Chicago, 10-9-38, continued

Why have mankind been made to believe that they had to fight for everything? Because it was a sinister force of human destructive creation that was impelling that idea and feeling into mankind, so that they might pit themselves against each other and finally destroy each other--that is why. But today, thanks to the great Presence of life, this is rapidly being dissolved.

If you don't like the work, please do not come. Make your call whether you quite believe that Presence is there above you or not. Make the call a few times, then give your attention to Me--see whether you do not come to realize it is quite true. Yet it is a law, not a religion. It is the mightiest activity of life, therefore it is the only thing that will cause the religions of the world to survive, as they come to understand the Presence of life individualized. Therefore, as mankind give attention to the Presence of life first, then to these great beings of life, there will pour forth to them these mighty light rays that will hold them in the perfect balance of life.

We love the whole world, but in the chaos that exists, there are only a few individuals who can even feel the great love and harmony We try to pour forth to them. Therefore, in America We are winning steadily and surely that mighty victory for blessed mankind and the protection and freedom of America. May the powers of eternal light bless you and enfold you in its mighty Presence, its directing intelligence, its invincible protection and hold you sustained in the purity and perfection of life forever. I thank you.

Washington, D.C., 11-6-38:

I say to you gentlemen, if you will--in reading these books call to your Presence, acting thru your higher mental body, to give you comprehension and alertness in reading the great laws there.

The decrees that the I AM students are sending forth are the mightiest service that mankind has ever rendered, because they are acting directly upon the feeling world of mankind. Mankind is not yet strong enough, even with what assistance has been gained, to yet hold the balance for the protection of America. The Ascended Masters must have a certain amount of energy released from the physical octave in order to allow Us to give protection and the assistance that is necessary.

Gentlemen, I am going to make a suggestion: call directly for the projection of the light rays by the Ascended Masters and the cosmic beings into your government, to produce divine order and divine justice and to bring about the permanent remedy for conditions. Call for these light rays to go into every business activity and compel divine justice to be given to all, to govern the feeling world of mankind.

In all that you require you must call forth invincible protection for yourself, because when you turn to the powers of light and call them into action, you become a power before all invisible forces--most of which you know nothing about at all, but We do.

Look at this goodly Messenger before you! For 30 years the black magician frustrated his every attempt at success, his every plan that would have otherwise worked out. Then came the time where the law of his life permitted Me to step in and give the assistance and set him free. The power of light must take its dominion now or never on Earth! If this should fail, then mankind has failed on Earth. Therefore give Me your response--all you can. Remember that it is the infinite power of light calling to itself when you voice anything for a constructive purpose. Therefore it is the authority.

Now today when all is being made clear, plain, and so many are comprehending, then are you in a position to render a service by the projection of light rays 10,000 times more powerful than all your armaments combined, for that produces but temporary results, while the light rays produce eternally sustained results. Remember, I AM real! Remember, within Me rests the freedom of America. With your response I assure you it shall not fail; but if mankind should turn aside and refuse to give assistance, then all would be lost for America, her people and the Earth.

Now, think, when We are rendering the service to you, to mankind today which We are, in serving and binding these black magicians who have been the instigators of all the destruction on the Earth for centuries and centuries, then We too are rendering our part of the service in a way you could not possibly understand...realize We love you enough and We love the light enough to want its dominion upon the Earth, so that the Earth does not fail in that which is the demand of the cosmic light now to come up to its vibratory action, to expand more light and enter into its dominion with the rest of the planets.

New York City, 11-27-38:

Gentlemen and beloved students, We are endeavoring to convey to you again more clearly the requirements of your life and what it means for you to apply the qualities, the activities and the powers of your Presence, the Mighty I AM, in business, in the world of industry where it is needed so much today.

I pleaded with every government in europe for more than 40 years. But they were too arrogant and would not listen. Now I have found in America a great number of people who want the constructive way of life and who are willing to give obedience to life. All mankind have made plenty of mistakes, but that is not important. to correct them is the thing that is important. therefore, today in your world of industry, if you do not sustain strength and power in your physical body, in your feeling world and mental world, gentlemen, you are lost.

Remember, your human octave is from the surface of the Earth to approximately 7000 feet--varying in certain localities and conditions--but that is the only place that sex desire exists. I ask you, Minute Men, stand guard over those who come into your groups. One with intense sex desire can spread that radiance over your entire group.

Gentlemen, call with all your heart for Ascended Master friends to fill every official place in America, and keep it up until that day when they are there.

Remember, gentlemen, for 600 years I have pleaded with mankind, and only within 7 years have I found a response. When in France I took Napoleon under my wing, so to speak--and as a lad he was as obedient as this Messenger--I thought then of all the glory of all that appeared before Me in using him as a means of bringing a united states of Europe. he was obedient until he determined to go to Moscow. I said to him the night before, "Napoleon, you are allowing the human to contro you, and if you go forward, your star sets tonight."

You have entered a period when the great cosmic light has said to mankind, "You must wake up." there are only two things: you have to go up or down (in vibratory-rate; the light vibrates high & purely); and wherever your energy goes, there your life will follow. Gentlemen, you have in your natural activity your attention, your vision and the power of your qualification--three of the greatest faculties in the universe which you can direct.

With the increasing response from the people of America, as that is continued and held, I promise you that there will be divine order and divine justice in full power of action in your America (applause, audience rising) and there shall be placed in every official position Ascended Master friends of America! (applause)

Look at your stock exchange today--the most cunning, diabolical means of wrecking human beings and taking from them everything they have. Never was such a tragedy on the face of this Earth as is your stock exchange here in your city, built in the form of a magnet to draw the people there and make them fall for its power. that shall vanish. (applause)

You who now begin to understand must be the vanguard of that which is to follow. Do not waste your energy in argument, ever. I thank you.

Los Angeles, 12-18-38:

Therefore, I say to you as you try this out, be firm, be determined to prove it right rather than allow the human intellect to try to prove it wrong--for no one in the universe can prove life wrong, and that is all we are dealing with.

It is the knowing power of life which We are and which We are humbly endeavoring to convey to you; and in your determination and your attention to life, you become that knowing power--or in other words, life becomes that knowing power thru you--which dissolves and pushes aside as it were all of the human accumulation that has been what you understand as belief. It is not a hair-raising activity to call the Presence of life forth, but a great calm determination that brings the greater and greater release of life to flow forth thru your body and out into your world. Life in itself carries perfection, is never less in itself...without your having cleared the channel for life to flow thru your bodies, your intellect, and out into your world with a sufficient intensity, you will remain in the same conditions, gentlemen and friends of America, that you are in today. If mankind will not do it themselves they will have to do without it, because life has waited thruout the centuries for mankind to know their source, then by their own authority to call it into action. For, gentlemen and friends of America, you are the decreer of your world; you are the decreer, the determiner as to how that energy is going to act for you which flows thru your body.

You have not understood that words carry substance, carry vibration; therefore as you read these words of the Ascended Beings who are free, all-powerful, perfect beings, then their words carry the substance charged with the perfection of their world into your world for action.

Try to realize in life there is not one thing mysterious. Gentlemen and friends of America, you have to feel the reality of these truths. You cannot just go and feel it is a social event, another peculiar activity, in which you are temporarily interested. Therefore, in life mankind are up against this stonewall today, which is the accumulation of their human creation. In your call to the Presence of life, that light ray from the Presence of life will go forth before you and melt down that wall, even though it seemed as firm as a wall of stone.

Therefore, as you understand this--that your physical body is a magnet to life, drawing down its mighty currents of energy, and if understood properly, sending them back in their mighty action to life--then you will have fulfilled the action of life in returning to life that which it has given you, which will cause life to release greater and greater forces and power and substance into your world of action that will produce its exact mathematical perfection for you.

Every one of you who might feel a greater financial pressure or limitation, say to that thing: "You lie! You are not true, therefore you have no power! Get out of my world; Mighty I AM Presence, charge and fill my world with the limitless supply of money from my treasure-house and I refuse acceptance of anything else!" Gentlemen, as you take that firm stand, you will find everything in the outer world yielding to that release of the money supply you need.

Never in the history of the Earth has such great power of divine love been poured forth to any individuals as has been to these two Messengers. Unless you cooperate with your Presence of life, it is impossible to cooperate harmoniously with your fellow man. And remember, I AM your stormy-weather Friend. Don't let anything frighten you.

Saint Germain and the Minute Men: