GDD, New York City, 4-21-37, excerpts:

Children of the light of the one great Father, the Mighty I AM Presence! How fortunate you are after long long centuries of your pilgrimage upon Earth in various embodiments similar to this, always reaching out thru the heart. As you come to know that your Presence is above you, then giving it your attention it brings into your outer world of activity the power of your Presence, whose anchorage in the octave of man is in your physical heart. Will you be kind enough, precious ones, to hold that thought tonight while I AM dictating to you and feel it earnestly because it is my desire to do a definite work while these words are being voiced to you.

Saint Germain, after working for so many centuries for mankind, determined to try to awaken people again. In our discussions We had to decide what was the most powerful means by which this assistance could be given mankind. I said to Him: I AM willing to try with You and make a final effort to release the light within enough of mankind so the people may have the blessings which it holds for them! I tell you, never in the history of the Earth has there been such tremendous release of light and energy to bless mankind as is coming forth at this time. We are not compelling mankind to accept and use this, but We can and do give it forth with greater and greater release of power and energy as the students' attention to their Mighty I AM Presence prepares them for it.

While the Messengers are here with you We shall endeavor to make this absolutely clear in every detail; all those who want to may have the clearness, understanding and power released within them of the application which will set them free during this class. We have no desire to intrude anything on anyone, but precious ones, there must be tremendous power in this light being released thru these beloved Messengers when there is such furious opposition to them as there is today! They have never asked anything of anyone except to love his or her own Mighty I AM Presence and harmonize himself or herself! They have never given forth anything but love, kindness and harmony! Dear hearts, it is the great cosmic light which these unfortunate individuals are facing, not the Ballards!

After the Messengers returned from Honolulu last summer their work so far as their requirements in this activity were concerned was finished. St. Germain came to them in his tangible body and said "Now you are free! If you wish to do so, you do not have to go on and battle farther in this." And they said "Our joy is to serve. If we can be of further service, then we are ready to continue on until enough of mankind understand their own Mighty I AM Presence to hold the balance for mankind and set the rest of them free." This Understanding will set mankind free as nothing else will do! We never coerce because mankind must come in by its own free will. If harmony is maintained, how do you know how soon the Messengers may come again! You will notice, precious ones, whenever the Messengers have been able to reach cities twice a year, harmony and marvelous activity have been maintained. Let us all join like one mighty wall of light, all students in New York, in one great loving harmonious accord, for the mighty imperative need for the protection of America.

Beloved ones, you cannot imagine and I shall not attempt to voice to you what stands before you to be conquered in the protection of America. If mankind will not listen, then experience must be the teacher and you know experience is a terrific teacher, is it not? The choice is with mankind today! The Great Cyclic Law will not wait! It is sweeping into action! Now remember, We are speaking heart to heart tonight. We insist if you will stand with Us you shall not fail, not one! We want you to be free but We cannot do this for you!

Won't you accept my humble efforts here thruout New York and never let a moment's discord touch you or your world again? Pour out love and blessings to all mankind--o, no matter what their mistakes have been! Who shall judge what mistake is greater than another? Won't you take that attitude and just let the power of the Presence pour forth its mighty activities of the ascended masters' divine love? Call them into action without limit! The Presence does not limit you, don't you see that? Remember, beloved ones, and I say this will all earnestness, you now become the guardians of the light in New York!

This light is true! The Instruction which beloved St. Germain has brought forth is true! The experiences of this good brother are true! And there is not a single discrepancy in those (two) books, not one! But no one can see the truth whose feeling world is filled with viciousness and unkindness! Love, the ascended masters' divine love, is the open door to the fullness of this truth! Each one must call forth the ascended masters' love from the Presence to take command of his or her mind and body and hold its dominion!

So tonight my joy is boundless, o beloved ones, for having the privilege of rendering this service to you. The most tangible things on the face of this earth or anywhere else today are those rays of light going forth from my heart into yours! Make no mistake! And I AM not a disembodied spirit, make no mistake about that either! Beloved St. Germain, Jesus and Kuthumi were trained by Myself in this identical Understanding of the Mighty I AM Presence which beloved St. Germain has given to you, even to the exact wording and the application.

Remember, beloved ones, in your attention to your Presence you are automatically releasing tremendously greater energy than you did before you knew you had an I AM Presence. That is why We plead with you, precious precious hearts, to hold firm in your feeling because as this greater energy comes forth thru you and into your world, if you continue to charge it with discord, don't you see it becomes tremendously more destructive? Don't care what the other person is doing. Your part is to harmonize, beautify and perfect your own world in your call to the Presence, and let every other one take care of his own world, except to call the Mighty I AM Presence to bless all mankind--and that is the greatest thing you can do!

Unless sufficient harmony can be established in New York this time, We cannot come again. Until We meet in our octave where We dwell, remember, as you go forth from this room tonight you are a part of Myself! Don't make any mistake about that! My ray of light has gone forth and anchored in each one of your hearts! Will you accept that and keep yourself reminded of it? Therefore, when I say to you the great power of my love is anchored within your heart, I mean it literally, physically, as well as divinely!

On the 7th of July (1937) will come a mighty flow and impulse of that great cosmic light into the Earth! Only by enough calls from the sincere students of the I AM in America can the last episode of Washington's Vision be prevented. In that episode you will notice the great being states "that a dark angel in the center of the Atlantic" was the one who seemed to be the instigator of that activity which acted in what followed. In the place or position of that being a pillar of light was placed last Sunday morning in the center of the Atlantic, which will remain and do its perfect work! Ask your Presence to silence your human forever, to hold it bound and in obedience to the great law of life! Let the power of your Presence flood your world to alone act in your world, keeping it free from human qualifications of any kind.

I call that light then to take its command, to hold its dominion and to produce its perfection in you and your world! Then will be your opportunity to explain to those drawn to your light the Knowledge of the Presence and the Chart of the Presence which gives them an eye-picture and is a powerful means of their quickly entering into the full consciousness of their Presence and the perfection which it will bring forth thru them. It is not a matter of can it or will it do so, but it does do so! The light of your being, the light of the Mighty I AM Presence is compelled to go forth as you understand and harmonize your feeling enough and stop the misqualification of that mighty pure perfect energy which stands ever ready and waiting to flood you and your world with its glory and freedom from all limitation! Then you arise into your ascension!

Master Rakoczy: