17. Urusvati has not forgotten our repositories. Charged objects and models help establish links. One can trace how in various countries throughout history people have appeared whose tasks and methods of accomplishing them had much in common. Usually these people have been regarded with suspicion and hostility because something was sensed in them which cannot be expressed in words.

18. We help to create and assist the good. Our work is dedicated to Knowledge. We watch diligently to see where the ray of self-sacrificing achievement will flash. Do not lose direct communion with us. Let it be the highest expression of your being, not a formal performance of duty. Do not try to force anyone to such labor, for desire must first be generated in the consciousness. It is difficult to judge when the desire to work for evolution will be ignited. Each finds his path, we help.

19. The West has not yet understood the essence of our Hierarchy. We have established as law the idea that power lies in sacrifice. Who accepts this? Many ashrams were transferred to the Himalayas because the atmosphere of other locales had become intolerable. At present we do not leave our abode, travelling only in the subtle body. One can be truly grateful that the concept of the Brotherhood is so carefully guarded. Usually even talk of the Brotherhood is discouraged and names not mentioned--it is better to deny than to betray.

20. The mood of distant crowds is felt distinctly in our abode. Not without reason do we insist upon the necessity of maintaining a friendly unity. Archimedes protected his formulas from visible barbarians, but how much more difficult is it to guard scientific treasures against invisible violent destroyers! Sympathizers create discordant conditions; we are ready to beseech them not to destroy our matrices--at root lies doubt in all its forms. We have insulated our laboratories against discordant sound, but finer energy is another issue. Our coworkers near and far must understand what state of mind is helpful to us. Great service is ever co-service. Each one who has approached us even once has already accepted responsibility not to impede our labors. Our towers are multi-storied with research constantly taking place. We solicitously warn against provoking our abode.

21. Urusvati has kept in her heart from early childhood the revelation of the living teacher of light. A confused spirit sees everything in confusion, but a spirit illumined thru many achievements preserves clear recollection. Only in the acceptance of suffering can the embryo of wisdom's joy be born. Only with us in spirit is true bliss born. Urusvati's mission as messenger was set for the coming in of Armageddon. Not an easy time, easy Word, easy affirmation of the Brotherhood when all powers of darkness are set against it. Each crystal cord of energy resounds of itself as a string in infinity.

22. Urusvati affirms the great significance of the heart. The heart is the bridge between worlds. Only the heart can unite consciousnesses differing via incarnations by many centuries. Heart quality is required for all subtle actions. In thought transference the heart is the prime mover. You who send thoughts, attune your hearts, but remember that heart tension carries the danger of conflagration at heart caused by imbalance. In the future the heart potentiality will replace the most complex apparatus and man's mechanical fever will abate. In our abode research is directed to freeing man from the mechanistic thru heart education. One must learn to listen to its vibrancy. Those accusing us of egoism should remember our anonymous labor.

23. Urusvati has many times experienced our healing style. Only small medicinal impulse is needed, the rest of the process keyed to vibration and positive thought. Homeopathy to a certain extent is advancing the medical path, yet at this point only homeopaths of strong finer energy can succeed. Gradually physicians will learn the harmony of inner and outer influences. In our abode we too make use of vibrations, which are especially needed by those who are between subtle and dense states.

24. Any degree of sleep brings man closer to the subtle plane. Clarity of consciousness must be cultivated. A man may repeat to himself as he slips into sleep that he is going to a new work. In the subtle domain subtle elements exist that do not result in fatigue. However, as one ignores the higher and is overcome by base desires, one's sleep passes to an exhausting wandering in the darker strata. The free will wing-like tends to carry one upwards vibratorily.

25. Because of partial understanding people insist upon their own ways. One must possess great equilibrium to understand the wisdom of higher guidance without crippling free will. The best leaders have this balance. As of old, many counsels are given, but as usual mankind's ear is deaf. We stand vigil the world over.

26. For the dark ones decay is their nourishment, murder their profession, encroachment upon spirit and body their joy. They would rather perish than abandon demoralizing corruption. No ritual but the pure heartfire only creates the firm shield. In addition to crudest attempts of the dark ones, their subtle approaches influence one's weak point. Generating doubt is one of their favorite methods. How many perish from this poison! Obvious fools are not as dangerous as petty hypocrites. If new poisons are invented, why should not new hypocrises appear? Do not suppose the dark ones attack only our followers. They attempt destruction of all constructive work, and by the law of vibrations they can find the seed of good so hated by them. One should not describe omniscience to them, but they do sense their opposites. They know that ultimately they cannot overcome us, but they absorb energy being sent into space. When we ask for unity and trust, we are calling for help for a speedy victory. None can imagine how much confusion there is in this world! People forget that each country contains many hearts. Their pain is our pain!

27. Urusvati has heard the legends pertaining to temple constructions. It is said that betrayal is like the shadow of a building that indicates the height of a structure. It is also said that in order to heighten one's love for mankind one must know all its depths. But who finds the patience within to look into all abysses without losing faith in man? Our abode is a bulwark of such patience. We value this quality, a characteristic of infinity. People must realize infinity within, otherwise our towers remain inaccessible to them. People receive our help if their hearts have not yet turned to stone. The inexperienced will be admitted to constructive work if they preserve a lion's courage and recognize Hierarchy. Let them draw strength from recognizing the presence of Brotherhood. We shall help them invisibly, we shall find studies for them, we shall unite them in hope about higher planes, we shall strengthen their confidence, we shall find a loving heart for them provided they have driven out their snakes and scorpions. So, become acquainted with a crucial dimension of us. Only hypocrites fear that the ray of light might penetrate the dim depths of their being. Open hearts form a beautiful necklace for higher purpose. The master renounces no duty. he who is afraid of these words, let him not think about the Brotherhood.

28. Urusvati has admired our flora. Of first importance is the use of finer energy as it helps plant growth. We also irrigate with soda and so act from both outside and within. Finer energy must be applied systematically, not forgetting that much time and patience are needed. Our radiations are harmonized, each master able to substitute for another. People fail to understand this field's use: finer energy must flow. Closer cooperation with the subtle plane affords replenishment of energy, and with vegetation there is no rebounding blow. We advise conversing with flowers more often, for their currents are very fine-tuned. Cooperation between dimensions in reality is not so complicated; I insist on organic unity.

29. Urusvati values our help; he who values also safeguards. Each true cooperation requires firstly a cautious attitude. Those who realize our Brotherhood within themselves should understand that each lightminded wavering disturbs the flow of higher design. Each unfitting word distorts something. Each broken thread may coil into a noose. It is appropriate to remember the wisdom of timeless India, that duty is integral. The concept of guru is sacred to us; each has his master, the steps of this ladder being countless. Great harm would result if the names of great beings were made commonplace talk. At times people have known to express pristine conception finely; but now the way is hardly understood, as the concept of guru is doubted. Free will is our motive force.

30. Urusvati is familiar with the varied ways that light manifests. One must understand that the concept of darkness gradually vanishes, as one is surrounded by fires, rays, pillars of light, innumerable brilliant sparks, visible with eyes open or closed. Precisely, darkness vanishes. Twilight reigns only in the lower strata, for its inhabitants know not how to evoke light. This ability depends upon thought, thought gives birth to light. Only in spirit and impersonal experience can the most natural principles be assimilated. Our abode is so strong because there is no corruption in it; the will of all of us is merged into one potent current, the dynamo of unity increasing all energies.

32. We can see to what extent finer energy is degenerating: not being brought into action it slumbers, and since there is no friction to call forth its fire, it loses fieriness. So our abode remains remote and all mention of it sounds absurd. Do not regret this. The battle itself is evidence of the Brotherhood's strength.

33. The broadening of consciousness cannot be considered personal gain, for in every purification is contained the general good. It is true festival. The gardener knows his own flowers best. We too follow the growth of consciousness of those close to us. Each affirmation of Brotherhood brings its good harvest. Only broadened consciousness indicates where more good is realizable. One's entire life should be transformed so that learning becomes a relentless necessity.

34. We must keep our consciousness in great tension to be ready at each moment to send our will to that place of most need. Vigilance enables one instantly to weigh and decide what moment and which action are most necessary. We do not ignore a pleading voice. We reject no prayer but gather all salutary substances so as to offer goalfitting help. To strive constantly to the most needed labor is affirmed thru many situations and becomes joyous. Thought of infinite labor presses one onward, stimulating vigilance, providing freedom from irritation, allowing joy.

35. Urusvati remembers many meetings. The fires of feeling blaze in full inviolability. Knowledge joins with feeling.

36. Urusvati understands how calmness is necessary for action. Like experienced seafarers we have passed thru countless storms and know how to weather them. To overcome chaos and darkness is our daily task. Action should be followed by conscious calmness. Calm action is highest tension. Innumerable experiences show that one can smile, labor and accumulate energy in such calmness.

Maitreya Fire #14: