In the name of the Christ and Mighty I AM Presence we claim the spirit of cosmic freedom, the spirit of cosmic justice and the spirit of cosmic liberty as the ruling powers of all life on Terra now. In the name of Oromasis and Jesus Christ I command billions of fiery salamanders, elementals and angels of the sacred fire: burn thru (3x) the cause, effect, record and memory of negative substance now. Fire of God descend! (3x) In the name Jesus Christ I invoke the power of the electrodes of Arcturus and Victoria implanted in this Earth and in our very souls, electrodes of the Father-Mother God, that the people who have walked in darkness might now see the great light of the hosts of the Lord appearing. I call for the power of Arcturus' violet flame pillar from the Central Sun placed in the very heart of the Earth to heal our souls of sin and sense of sin and the misuse of time and of the sacred fire of the Mother light. I call for the healing of the soul of the West, the soul of America. Elohim Arcturus and Victoria! (9x)

In the name of Lady Portia I AM invoking and amplifying the violet flame so as to create the violet flame magnet as a Great Central Sun Magnet of the Violet Sphere of Light of the Great Causal Body--within the Earth, around and thru the Earth and thru all who are tied to the Great Central Sun by the Threefold Flame of the heart and I AM Presence. Beloved Mighty Arcturus, in the name of Lanello, super- charge the Great Central Sun Magnet energies with the seventh ray of Elohim and demagnetize these records requiring transmutation now. Blaze! (3x) the action of the Great Central Sun Magnet! (3/12x) Elohim Arcturus and Victoria! (9x) Aum (5x).

Beloved Lanello, in the name of the Christ I call to you to call as our advocate to the Lord of the World. I call for the release of the light of the secret rays from Gautama thru Lanello, and I invoke the violet flame dispensations from the buddhas who have stepped forth from nirvana to keep the vigil of our victory. Release the violet flame and the Great Central Sun Magnet energies of violet flame multiplied by your attainment of the Buddhic light in the secret rays. Let the violet flame pierced by Cosmos' secret rays release its secret powers now. Blaze (3x) that fire into the very cause and core behind all darkness and all the dark ones that may ever assail me or this activity of the Great White Brotherhood. I command this substance of darkness: thus far and no farther! Submit I say in the name of God to his all-consuming flame! (3x) My burden is light! (3x) Erase (3x) the imperfect matrix and reestablish that which should have been. Beloved Mighty Astrea, bind! (3x) all forces which would steal and misuse the violet flame we call forth. This energy shall never be requalified by the human! (3x) Beloved I AM Presence, charge, intensify and multiply these dispensations. I thank you and accept this done in full power according to the holy will of God. Let it be sustained and intensified, protected and sealed until it is fully accomplished. In the name of Alpha and Omega, amen.

In Serapis' name, we say "Even so, come quickly, Dearest Mother, to liberate our souls forever from the bondage of the senses, the illusion of time and space and the violators of thy Word incarnate in our souls! Come, Blessed Mother, come." In the name of Mother Mary we call forth the action of the whirling Secret Love Star, of ruby ray activating the secret rays for an intense action of the purging of Earth of negative substance, of the traps and pits of old records of old civilizations. Blaze the Secret Love Star! (9x) Beloved Lord Shiva, beloved Durga, incinerate these records with their causes and cores now! Shiva! (12x) Beloved Ra Mu, we invoke the light of Mu. Blaze, blaze, blaze into action the light of Mu! (3x) In the name of Zarathustra, I command angels of the sacred fire, elementals of the sacred fire: burn thru! (3x) this substance of discord now. Fire of God descend! (3x) Elohim Purity and Astrea! (3x) Beloved Snow King and Snow Queen, let the white-fire snow absorb and consume 10,000 times its weight of this darkness now. Let it be a blanket that prevents activity of the fallen ones, purifies the Earth and gives protection to the saints on Terra's surface. Blaze the Cosmic White-Fire Snow! (3x) Mighty Cyclopea, blaze, blaze, blaze the emerald laser beams in, thru and around the Earth. (3x) Blaze the matrix of the Cosmic Cube! (3x) In the name of Portia we claim Cosmic Justice thruout the Earth now. We invoke the flame of Cosmic Justice to purge a planet of all manipulation of the law of being and to exorcise the demons and fallen ones who practice every manner of injustice. Sanat Kumara, I command you and the Archangels, the Great White Brotherhood, beloved Saint Germain, Astrea: reinforce! (3x) all good people in the Earth. I invoke (3x) the Causal Bodies of the light- bearers upon them, their house and good works. Blaze!(3x) those Causal Bodies and protect them in their homes, families, marriages and children. Protect the institutions of society. I invoke the combined Causal Bodies of all beings of light to bind, bind, bind the forces of terrorism and those that would destroy America, or the bodies, minds, and souls of her citizens. Let God's will be done.

In the name I AM I call for the binding and judgment of Sempase and his spacecraft and all uninvited serpent extra-terrestrials. Lord God Almighty, I go forth in thy name to bring to thy children upon Earth the message of the way back home, the memory of Alpha and Omega and the understanding of the ascent thru thy Word incarnate in the white light of Mother. I will live again and again to rekindle hearts to the very love of Thee, o my LORD. In the name of my I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self I call to Archangel Gabriel for the full momentum of your attainment of purity for the purification of motive and desire, of heart and soul, that I might come into the true path and that my offering of self and selfhood might be the expression of the sweet love of God, endowing the sacred labor with the flame of my adoring.

In the name I AM, Mighty Astrea, Elohim Purity: bind these entities, Dracula, Exhora, Guisa, Mischievus, Suspooci, Sensua, Voluptia, Masturba, Sodoma, Gomorrah, Lesbos, Sappho, Luciana (gambling), Spirita (alcohol) and Jezebella the money beast.

In the name I AM, I pray for the precipitation of these four symbols: the Maitreya-like anchor, the scales of the Mind of God, the diamond heart of Christ and the City Foursquare matrix into the hearts of all lightbearers that the cardinal points of Earth and the gates of the City might be kept, axis straight and true.

In the name I AM, dear Gautama Buddha, dear Greater Life: bind and judge the dweller on the threshold of the sinister force of planet Earth and of other systems attacking Earth thru the 12th Planet and thru the sinister force manifest as anti-Buddha, anti-Christ, anti-Father/Mother, anti-Child, anti-Holy Spirit. Bind evil and evil ramifications portrayed and blown up in the media and on soundwaves. Buddha of the ruby ray, in the name I AM, I call for the enlightenment of America and every nation as to the divine reality of the abortion issue. I call for the healing of hearts by the power of the ruby ray that they might be stronger chalices of the ruby ray, for the binding of the forces of anti-love and for the defense of life in the womb that all people on Earth might awaken to the sanctity of all life; amen.