Los Angeles, 12-31-38:

Oh my dear ones, it is so wonderful for mankind once again to be entering into that freedom, glory and victory which life wishes them to have. I say to you, my determined service to the mankind of Earth has placed within my hands the scepter of power over human things. And when mankind will give Me their confidence enough to allow the powers which I wield to flow thru their beings, their bodies and world of action, I will quickly enough show them how the victory will act for them.

Just stop, be still and remember your victory in the light! You will be given assistance far beyond anything thus far! Do not lean on Us; please understand that! Lean on your Presence of life.

The greatest reception ever known since it was established there will be at the Royal Teton tonight. It will begin at ten o'clock and last until seven in the morning. (applause) A great number of the students will visit there tonight--some in their higher mental bodies, some in their etheric bodies--and they will receive the blessings. Many will continue on to the Retreat in Arabia and to Chananda's Home in India before their return at 7 o'clock in the morning. (applause)

So we are not strangers, and tonight I want you to feel that definitely. We are old, old friends (applause). I thank you tonight will all the power of light and enfold you in its Presence.

Los Angeles radio broadcast, 1-15-39:

Now, friends of America, whether it be in your business activity or whether it be in the fuller understanding of life, remember that all proof in the entire world that must come must come thru yourself so far as you and your individual world is concerned. There is no thing so important today as mankind seeing, feeling and having released thru themselves this infinite proof of the power of life to bring its perfection in to action in themselves and their worlds.

I Myself sought, for instance--you would never know or scarcely believe if I were to tell you how I sought for this Knowledge before my ascension; and even though the endeavor was so strenuous and almost tragic in its strenuousness, yet the light within Me was strong enough to win the victory thru that.

So today, in taking off the blindfold which is the veil of human consciousness that has blinded mankind to the Presence of life which is above them, hundreds of thousands today have come to know and feel definitely that the Presence of life individualized is above them, and how they can call and release a power and intensity of life that has been wholly incomprehensible, wholly unknown and unbelievable until today.

Friends of America, remember, there is nothing in the world that gives mankind such confidence in themselves as being able to earn their own living, as they call it. Since life is the provider, every human being on this Earth should be able to render the service that brings to him the abundance he requires for his sustenance, his shelter, his clothing and his transportation where he wishes to go.

If you will apply this Understanding earnestly, with great determination, in your calls to life, then you will not need Me nor anybody else to tell you that life is the supreme power and intelligence acting within your human form. Only as you would revolve some inharmonious thing in your feeling after you made the call, would any inharmony be produced.

Whatever action takes place thru your call to the Mighty I AM Presence, friends of America and Minute Men, remember that this (overcoming of discord) is a permanent thing. It will not recur to you once it has been completely dismissed. If you will understand this and turn away--and I mean by that not only in your vision, your physical sight, but turn away in your feeling from the limiting appearance, the discordant appearance of the conditions about you--and turning to the Presence of all life, which is happiness, courage, strength and perfection--then you will be able to call forth this which you require to free yourself from these conditions which you have believed were real.

I say to you now that it is for every human being in America and the world to come into this Understanding and apply its laws. Friends of America, the power to set you free is in these words and in the currents of energy which I send forth to you. Remember, all this comes from the Presence of life above your head. Think of it! All We want to know is that now you are ready to turn to the Presence of life and call it to cleanse and purify you and your worlds, so that you no longer requalify life as it goes forth on its great mission to bring perfection into your world. I say to you, be fearless! Be dauntless! Let life bless you as it has long wanted to do. Assert your dominion! Stand forth free in the acknowledgment of your Presence!

Remember, your determination is the outer action of the inner will and power of life that will sustain you, will strengthen you, will give you the full feeling and dominion of that power of life. It only requires your attention, your earnest determined effort to find its full and complete action within you. Remember, no one is coerced into this work, but all are left quite free to choose.

Gentlemen, I say to you, watch out! Stand guard! Do not give way to human conditions for one second, accepting that they have power to deprive you any longer or that they hold a crushing hand upon you. They do not! This day rejoice with Me--and I especially prepared it for this hour--while you have been listening to these words, I have cut you free from the last binding thing! Will you accept that and will you await the wisdom of your Presence in bringing its outer manifestation and proof of that into your world of action?

Today you have had these qualities from the Great Divine Director, the Mighty Victory, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Purity and the Goddess of Liberty--all projecting their mighty qualities into your feeling world that is around you. Now, gentlemen, remember, We are only just getting started. I say to you again, gentlemen, that after almost 600 years, striving thruout mankind to get those who would see the truth of the words I know to be real, to respond to it--remember, We shall not miss one opportunity to reach more and more of mankind. (applause) I thank you. I love you and bless you forever.

some affirmations and such

I AM the cosmic purity of the Cosmic Christ!/ I AM the invincible purity from the Ascended Master octave!/ I AM the purity of the crystal cup of a thousand suns!/ I AM the purity of the light for which we call!/ I AM the flame of invincible purity ruling everywhere!/ I AM the cosmic expansion of cosmic purity thru my mind and body now! -Goddess of Purity

The Rights of free men are guarded by light,/ Held close in God's heart and charged with God's might!/ These heavenly gifts I AM in all hearts,/ Their blessings blaze forth when discord departs!/ They give all mankind God's great victory,/ And thru them with God's mighty eyes we see! -Chanera

The Knight Commander as in days of yore/ Ever guards the open door/ To God's heart-realm of cosmic love/ Ever flowing from above! -Chanera

You as Minute Men of Myself, are a cup of light, my freedom to the people of this land! So I want you strong as Minute Men of Myself! Freedom is your watchword! Harmony is your passport! Victory shall be your daily companion when the requirements of the divine law are fulfilled. I shall be with you unto the end! Unto the victory! Unto the freedom of the ascension! -Saint Germain

The two reasons you are here, gentlemen, are because you loved Me and stood for this same perfection of light in that time long ago--in the 70,000 year period as recorded in Unveiled Mysteries, volume one; and you were all there with Me then, serving life in that government!

Los Angeles, 7-9-39:

Gentlemen of the light, words fail utterly to convey to you my gratitude for your loyalty to the light! I leave it to you to do whatever is necessary to silence vicious, poisonous gossip in your midst! So I say to you today, gentlemen, upon every I AM student in america is resting the responsibility of the freedom of America! I shall not allow these Messengers to carry that responsibility alone any longer!

Think how the attempts have been made thruout the ages to restore this great light to mankind, and how so many attempts have failed utterly before. But today, with mankind knowing their great Presence the Mighty I AM, it cannot and shall not fail to bring eternal, everlasting freedom to mankind. It will bring in the Golden Age which We have indicated to mankind, in which America will stand a blazing light of glory and happiness--the balance of all distribution of the things of Earth to mankind--because in their call to life, it will compel life to bring that balance of supply of every good thing which the Earth holds for them.