Sanat Kumara Calls

In the name I AM THAT I AM and Brahman I command Sanat Kumara, 7 Holy Kumaras, 7 Chohans, 13 Archangels, 13 Elohim, Qan Yin, Justinius, Soul Saving Angels, Lords Maitreya, Krishna, Vishnu, Jesus, Pallas Athena, Maha Chohan, Mighty Victory and your Legions, Great Divine Director: Come forth in the name of the One! I command you now according to God's Holy will: Let not one soul be lost during my tenure on Earth I pray!

Go after all souls who must not be lost, those who once had a three- fold flame, Sanat Kumara's 144,000, all who came on a rescue mission, all who are part of my divine plan, mandala, or soul family, all those I have karma with. Tutor them in all they need to know. Polarize them to some form of truth. Cut them free! Shatter the television beast and cut all free. Clear the way for the God Victory of Mission Ruby Fire. Burn through and wipe out all evil viruses, engrams and implants of darkness, the genetic implants of pride or darkness, and heal souls and temples neeful. Seal them against re-entry of darkness. Bind, shatter, strip and consume all sex cones, riptides, inverted pentagrams, death rituals, hatred, condemnation and fear projections, traumatic stress strategies to split the mind, all attempts to drive the soul out of the temple. Bind all manipu- lation of lunar energies. Krishna, take command and heal them, set them free! I call for Surya's solar ring, the corona of the sun and the golden light chainmail to be sealed and reinforced as needed here and now. Annihilate the hordes of death and hell, failure and ignorance that move against lightbearers who should be in our ranks.

I call for intercession for the saving of the souls who once walked toward the light who have been beguiled. Sanat Kumara, pierce and bind, strip and expose those serpents that come out of the East, out of the darkness of the misuse of the mental body, and all self-deluded hypnotized ones, all adepts of the left-handed path, the Black Brotherhood of India and their enslavement of the devotees--especially those of Lords Shiva and Krishna--and their marijuana, all false gurus, new age movement psychics and false teachers with their pride and pablum, all Christian false pastors, false rabbis, false teachers, teachings, doctrines, priests and archbishops, and expose them all, the false hierarchy in the Hare Krishna movement, all seeds of idolatry, pride and worthlessness in all people and fundamentalist movements. Great Divine Director: arrest those spirals, remove the threads of darkness from all. Illumine the lightbearers with the way out and expose the true way and path. Cut them free. Go after the pride of souls where they say "I know what I'm doing. I know who I am, and I have the intelligence to evaluate the facts and to make up my own mind and to be my own person"--all the while being turned to darkness. Burn thru the seeds of pride and ignorance. Mighty Holy Spirit, convert them now!

Sanat Kumara: cut free, illumine and rescue every soul from the mass machine of the mass consciousness and from the beasts of the astral plane, the television beasts, sports beasts, rock music beasts, from the false hierarchies of the International Capitalist Communist Conspiracy. I call for intercession for those souls who did once serve the light, for the cutting free of those who are in grave jeopardy who can be saved, who are well-meaning lifestreams. Help all recognize and conquer evil. Teach all souls and make them admit and recognize the reality of good and evil, the cosmic battle, and to desire to tether themselves to absolute God-Godd, to take proactive action. Help them to do so. Cut free, bind and judge the dweller on the threshold of all those who were once sponsored by angels, archangels or masters. Blaze the Great Central Sun Magnet energies! Polarize them to some form of truth. Expose and strip the fallen ones and their faulty reasoning, their misuses of the divine Logos in logic and debate. Pierce and expose their mechanized brilliance for what it is and where it leads. Rip their mask! Bind their magnetism and strip their manipulation thru it. Legions of truth, Pallas Athena and Mary and Raphael, do this now!

Sanat Kumara, Maitreya, Krishna, Lords of Mind, Lords of Form, Helios and Vesta: cut free & demagnetize from discord, strengthen and heal all souls being tempted to destroy themselves. Smash, bind and incinerate (3x) Annihila, Depressa, all anti-Life forces, the core of evil and the sinister force moving thru the false hierarchies and beasts of ignorance, drugs, rock, rap, television, unlawful sex, pornography, abortion, homsexuality, war, hatred, anger, rebellion, and false religion. I call for the absolute sealing and constant purification of the chakras and souls of all evolutions of Terra from the subliminal implants, psychotronics, evil engrams, mass media images, & aggressive suggestions of the fallen ones. Cancel out the vibrations of the seed of the wicked in their desire for self- annihilation, their use of the insane wavelength & death-wish. Rip its mask. Shatter these now. Seal all from the communicable disease of rebellion. I claim for the Great White Brotherhood the energy of every soul that dies. Let it be stripped from the false hierarchy. Strip and reverse the anti-spin, the degeneration of life in the cult of sweet death.

I command Sanat Kumara, all Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters, in the name I AM THAT I AM: Descend into the realms of death and hell to rescue souls bound in the shackles of Hades. Cut free all imprisoned souls. Cut them free from their demon oppressors. I ask they be given another opportunity to choose God and live. I pray for the protection of all servants of God who may have to do time in the prisonhouse of the astral plane, that their spiritual senses may not become stupefied in the density of this lower world. Help them remember the realms of glory from which they originally descended. Sanat Kumara, rescue and heal all soul fragments of all lightbearers, of myself, my twin flame and soul mandala, those of the Keepers of the Flame, thy 144,000, of all souls I have karma with! Bind, bind, bind all manipulation of those fragments by the fallen ones. I call for you to reignite and fan the Threefold Flame in every heart. Protect and magnify the pattern of the Threefold Flame placed around every heart by the Goddess of Liberty. Bind and strip and cancel out the dwellers, wavelengths and demons of anger and worthlessness, the sense of sin, the doctrine of original sin.

Sanat Kumara, in the name I AM THAT I AM, I command you to minister to, protect and love, strengthen and direct the souls of Terra who are the strongest and make them recognize the mission that is upon them. Give them vision and direction, support and all they need. I call for the victory of the souls who must follow them, for vision and discrimination of their way, for love of their leaders, loyalty & faith. Deliver them from the stupor they are in as a result of the food they eat. Expose, bind and strip all that destroys the potential of the human body to be a vessel for the flame of immortality. Go after all abused children. Reignite and fan their spark of striving. Help them believe in themselves, that they can conquer the odds of life and karma and that they can get beyond their old roots. Give them vision and encouragement. Sanat Kumara and Astrea, encircle and go after the prevailing tendency on the part of Earth's evolutions to become accustomed to the things of this world. Sanat Kumara, I decree that those who have longed for the direct contact with the living Christ shall have it! Sanat Kumara, i pray for the God Victory of all souls whose fiery destiny it is to attain union with God by fulfilling their calling of the ages in this life. Strengthen them! Support and illumine them. Raise up friends and keep their vision clear. Bind their dweller and all procrastination. Cut them free!

Lord Sanat Kumara, I command you now in the name I AM THAT I AM: cut all souls free from ties to hell, to the false hierarchs who are taken or not, to the laggards. Cut all souls free from ties to media anti- stars, to Madonna, Britney Spears and all on their wavelength, to the Great Whore, to the astral hordes of rock and rap out of her belly, to Voluptia and her anti-chelas. Draw every soul and its fragments in to congruency with the pattern of the cube of the heart. Rescue soul parts from the warehouses of the fallen ones. Bind and expose all soul imposters. Expose the true image to each soul. Burn thru and heal all genetic manipulation and implants causing lust, rebellion, mindlessness, weakness, anger, war and unawareness. Heal and clear suppression of affection turned to lust. Encircle, bind and smash all attempts to put wedges in the four lower bodies, even during gestation. Strip them. Bind and strip all psychics, channelers and the teachers thereof, and cut every soul and mind free from its allure and spiritual pride. Exposse all lies of false hierarchs and consume the venom of the lie within all evolutions. Shatter and remove the fallen ones' broadcasting devices, expose their traps and expose the truth. Annihilate the hordes of failure. Let these calls be carried out by the legions of light according to the will of God and only that will. Sanat Kumara, not my will but thine be done. Amen.

In the name I AM, I call for Liberty's mantle upon Elizabeth Clare Prophet to be also upon me for the defense of life here on this plane and on worlds beyond. Goddess of Liberty: I call in the name I AM: challenge, bind, turn back and bring to judgment all alien forces, whether coming in spacecraft or already long present here, according to God's will and your 1988 released matrix. Amen.

Beloved Lords of Karma, in the name of Jesus Christ and as God wills, I call for the enfolding of all records and forcefields requiring correction, including blockages to the Christ light, in....(name condition) by your causal bodies and those of all cosmic beings, buddhas and bodhisattvas who gained their God-mastery on the seventh ray, by the fire of the galactic hierarchs of Aquarius, by the causal bodies of all beings in heaven of the seventh ray of transmutation and mercy, by the violet flame sea and the Great Central Sun Magnet energies supercharging via Elohim the seventh ray. Blaze into action the cosmic snow fire, the cosmic force of the Woman Clothed With the Sun and the Secret Love Star. Burn thru into the core of evil with thy fire, beloved Kali! Pass it thru thy heart and make it holy. Beloved Mighty Seraphim, place your Presence there and over the people involved and demagnetize this substance and records, consuming all on this wavelength wherever it manifests. In the name of Oromasis and Jesus Christ I command billions of fiery salamanders, elementals and angels of the sacred fire: burn thru, burn thru, burn thru the cause, effect, record and memory of these records. I call for Saint Germain's cloud of infinite energy, the radiant cloud of every member of the Great White Brotherhood to enfold and consume this substance of negativity now. Light! (12x) Beloved Shiva and Durga, blaze your fire and incinerate these records of negativity with their causes and cores now! Shiva! (3x) I call forth the consuming action of the resurrection flame, the ruby ray, emerald laser beams and the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame, for the action of the maltese cross and the ancient pillar of the seventh ray set in the heart of Los Angeles. I therefore say to this substance: thus far and no farther! Submit I say in the name of God to his all-consuming flame! (3x) Erase and erase and erase the imperfect matrix and reestablish that which should have been. Change past history, recreate us in God and place the energy in its correct position on the lines of the Cosmic Clock. I call for the giant ball of energy of the Holy Spirit to swing as a pendulum to break up the recalcitrant records and forcefields. Blaze forth the love! Blaze forth the light!...

Sanat Kumara Calls and Other Potent Calls: