GDD, New York City, 5-4-1937, excerpts:

Can you with Me comprehend for a few moments the light from which you came? Out of that great fire-breath of God came you individualization. Contemplate with Me this mighty reality and no longer feel yourselves separate from that great light which gives you life! That is your life, your intelligence and power! We who know so well the great freedom which comes alone from the light, We who have it, because We have it We know you can too! Will you not enter into our open door thru which beloved St. Germain has invited you to come and no longer dwell upon the fragments of human creations? Can you bear it, o beloved children, to face the truth and know the fragments of life which you are ordinarily using are but the farthest outer covering of the light which is your perfection--into which you may enter if you will in the acknowledgment of your Presence which is all-wise, all-powerful and whose light fills the Earth?

It seems to Me all, everyone in your city, should be willing to accept our assistance and cooperate with it to the fullness of all it means to you. Great, great is your privilege in giving this assistance to America and the world! Glorify yourselves as you feel the transcendent privilege which is yours! Mankind just lost the way and now is finding it again in our home of eternal perfection, the Mighty I AM.

The love of the entire ascended host, the great cosmic beings, the divinities of the mountains and the angelic host pour forth to you now and will continue to do so for your strength, encouragement and your victory! Feel and accept its fullness! I glorify you in my love and light! My strength and courage are your scepter! Stand forth! Stand forth! My victory is yours! Claim it, feel it and then find its full expression in your life and world! While the Messengers' physical forms are absent from your city never forget for a day the glory of your victory now! Then when they return let the fullness of it find expression in holding your city in the glory of that light which knows no shadow and never fails in action! You are that light, the guardians of that light! Claim its fullness and abide therein! Your victory is certain because I AM the victory of every child of Earth! In fondest love We enfold you, o beloved children of the light.

GDD, Philadelphia, 5-23-37, excerpts:

I say to you tonight, every one of you has the power to release yourself at once if you will! I say to you, assert your dominion! No longer need mankind remain in chains of their own forging! Only as the people refuse to accept, apply and continue to apply until the results are there may they be deprived of freedom. You are beings of light! Do not allow yourselves to linger longer in the world of human creations!

On your beloved Venus, whose assistance has so long come to the Earth, They know what peace and harmony mean. They live in the glory of its infinite expression naturally. So you of Earth shall come to know--notice--your dominion in the acceptance of your Mighty I AM Presence. I say to you, one day the Goddess of Liberty shall stand in the midst of mankind visible to all! Thus the Earth will know what harmony means. I say to you now: be firm! be firm! be firm!

Become serene! I say to you, doubts and fears no longer have power to hold or bind you. You are given the opportunity in this class to stand firm with your Presence and no longer experience your lesser creations. In this 10 days sufficient has been dissolved in the world of everyone of you to let you go free in the full power of your application and freedom from today on. Do not yield longer to the appearance world as having power. You must be determined for you freedom! You must be determined in saying to all human appearances: you have no power! Think, o beloved ones, there have been those among the children of Earth who were strong enough to stand against the impact of human destructive creation and carry forth a light in the world though some of mankind hate them. It is only the ignorance of mankind which hates them thru the lack of understanding.

Do you not see in any kindness of feeling, any goodwill to all, in calling consciously the love of your Presence to bless all, you are then acting on the side of infinite power, but to become irritated means you are acting on the side of human creation which has no power?

O that you might feel when I speak these words that they are law to you in your world to the degree that you can accept it! I AM speaking these words tonight and calling the cosmic law to act in your world and the world of every I AM student in America and throughout the world, even through the mental and feeling world of those who are not here. In the infinite power of light I clothe you! In the infinite power of divine love I direct you! In the infinite power of my strength I sustain you! In the infinite power of my courage I charge you and your feeling world with such serenity, courage and infinite patience that things which once disturbed you now you may laugh at and say "begone!" Will you enter into my infinite love? Try to accept this which I offer! It is real, mighty, infinite! May all blessed students who through falsehood and gossip, to which some people have listened and turned aside from this great stream of life, again enter it and undo any mistakes which they have made. I thank you.

GDD, Detroit, 6-7-37, excerpts:

I congratulate you, o beloved students of Detroit and elsewhere that you have been so privileged as to be interested and feel the great reality which it (St. Germain's program) is. It has been my privilege to render you a service which will last thruout the centuries. Will you kindly accept it so the fullness of its ever-increasing expanding activity may take place within you and your world? Your world should be very important to you, very essential, for it must become a world of light or of darkness.

I have called the angels of the sword of blue flame to sweep thru your city, as in New York, every eight hours to not only cleanse and purify the atmosphere generated by man's unfortunate feeling, but to seize and bind all entities who are fostering inharmony in any way among mankind. Enter in by the command of your feeling world! Cause it to be still! Maintain harmony, and the light of your Presence at your call will flood your mind, being and world, and you will know what it means to worship God in reality. Let no one longer say "I can't." When the individual says "I can't" it means I do not want to. Whether you know it or not, if your success has been great it is because there was enough stillness within your feeling world and enough silent recognition of God which enabled the power of the Presence to release its energy into your world of activity.

Do you know, beloved ones, why great industries have been formed thru one individual? Why the great law enabled it to be done? Because there could not be brought together five people who would harmonize long enough to allow a great achievement for permanent constructive accomplishment. Remember, the advance of life has nothing to do with individual personality! I say to all the beloved I AM students thruout America and the world: you who have had the courage to stand fearless in the acknowledgment of your Presence, to issue these decrees and give forth your life to the assistance of America and the world--will one day reap the reward which will be eternal.

Why do I wish to establish a center here and in New York? Why do We wish to establish a certain definite center of activity at certain points in the United States? Because a great pillar of light can be drawn which will pour out its radiance and will one day become the Unfed Flame! That flame will pour its radiance for hundreds of miles and enable mankind to enter into the glory and freedom which is each one's birthright, although so many have wholly forgotten that birthright! All other means have been tried and everything has failed because mankind did not know the Mighty I AM Presence which is the only sustaining power there is.

My heart enfolds you, my light clothes you, my energy will sustain you, and the intelligence of your Mighty I AM Presence called into action will direct you unerringly in the perfect service which you should render. Call it into action and if assistance be required, then We stand ready to give that assistance. No longer give way to limitations, beloved ones! Enter now the gates of freedom and close them behind you--your world of limitations--so you may not look back upon that world of your own creation which has held you bound so long. I thank you.

Master Rakoczy: