A Transylvanian Master

Not far from the oak the acorn falls. "I AM the majestic Presence, I AM the conquering power, I AM thy mighty energy, thy consuming flame each hour. I AM the power that makes all things clear.

"I bring greetings to you all from the heart of the creative fire. The creative fire that I AM is the flame of God, his master Presence anchored in the heart of everyone of God's children. While is some it is but a spark, yet with the right touch that spark can be fanned into a creative fire and consuming flame." -Saint Germain at the Ballard home in Chicago on 10-13-1932.

Please see Charles Sindelar's painting of Saint Germain at http://bomm0.tripod.com/index7.html One must use zero & not a capital o in this address!

St. Germain's master, the Great Divine Director, Los Angeles, 1-10-1937, excerpts:

I tell you, We are entering into a greater activity than you have ever known and that is why I call your attention to these certain expressions which We shall use in the future, to give you a greater conviction and quicken into action the qualities which We have anchored within your feeling world to produce harmony and perfection for you. That light will ere long be strong enough in its own radiance as it goes forth to repel every discordant thing which attempts to touch your world. Will you please accept it as a powerful activity from tonight, acting within your world, your body, your mental activity?

I give my gratitude to you--the light having expanded thru you--for being able to accept and apply this Knowledge which We are as anxious for you to have as you could possibly be to have it. Is that not a good combination? I should say a perfect combination. You are entering, or have entered, into definite law and it acts, precious ones, according to your feeling to your associates! It is no one's fault but yours if you do not hold your associates about you, for only as mankind pours forth ascended master love and kindliness do people love to be in the individual's atmosphere. Therefore, precious ones, will you arouse yourselves into the fullest acknowledgment of your I AM Presence?

Dear ones, all of you have been chosen not only by your Mighty I AM Presence but by the host of ascended masters to be the vanguard of this great perfection which is coming swiftly into the world of manifestation of mankind. Notice I say swiftly. You will one day come to know what it has meant in the provision having been made--this good Messenger being enabled to receive our dictations in this manner. It means wonderful things to you. The use of the violet consuming flame to set you free from your human creation is the only means in the world by which it can be done (since mercy, forgiveness and transmutation are required), and the need of charging your mind and body with the perfection of the Presence is imperative. The Messengers have been compelled to prove this truth in their own lives and they do it every day.

You know you cannot accomplish anything with a half wishy-washy way of doing it! Don't be afraid of getting too familiar with your Presence, don't feel you have to bow and scrape before it. Just with the fullness of joy acknowledge and say "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, here I am, a projection of Thyself! Glorify Thyself in me in the projection of thy wondrous perfection and mighty directing intelligence! Cause this body to glow with thy perfect health and strength. Cause this mind and body to glow with the fullness of thy health and energy, with thy light substance called forth from the Love Star which cannot be requalified by human feeling. Charge me, my mind, body and world with the fullness of thy light substance and cause the intelligence which Thou art, o Mighty I AM Presence, to sweep into action in my world and produce thy perfection and hold thy dominion there."

Be strong, be firm and practical in the application of these great laws, that is what you should be! We are your Elder Brothers and Sisters who have attained just a little ahead of you--just harmonize yourselves and hold that harmony until We can help you win your victory.

We call the great light substance forth tonight to enfold each one of you as your individual requirements may indicate, to hold that light substance active about you, supplying the courage, happiness, strength and releasing the supply of all required for your happiness and comfort, all that is necessary for your service to the light!

I say again to you, precious ones, I thank you for making the call and giving the decrees! Please continue it and you can and shall have your own home of light in which you may meet! Don't let your human have anything to say after your decreeing. It is a universal law, no one's opinion! I say to you tonight, if you will stand with Us, We will stand with you! That is a fair contract! Accept the full glory of your beloved Mighty I AM Presence now, amplified by the great host of ascended masters and the law which They apply to your assistance! Go forth with a happy heart, with a courage and confidence born of your Mighty I AM Presence. Then leave the rest, as you issue your decree, with the wisdom of your Presence to be fulfilled, to be glorified in the time in which it sees fit to produce the manifestation, and you will have in your world that which will make your happiness complete! I thank you.

