance; for such a path one must cultivate oneself each hour.

594. Aum, unharmonized, turns into an instrument of destruction. How much of one's finer energy can be offered in healing? Three-fourths places the physician in danger, taking the sickness upon himself and endangering his life. Therefore one recalls "Everything in proportion, all in harmony."

595-6. Universal law overcomes all dark strategms. Let us observe each manifestation of the law. The energy is one and the law is one.

597. It may help those not understanding to replace "test" with "verification". The concept of coordination of realms is a great test.

598. Open to those who knock; give help to the sick; set aright those in error; but be careful with the scratching ones. Especially when striving for unity, leave behind every troublemaking thing, such being unsuitable to higher communion. He who has fared better also knows magnanimity. He is experienced in patience without which no quest succeeds. I affirm that finer energy welcomes and strengthens thought striving toward it. Thought may be symbolized as an arrow. Fervent energy is mankind's winging. Sometime the scattered facets of Osiris must be gathered. Will not Isis do so?

599. One who has lost immunity has lost his store of finer energy. Violation of moral equilibrium is dissolution of finer energy. Disorder of finer energy is the birth of many miseries both to oneself and to others. Man rarely restrains himself, but let him learn awareness of finer energy. The magnet of striving attracts fine potentials to the seeker. Only let not doubt shroud the light of unfoldment! Ho, the path is ope, the wayfarer welcome.

600. The symbol of the integration of higher energies is AUM.

on the path of endeavor, lo, rhythm is vital conception on the path, lo, potential in flowing harmony amid great challenge, lo, inspiration and the endeavorer becomes a brother ### ###

An affirmation/invocation of the blue flame good will, copyright by The Summit Lighthouse, Inc., Box 5000, Corwin Springs, MT 59030:

Blue flame power from the heart of God! Expand thy flame thru me today! Blue flame power from the heart of God! Cut me free by the lightning ray! Blue flame power from the heart of God! Blaze into action perfection's ray! Blue flame power from the heart of God! O goodwill flame fore'er hold sway! Blue flame power from the heart of God! Protection's ray thru me expand! Blue flame power from the heart of God! All Hercules' might I now command!

Take dominion now, to Thy light I bow, I AM Thy diamond light, blue flame will so bright, Grateful for Thy ray sent to me today, Fill me thru and thru until there's only You!

I live, move and have my being within a mighty fiery focus of the victorious blue lightning of divine love from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun and my own beloved mighty I AM Presence, from our dearly beloved El Morya, beloved Archangel Michael, and the beloved mighty Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, whose mighty light rays surround my form and adorn me with God's omnipotence, omniscience and his omnipresent love. And I go forth victorious in the light of God that never, never, never fails. Beloved I AM! (3x) ####

Saint Germain Brings forth the New Cycle of Freedom: quotes especially from his Minute Men project of 1937-9