GDD, Seattle, 8-11-37, excerpts:

Out of the glory of the light which is within your hearts I shall endeavor tonight to call forth into action in your world something of the powers of the light of which you have not yet become aware. You yet in the limited state are the unreality, because only in unreality does imperfection exist! O for that time which once existed before in America when everything came forth from the octave above, precipitated into the use of mankind, clothing, food and everything which was required. Does it seem far off today? Not nearly so far as you might think! As you are listening to these words, I AM charging into your feeling world our conviction.

It is because of the density of the vibratory action in the structure of your brain and body that people do not record the finer vibrations which would reveal to you these things ahead of you that you would so often like to know. By becoming still and calling to the Presence is the practical manner of governing your world, and that is what attainment means! It is what being still in the outer means. Sufficient obedience to the law of your life brings about the freedom and attunement of your brain structure wherein you can receive from your higher mental body the clear definite direction! Don't jump at any conclusion! Don't accept someone's communication claiming to be St. Germain; be sure it's him. Dear ones tonight, don't accept those things unless some very definite powerful proof has been given, because the sinister force which is discordant human creation, tries to hold its reign over mankind.

Now you will begin ascending into these planets in frequency above the Earth. Venus is your next one above the Earth on the upward trend.

There is not one student of the I AM who has been in this Understanding one year and is really in earnest who has not stepped up a receptivity of vibratory action of his or her brain--more than 50% in one year! It is absolutely true! The various habits of mankind which have made the brain structure dense must be discontinued. They are alcoholic beverages, narcotics and smoke. Another activity is the waste of sex energy which draws from the brain the illumining power which would cause it to vibrate more rapidly. Then, the density comes from meat and too much starch in the system.

Tonight in this most delightful hour may you feel the full release of all that is yours. I say to you, do not longer accept any limitation! The power of your Mighty I AM Presence take command of you and your world! Hold the person so calm and serene, joyful and filled with the great loving harmony and blessing that its energy flows forth just like a mighty river, performing its purifying service! Keep it flowing forth with its mighty directing intelligence which makes no mistakes. Mighty I AM Presence, tonight assert your dominion in every one! Glorify Yourself in your expression thru mankind without limit! To those in this room tonight for whom a special service can be rendered, see it is rendered in this hour! By the mighty directing intelligence, pour forth mighty intelligent direction and show them the way of life which the Presence is! Our love enfolds you always unto your freedom and ascension. Try to feel all of this great reality of freedom. Live in it! Be it! Then see how quickly it will come into the full power of expression forever sustained! I thank you.

GDD, Seattle, 8-15-37, excerpts:

Since the twenty-first of July when the recent great release of the cosmic light struck the Earth I have been able to dissolve and consume another one-third of your own human creation for you! That means two-thirds of the human creation of all sincere students of the I AM thruout America and the world, accumulated thru centuries, has been dissolved and consumed for you! Beloved St. Germain told you your own human creation was ten times more pressure upon you than the atmospheric pressure of Earth. Why do I call your attention to this? Because of the power of your attention which gives you the realization, for I know you believe I tell you the truth. Let Me assure you, beloved ones, your attention is so powerful! Remind yourselves every morning when you awake--now what my attention is on I become! Where my attention is there I am! Your power of qualification (feeling), your attention and your physical eyesight-vision have a triple activity which if governed constructively will fill your world quickly with perfection of every description! So don't be foolish, dear ones! Do not let any excitement or fit of anger cause you to say unkind things, sometimes complete falsehoods! Because anger knows no discrimination! It cares about nothing except to destroy! We see! We have to see all of such unhappiness acting within mankind! It is like one impulse after another forming a momentum! It is why under the old order the students who went to the Retreat were held in absolute silence for from three to five years! They never were allowed to speak a word! That taught one obedience (to the higher self)! The light is before you! Use it, dear ones, and have the blessing and freedom which it brings. So today I have taken the opportunity to prompt you again not to do the things which bring destruction into your world. I thank you very much!

GDD, New Bedford, Mass., 9-18-37, excerpts:

Beloved students of America! You thru discord have closed the door by giving power to the appearance world, which has not one ounce of power as far as you and your world are concerned except what is given it. Remember, you have three faculties within your being each one of which is all-powerful! Your attention, your visualization and your power of qualification! That which is invisible to you is the thing which plays the greatest havoc in your world and it is your power of qualification, because everything which comes into your world must come THRU YOU into your world of activity.

Remember, dear hearts, that stream of light and energy is not just a principle, but it holds within it the intelligence, power and action which everyone is using and requires in order to have action. It has been the mistake of all mankind to claim power unto the intellect of itself. Try to follow Me just a few moments in feeling what the power and release of our divine love means in your world! In every language used during every civilization from the beginning of mankind's appearance on Earth the words (concept) I AM are there. There are no two words in the vocabulary of man's experience which release the power those two words do. It is the power which sets the people free! Why? Because it is their own life! The seventh ray under which St. Germain is acting compels him to be the one to bring forth the freedom of mankind! America, being the crystal cup which is the freedom of the Earth, is compelled to be the focal point of that freedom to the world. It is the cosmic law which has made America, the Cup, to release the light of the future!

In India hundreds and thousands sit down in a posture and release themselves from the body and go out into samadhi, that exquisite realm, but what good is it doing? The need today is to bring perfection into man's octave where mankind has created the discord and produce perfection here! If you believe what I say you can be free in no time! If you will not believe it, then you will have to go on in your limitations! One day, beloved ones, you will realize We do not talk to hear Ourselves. I AM a cosmic being who knows no limitation! One day not so far distant, beloved ones, you will begin to see the power of the infinite light manifested upon Earth once again as it did 800,000 years ago! Speak to the I AM Presence, represented in the Chart of the Presence, which beats your heart! Continue with kindliness and earnest desire to have and know the truth and tell Me in six months if you do not have the proof within yourself of what that Presence is to you.

I said to St. Germain, "Do you think you can find some strong enough in the outer world of mankind to stand against what will be forced and focused at them if they undertake to spread this light?" He said "I think I can." Then, beloved Nada, and Lanto who is in charge of the Retreat at the Royal Teton were the only ones who stood with beloved St. Germain in his feeling it could be done! St. Germain knew because He had looked into the lifestream of the Messengers who were once his children and saw that with their obedience it could be done. Every individual can do this who will! It is how Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, the Messengers, have been enabled to carry this activity forward, because they move within that tube of light. Twice a day they use the violet consuming flame to keep every discordant thing dissolved which has ever been accumulated thru their activities and embodiments. We are wholly unconcerned who believes or who does not! We present the law of mankind! All may use it if they will! That means--now hold tight to your chairs, dear hearts--all destructive habits must cease from your life! It means the sex activity must cease which is not for procreation of your kind! It means tobacco must go in all its forms! It means all intoxicants must go in all their forms! It means all dope must cease from the Earth forever! It means that everyone who listens to agitation of any kind, whether it be communism or whether it be the unions, is depriving that one of freedom! Their destruction drives in--in civilization after civilization--and stirs mankind up to where it has no governing intelligence, and the destruction becomes so great in the world that people destroy themselves, and those who do not destroy themselves are destroyed by each other! Dear people, if you saw all actually taking place today you would not care to look the second time.

Dear people, unless enough of mankind make this call to the Presence that same thing will sweep your America! In a previous time America was the cup of light for the world--it has come again into a cycle where it must be the cup of light now, or the world will not survive! Dear ones, the proof is before anyone of mankind who cares to look! There is only one power, one Presence in the universe which is the solution of these things, whether it be for the individual or the nation. In the recognition of your own individualized God Presence the mighty I AM which you can call into action, a power is released a thousand times greater than anything which can be released in thinking of God as an omnipresence! In the use of destructive powers today in fifteen minutes the largest city in America could be destroyed! You are facing a mighty crisis! We are free! We are in no danger but you are! Then, will you join Us in all the powers of your being to make that call to your own God Presence the mighty I AM to release such power into the Earth that none of these things dare enter your world of America?

Will each of you with Us go down in the records of Earth as one who loved his fellow man enough to call to his own God Presence so powerfully it would release those powers which protected them and set them free? As it goes on, one day you shall know the truth of every word that the Messengers have spoken to you in behalf of America and her freedom, and the glory of God which shall again reign upon Earth! The light of God never fails in anything! You are that light which beats your heart! I thank you!

invocation by the Ballards:

Mighty beloved I AM Presence & Great Divine Director, raise this precious one & all mankind into the full ascension now, charging all the power & authority of the Crystal Cup, the Unfed Flame & the Great Command to all forever. (This is epigraph to the set of GDD dictations first published in 1942; the Crystal Cup is America as beheld & vitalized by Sacred Fire of thought, word & deed by the Ascended Masters--thus filled with liquid light, the Unfed Flame is the Flame of Life, & the Great Command is I AM.)

Master Rakoczy: