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Los Angeles, 7-10-38, Saint Germain stated: Gentlemen, in honor of the Presence and light you represent, be very careful when you put your arms around the ladies when you meet them. You set an example.

Gentlemen, no one greater thing has been given to mankind than what the beloved Nada gave to the Messengers: when you feel disturbing conditions, sex desires and all that kind of thing, which in most cases are projected at you, draw in, raise your diaphragm.

Los Angeles, 7-31-38: There is nothing mysterious about your life! It is just feeding your mighty power into and thru your body every moment...behold what can be done when you will acknowledge and accept your own Mighty I AM Presence about you, knowing it is the individualized focus of God whose mighty ray of light and energy is all you have ever had, all you will ever have to use. The simplicity of this is the thing that mankind has overlooked thruout the centuries.

Those who read and study this Series of books that I have brought forth which gives the complete law find themselves entering into a new world--a world first of great peace and harmony; then they find the answer to their calls coming forth and the great, supreme courage rising from within them.

Up unti lthis understanding came forth, many of mankind were still living 90% of the suggestions of others about them, instead of their own world of action, but they did not know that....but you have not understood--I tell you, I know it from long centuries of experience--you have to make this call! I say to you the missing link, so to speak, has been your call to the great Presence of life which We have come to know and by which We as ascended beings--who are just as real as you are, in factor moreso--have set Ourselves free from all human limitations which you experience.

Only a few months ago, perhaps seven or eight, there was considerable question in my mind yet whether mankind was going to give sufficient response even with all that had been accomplished, because I saw the need of still more. We know that those human qualities are undependable; but when We see the expansion of the light within the individual, then We know that light is dependable.

But when you believe or anyone tells you that Jesus is going to save you regardless of your own call or effort, then you have made a mistake. (applause) There is no power in this universe but the power of light, and if the Messengers and students are "idolatrous" in calling forth the power of light, then let us be more so. (applause) Because the preachers of the world--in order to hold the power to themselves--convey to mankind the idea that Jesus was a special being, and that no one could attain the goal because He was a special being--that is the thing that has deprived mankind thruout the centuries. Therefore I say to you today, the Christ is the principle, but if mankind allow human suggestions, human falsehood, to turn them aside, then the faut is theirs.

You can prove this, and there is no proof in this world that amounts to anything except that which you prove to yourself!

Everyone is a Christ being because the light within them that beats their heart is God.

This is a law that has been ever since mankind's advent upon Earth. Today you are coming into the understanding that was in the beginning when there was only harmony and perfection on this Earth. Remember, beloved friends of America, in all due respect to our blessed brothers of light, mankind have actually lived upon this Earth for four and one-half million years, but because there is no outer evidence of mankind's

dictations by Saint Germain

Los Angeles radio broadcast of of 8-7-38: I AM kind to you. Won't you be as kind to Me? I say to you who are listening with the desire to tear what I say to pieces, you are wasting your time. You are wasting your energy, and you will need it later, so have it conserved (applause). Don't think you frighten Me.

Those who deny re-embodiment are foolish in the extreme. We present this with all the love of the divine power of the universe. Therefore, We leave it to you to accept or reject. We never impose anything upon anyone.

Therefore, today as We go forward in the expansion of this light, remember, beloved friends of America, you are a part of Myself because you have listened today, because my stream of light and energy has gone into your world. Therefore I say to you, my blessing shall always abide with you. One day when you come to understand this great truth of life, wll you too, with the great body of students, thank Me for my humble efforts in bringing to you this majestic, all-powerful understanding and application of life. It means everything to you.

Won't you feel the great joy and gratitude within my heart, when for several hundred years I have served and served and served, trying to draw enough children of Earth together where I could gain a momentum of power and application that would break down every human quality and resistance there was. Gentlemen, we are almost there! (applause)

You will find your balance of action--eight hours of service, eight hours of recreation and eight hours of rest. If you will stand with Me, I will stand with you--and no person ever failed under my assistance (applause, audience standing). Gentlemen, I urge you again today, please do not fail to use the violet consuming flame or call the Presence to do it, at least twice a day, with all the earnestness and determination at your command. You do not realize as I do what that means and how quickly it will set you into that freedom.

While you are standing, gentlemen, just let this great power flow in and thru, and as the violet flame extends from the floor in, thru and about each one of you, meeting the Unfed Flame from above, feel yourself held within its eternal radiance, free of every limiting thing, free of every condition that has disturbed your physical body.

Chicago, 10-9-38:

Gentlemen, do you realize that that great one, the Ascended Master Jesus, said the last enemy to be overcome was death? In reality there is no death, but He meant release of yourself from your physical bodies. Gentlemen, when your desire goes down below the heart you are dragging yourself into so-called death, because one day it will release your energy from your body until you can no longer hold to the body, and this is the only reason for death, so-called. Your energy is wasted, it is gone.

My dear friends, when there above you is that mighty stream of life, the harmonizing Presence of the universe beating your heart, then you tell Me that one must waste his energy in order to have relaxation? I know that if you will train yourselves the moment you feel the slightest sex desire to say "Mighty I AM Presence, take out of me that desire and replace it with your satisfaction and perfection," it will be caused to disappear and you will be the governing power of your feeling world and your desire world, which will draw you and lift you into that perfection in which finally that desire will disappear entirely.

But when you stand in the fulcrum of the glory of that mighty balance of life, then you will feel the full power of this mighty power and activity rush forward into your lifestream of activity, hold its dominion and produce its perfection there.

When I sought for greater authority, greater power to give this assistance to mankind today, authority to annihilate the destructive forces, then the Goddess of Liberty went to that mighty central focus of light and power to this system of planets, and by her intercession called forth at regular intervals these mighty cosmic impules.

O I have the wealth of the world at my command, but do you think that amounts to anything? What amounts to the greatest thing in my life is my ability to control my feeling world and hold it harmonized, which gives it a mighty real activity for life to flow thru in its protection.

God, as understood by the mass of mankind thruout the centuries, is an Omnipresence somewhere. The words I AM are the announcement of the individualized Presence of God at your point in the universe--the authority, power and wisdom acting when you issue those calls.

Saint Germain and the Minute Men: