decrees and mantram:

I will be like Agni. -Sanskrit: Fire. -Morya

In Mother Mary's name, blessed I AM THAT I AM, strengthen in all goodness and opportunity the life of the children and youth of this orb. Let there be the intensification of love at the whitefire core. Yes! Helios and Vesta. Yes! to all life. Yes, Djwal Kul, in perfect balance; yes, Great Karmic Board, in acceleration again and again. let this world be a place of the violet flame of transmutation, and may the lightbearers be exonerated in our service. -Guru Ma and St. Germain

jaya shiva aumkara baja shiva aumkara brahma vishnu sadashiva hara hara hara mahadeva -Sanskrit: hail Shiva aum-wine chant Shiva aum-wine Creator Protector True-Destroyer Hara (pet-name) great-spirit

Holy Kumaras of the flame of Venus, in the name I AM I call for the stimulation of the mind that it might act as the mind of Christ. Cyclopea and Great Divine Director: be with me in all that I do to reverse the tide of all opposition to the divine plan, to the All-Seeing Eye, to the victory of light and the right decision. -Venus

In the name I AM, come Elohim, instantaneously raise up and protect these thine of the flame. -Micah

I AM the resurrection and the life of the gold standard in America! (3x) now made manifest in the US and the world today! (9x)

Mighty I AM and Nicholas roerich: let thy cups of light be unto the devotees each day as we fear not to follow the World Mother up the mountain; this time help us not to let go of her garments but to let Her lead us where She needs must. Come, five dhyani buddhas, neutralize the five poisons (anger, pride, greed/lust, envy and ignorance) in me. May the five secret ray spheres of the five dhyani buddhas' Causal Bodies heal the planetary body and her evolutions. -Roerich

I call in the name I AM for the pulling of the plug of the wicked thru the heart of Helios. I call for the binding of the dweller on the threshold and the binding of his beam and message of denial of self-worth. Let this insidious, distorted pride and its entire planetary momentum of mesmerism be put down by the legions of light. Bind that beast! -Triune One

O life, rectify all wrong, set the Earth aright, sound forth the glorious song of the new day, new light, new manifestation, by God's grace. -Sanat Kumara

In the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name of Serapis Bey and the seven chohans, I call to Alpha and Omega, Helios and Vesta, I call for the protection of Elohim by my own heartflame and I declare: You shall not pass, you fallen ones! By the authority of Jesus Christ and my Christ-self and of the Messengers of Almighty God, I bind you and I cast you out of the earth. For I stand in the earth and my God is with me, and you may not pervert the light of my God! (3x)

Namo i ju Kuan Yin -Mandarin pronounced na-mo ee-ro gwan-een, meaning hail Kuan Yin of oneness.

so ham ahamsa, ahamsa so ham; asalaam aleakim (spelling?). -Sanskrit and Arabic for, roughly, I AM here and I AM there (divinity here/there).

There I AM and there I shall be. There is my treasure and there is my heart. And there my life and love, there I go for I AM ascending now into that perfection. -Morya

gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha -Sanskrit: beyond beyond far beyond very far beyond knowing so be it (Gautama mantra)

Mighty I AM, Holy Christ Self, Archangel Michael, Hosts of the Lord: manifest the judgment upon the dragon Tiamat (Chaos), the beast of the pit, the Great Whore and the false prophet in the four lower bodies of Earth and her evolutions. -Kuthumi and Omega

In the name I AM I call for Archangel Michael's cloak of invincibility, invisibility and invulnerability to all not of the light and for Michael's armor, sword, shield, crystalline helmet, boots and gauntlets. -Michael

I AM a son of Alpha and Omega. I hurl the sphere of Alpha and Omega, crystal whitefire, into the cause and core of this challenge to my God-identity, God-realization and precipitation of this word and work that is the will of my Father-Mother. So I make it my will and I do it! For I AM a doer of the word and work of God and not a spectator and hearer only. -Oromasis and Diana

I invoke in Christ the full-gathered momentum of the Christian dispensation to flow to, thru and around the selfless workers of Christ in the world of form and at inner levels. I invoke the full-gathered cosmic momentum of Lord Gautama's service to flow to, thru and around sincere unascended lifestreams continuing in his name the Middle Way work. In the name and love of the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood! -Jesus Christ

The Keepers of the Flame can invoke enough light in America to reverse the tide, but first of all we must know we can. We must not be defeated by world conditions. They have no power in the eye of the Mother; in her immaculate vision they are consumed. But the Mother's eye must be our own eye. Where else can it manifest but in us? -Saint Germain

shularaja mahakrura sarvabhutapriyamkara siddim samkalpitam dehi vajrashula namo stu te -Sanskrit: O trident-king, great terrible One, bestowing fortune over demons, give the desired success, lightning-holder be praised.

In the name I AM, dear Great Divine Director, help me, help thine on this orb with the way of the unfolding encapsulated wisdom. -GDD

Maitreya Fire #12: fiery teachings