GDD, Dallas, Texas, 3-2-37, excerpts:

Will you be so kind as to accept those qualities which I have anchored within your feeling world for constant use? One of those qualities is the ability for greater self-control and mastery of your feeling world. To do this will mean freedom to you! Beginning in San Francisco (see next dictation) the great outpouring of the cosmic light has made it possible for certain things to be done for mankind.

There is only one way, beloved ones, by which you can gain the mastery of yourself, your world and substance. That is by constantly trying, until you have called your Mighty I AM Presence into action with sufficient power, to still your human thought and compel it to be obedient to the law of your Presence which is harmony. Thus your Presence enables your call to be answered with a sufficient volume of energy governed by its intelligence to produce that which you require.

So tonight you have entered into a new world, the world of your Mighty I AM Presence. The great wise beings are those who know every struggle, every sorrow, everything anyone of you experiences. One day We shall tell you the full meaning of the word America. Those who have willingly chosen to serve the shadow will one day know the power of the Goddess of Liberty's radiation which even now is saturating the Earth!

Precious ones, beloved of the light, never again let a single thought or feeling enter your world but praise of your Mighty I AM Presence which gives you life. In eternal gratitude to life speak it before the world! Life alone pours to you its eternal everlasting perfection! All form in the universe is composed of the one substance, the universal substance of electronic light which of itself is wholly perfect. The truth of life is easy and sure, easy of achievement with the great assistance which is being given. How little you know how many times in 24 hours you who have been drawn under this mighty radiation of St. Germain are given protection and assistance.

I ask you, precious children of the light, to stand guard over your world and if anything or any person attempts to belittle St. Germain's activity, take your cue at once and be absent! If you care to do this, then the pathway is open! The privilege is yours, the power is yours, the authority is yours! I invite you to step thru! In the eternal love of your Mighty I AM Presence and my mantle of love, We enfold you unto your freedom and ascension! In the fullness of your mastery and self-control may it be quickly achieved. I thank you.

GDD, San Francisco, 2-13-37, excerpts:

A little less powerful service is being rendered for you than there was to the children--Rex, Bob, Nada & Pearl--and this good brother who came to Me in India. To the degree that you can accept this help and keep your feeling world harmonized will you see the outpicturing of those qualities more quickly, not only in producing perfect health in your body and more quickly solving the problems before you, but in quickly rising into that state of consciousness where you no longer consider problems. In calling your beloved Mighty I AM Presence into action you not only solve the apparent ones but it keeps you above all problems. That is your victory, that is the achievement for which you have come into embodiment. You may accomplish your victory today thru the use of the violet consuming flame by calling your Mighty I AM Presence into action to pass it from your feet up, a dazzling radiance like a blowtorch consuming everything discordant which you have drawn about you thru the centuries. Those who refuse will go on and spend many embodiments before they have this opportunity again. There is only one thing in all this world of man which will not allow anyone on the face of this earth to accept the Mighty I AM Presence and that is the accumulated stubbornness of the human mind and feeling, the outer activity of it!

Truly the Messengers in their kindliness, love and humbleness have carried this message with almost the strength and courage of an ascended being! Stand solely by your Mighty I AM Presence. Adjust yourselves, harmonize yourselves and unite in a great activity! Be blessed with the great blessing which will be released!

Out of the glory of the great cosmic light We call its mighty intelligence to descend into the Earth, take command of America, the people and its government, sweep into every activity, into all official places, so all may feel and quickly enter into that great loving harmony of God--where all is filled with only the light of God, the great cosmic light!

First quicken the desire in the heart which is surging in the hearts of all mankind today. Then quickly release the great Knowledge of this Mighty I AM Presence in its great current of energy which quickens the light within their hearts at its touch! Flow, o Mighty I AM Presence, into the heart, mind and body of all mankind and assert Thyself! Take thy command! Go forth in thy mighty conquering Presence and fill the Earth with thy mighty glory! Such is our decree for you, o beloved ones, and all mankind! My love enfolds you always into your freedom and ascension.

Master Rakoczy: dictations in 1937-8