GDD, private Chicago dictation, 6-19-37, excerpts:

If everyone would only follow those inner promptings, you would be able to hold to the light, but individuals allow their attention to outer things that make them waiver, wonder, question or doubt, when they are actually having these inner promptings all the time, some days not having them quite so strong as others. Now mark you, dear ones, please notice this! Everywhere that quality of the ascended masters' divine love is released, it becomes a cohesive quality and activity which keeps drawing more and more to itself! You have noticed the moment some discord comes in how the dissolving disintegrating process starts and people withdraw.

You think you love each other, but how can you know what love really is until you really know the love which has infinite patience with the mistakes of mankind? Remember, the victory of life is not complicated! It is so simple, most of its great qualities, being simple they are believed to be untrue. How much more quickly will the full active power of your Presence come if you refuse to accept or listen to destructive qualities of any kind. Please be reminded again tonight, there is no battle in the achievement of the Presence. You call its light forth thru your mind and body into your feeling world--the light knows no resistance nor interference! You shall hold your peace and the Presence will fight your battles. Therefore, "Mighty I AM Presence, You take command of this body now and bring it into your perfect symmetry"; then be at peace and rest about it. Say to every appearance in the outer world "You have no power! Mighty I AM Presence, You are the only presence, power and intelligence acting here. Take command, hold your dominion and produce your perfection."

The world is full of human opinions which are of no importance, but your attention to the Presence from which all perfection comes is of very great importance! May each of you ere long drink from the crystal cup. Will you give Me your assistance just for a few moments and serenely think of the qualities which you desire most quickly made manifest in your experience? Then send that desire to your Presence to have it established, sustained and all-powerfully active henceforth in your feeling world for constant use, forever sustained. (Silence)

I clothe you each one, o precious children of the light, in my mantle of light and love! In it are these qualities which you need for use. Just wear that mantle always for Me and let it do its perfect work for you! Why do you suppose St. Germain was known in Europe as "the man with the indigo cape"? Do you know that color is the exact color of the cosmic screen in the Royal Teton, and it was used for a certain purpose? Until you have a greater sense of freedom, you must feel the Presence dynamically active! May it have its full dominion now and forever sustained! I thank you.

GDD, Los Angeles, 7-11-37, excerpts:

Once people understand and realize that thru the power of harmony within their beings they can cooperate with the great law to their eternal gratitude and blessing, then they will understand how great is their privilege in living in the present embodiment today. Today behold your reality! Behold the God Presence which gives you life. Only as you call to your Presence and eventually make the ascension can you be free from the wheel of birth and rebirth and the limitations of Earth. Today the law is given! The application is given! The scepter of power is placed within your hands--in the acknowledgment of your Presence! Will you accept it in a great calm gratitude? Feel it a sacred obligation and understanding! My work is always with the one goal, the ascension! It is your feeling world that must be governed to gain the victory! Don't ever say you have no time to adore your Presence! Remember, you have entered the race for Life, for without your victory you will remain in the shadows of human discord and destruction.

All energy which is released in your achievement must be a steady outpouring, not intermittent! You can do it! It is for you! Look not to the right nor left! Now this is a service being rendered, will you accept it as a sacred blessing to you? America is the cup of light to the Earth. We must first render this service and assistance to America, then this light expands and the rest of the world may be free!

Think of it, beloved ones! In the Far East there was the great Shamballa where the great masters from Venus, lords of the flame from Venus, came and established the City of White. It remained there for centuries upon an island They created for it, where They poured forth their radiance to mankind.

The Messengers have given their all, going forth dauntless and fearless before the destructive activity of mankind untouched by it, carrying this truth without rest or thought of it! It only means your determination to have Self-control and you will have it. We make few requests, but when We do it means everything in your lifestream! Remember this! Will you not join Me in my determination to help you to be free? To help you to self-mastery in every requirement which will give you your freedom? I ask you, I invite you to let Us help you! Can We do more? I think not! I AM the courage, I AM the strength, I AM the light within you which gives you the courage and mastery of your human self. I AM the full power of obedience within you to every requirement which makes for your freedom!

Do not ever say I am sick, I am broke, I am limited. Don't do it because then you qualify the power you are calling forth to produce that very quality and experience for you. If there is pain in the body say to that pain: "Be silent! Mighty I AM Presence, sweep out cause and effect of this." Then feel it do it, and you will be commanders of your bodies in no time! You have the assistance, now use it! In the infinite light of the Mighty I AM Presence, the great host of ascended masters and the great cosmic beings, We enfold you all in the fullness of their infinite light, its power, its activity, its love, its blessing! May our enfolding light cause you to feel only love and blessings pouring out from you forever!

GDD, San Francisco, 8-1-37, excerpts:

Beloved children of the light, you have been taught much. This service being rendered to you which I began yesterday has not been tried for the children of Earth for more than two hundred thousand years. It is the first time in the history of the Earth that a cosmic being has really come in person to render the children of Earth such a service. Now We can more definitely plan our activity for the outward progress and the expansion of your light. Just have the kindly loving feeling of acceptance of all I AM doing for you. That is all I require to do the work.

Now the law of the light is, We may not use a destructive force, but We can do other things! We can use the constructive powers to govern the forces of darkness or destructive qualities and this We are preparing to do! Notice but for your St. Germain having brought you as students thus far, this would not have been possible. As He brought Bob, Rex, Nada, Pearl and those with them to the point where that service could be rendered, so has He brought you today, in less than three years, to this point. Individually please do not miss one day, and especially at night, saying to all human creation "In the name of my beloved Mighty I AM Presence and the power of the ascended masters I say to all human creation: you have no power! Mighty I AM Presence and great cosmic light: project thy mighty light rays in and thru the Earth, establishing thy currents thruout the Earth and cause all destructive qualities and activities there to cease to exist!" Then We will do the rest. Just as yet, remember, beloved ones, you are the vanguard of the light! Thru the transcriptions and the radio work which We are opening you will find the open doorway to the expansion of the light and the reaching of people which is necessary. It is imperative that the people have these books for constant use because the intellect does not retain enough from just hearing the Instruction! Don't let your intellect keep reaching out for various things, and guard the human self so it does not run away and feel wiser than We. How many of you can tell Me tonight, if you had or were required to render just two hours of service a day, would you actually give the remainder of the working eight hours to study and application for your freedom? I leave that to you!

Now then remember you are entering a new kingdom, the kingdom of light which is its own supply to the children of Earth! This is not idle talk! We have no time for such things--you are in this charged sacred chamber of light very much as if you were in the Cave of Light in India, only this building is not charged for centuries with the light where only perfection exists, as it is there. Pour out our ascended master divine love! Raise the loved one who has made mistakes into the arms of your Presence and forget all else! You will know such happiness! Can you actually believe my words when I say to you, there are 375 people in this room who could, if they would determine it and stand by it, make their ascension in this embodiment? That is true! I AM endeavoring in many ways to hold your consciousness into our mighty reality, which takes from you all doubts, all fears and the human sense of limitation. They do not belong there! They are not yours! It is all just an accretion. There are 50 people in this room who could say to any destructive force--STOP! and it would be compelled to stop! Remember, the light of your Presence which gives you life can assert the activity of the sword of blue flame! Let our light do its perfect work in and thru you and out into your world!

Remind yourselves no longer shall your attention be focused upon limiting destructive or disturbing things, or your life be fed into them to add to the world's unhappiness. Master Rakoczy: