37. Urusvati carries fearlessness of heart. This is accumulated thru faith and lengthy experience. Upasika (Helena Blavatsky) was a touchstone of fearlessness! We travel on far-off realms where we gather many lessons in fearlessness. A striving for flight has been awakened in the people of Earth.

38. Much has been said about co-measurement and equilibrium; precisely for such realization must the full rights of women be strengthened. Entire nations strive for Knowledge, and with Knowledge full rights arrive. One should not think routinely. One should think routinely. The terror of Armageddon must be discerned and the way of Hierarchy understood.

39-40. Let us be cautious and appreciative of the concept of Brotherhood. All actions can be divided into the heartfelt and the heartless. Heartfelt styles of many differences can be united, but heartlessness is the unity of the dark forces and among them are no Co-workers of the Brotherhood. We do not shun life. Our first call is for perfectionment, not for titles or high rank. We accept leadership not as a destination but as an immutable necessity. Such responsibility should be the foundation of all communities. Remember that during the progression of our lives we have preserved the memory of the greatest events and recorded them in the repositories of the Brotherhood.

41. When dealing with the currents of life one must avoid hypocrisy, superstition or cowardice. Each hesitation makes one subject to the power of the chaotic whirlwind. We especially welcome the equilibrium earned in daily life by extensive broad experience. Awareness of correlations of frequencies obtains power therefrom. Every Co-worker of the Brotherhood comes into close contact with the subtle planes. We have entire strongholds in that domain. Thought not obscured by doubt leads to our supermundane abodes. We affirm that the battle raging in the subtle planes is far more violent than that fought on earth, though much spatial battle resounds on earth.

42. Urusvati has developed her musical talent beautifully. According to Plato, music should not be understood in the narrow sense of music alone, but as participation in all the harmonious arts. Perfection of thought is an expression of beautiful musicality. Urusvati has noted that the music of the spheres is characterized by rhythmic harmony, which brings inspiration. One should learn to develop one's own musicality by all possible means. Malice cannot exist where the spirit ascends. Rhythm and harmony protect one from fatigue and irritation.

43. Urusvati was called a mountain bird by physicians due to her innermost quest for the sublime heights, even in poor health. Each earthly mountain reminds her of our heights. Each achievement indicates the way on. Let all wayfarers learn that we await them on the paths to us.

44. Urusvati embodies fieriness. True fieriness is demonstrated in communion with the invisible and in participation in our missions. In fieriness the mucous membranes are dry and ectoplasm is not exuded. Fiery people do not feel fear and are unafraid of the manifestation of the subtle domain. One cannot ask people to be brave if they know not why they are on Earth and where this leads. We entrust our co-workers to repeat as much as possible to people of great eternity and the continuity of life. Do not think that fieriness comes of itself; it must be cultivated thru many lives.

45. Neither safety nor material security exists in earthly conditions, yet this dark mirage seduces multitudes. Only by acknowledging the vanity of all earthly treasures is one able to receive his heritage of everlasting wealth. These teachings are not abstract moralizing. Greed and illusion ensnare mankind. It is not from light that such vipers are born. People do not stop to realize that they are beset by experienced destroyers, and few repeat the need to turn to the stronghold of good. We rejoice at each understanding of truth.

46. With improvement lamps will burn steadily and people will be grateful for even light. Likewise, after sinkings and soarings, a powerful radiance can be achieved and benefit to mankind increase. We welcome the stage of burning evenly, as cooperation grows. When cooperating we must discipline our thoughts. As thought energy acts thru least resistant channels, amid undisciplined thinking there is much scattering, and harm results from these fleas of thought. A fusion of various metal alloys into an apparatus to enhance thought concentration aids in thought transmission. We consider it most important to preserve pure thinking, based upon burning evenly.

47. From co-measurement is born discrimination and a reverence for Hierarchy. Each should rejoice that during his earthly lifetime his master does exist and that the path to him is not forbidden. Every teacher also remains a pupil, in the chain of life.

48. Urusvati has constant communion with us. Communication is thru the subtle body. Shakti means the primary energy. The gait depends upon an individual's finer energy. Each observation is valuable, but let us be very careful in generalizing. With Knowledge comes the cautious co-measurement. Let us discard antiquated categorizing to help make accessible universal awareness.

49. Urusvati has observed our collectors of medicinal plants, gathered to our Himalayan abode. You may be sure that many centuries have taught people in our proximity to harken to our way. Besides our Eastern and Egyptian ashrams, we have had abodes in Lyons, Nurenberg, near London, near St. Petersburg, and in Italy. One can trace many missions sent forth; we pave the way.

50. Urusvati has inquired about contribution for our abodes. First one should help on earth, but help is equally needed in the subtle domain. Is it possible that people do not realize that they bring all their earthly prejudices into the subtle planes? If it is hard to eliminate pernicious growth on earth, it is far more difficult to do so in the subtle realm where earthly accumulations are crystallized. I think the condition of our planet would be much improved if the load brought into the subtle realm were of better quality. The most urgent decisions require defense against clever destroyers. Each current faces its counter-current.

51. We summon to the great service all who can help the multitudes who suffer. Our stronghold is actually built upon the concept of help to unknown ones. No one should think that persecutions are meant only for certain people. Every messenger of truth is persecuted by the falsifiers and their onslaught of falsehood.

52. A correct attitude accepts the subtle realm calmly, honestly and kindly. The magnet of kindness acts in all realms. One should not just acknowledge the immortality of the spirit but should also learn how to approach all manifestations of infinity. Those who are truly courageous do not fear phantoms which may appear in horrible forms. An experienced observer knows that phantoms can not do harm where there is courage. Every place of earth is filled with subtle entities, and one must discern the flow and infringements thereupon. The teacher points early to the cooperation between planes of being. Man is not in isolation from other realms and should not remain under the contrary illusion.

53. We direct our thought along the lines of cooperation and nationwide creativity. Everyone must try to serve creativeness; let people love the sport of creativeness. It is almost impossible to tell people how to create by thought. They do not believe that strings can resound in response to thought currents. Thought produces potent rhythms. First of all one must refine one's thought.

54. Urusvati has acquired instantaneousness. At times we send one word from which an entire message must be determined. There are many reasons for such brevity. Sometimes the whirl is so intense that it becomes impossible to send each sound. Sometimes radio eavesdropping requires a counter. During raging battle even optimum currents can be disturbed and their excessive tension can be fatal for the receiver. Urusvati has also acquired the ability to recognize the authentic. Our voices are recognized by their timbre, and a person close to us will not mistake them or the feeling of their authenticity. A child senses unerringly the steps of his father and mother. The least disturbance can break reception even with broadened acute consciousness.

55. Urusvati harkens to the joyous, which grows thru disciplined conviction rather than thru acquisition. There is no condition beyond the zestful reach. Without joy there is no action. To key well into the buoyant resolves from within. Joy is greater than health and success, existing even amid sickness and humiliation. The buoyant belongs to the unfolding and is not tied to the past. We want people to know where the panacea is. Let people remember that none can deny them of their joy. Despondency cannot cross the threshold of our abode. Decidedly everything can be set right and improved, nothing can close the way to fulfillment. It is festival when we see others comprehending the shield of buoyancy.

56. Urusvati realizes how crucial caution is in medicine. We first try to restore a sick person's balance. If you think of yourself as a physician, your purpose can clarify. A physician does not blame a patient nor his condition but seeks return to natural wellbeing. In every illness there is evident decomposition. Usually obsessed ones should be taken to a new place and their surroundings changed. People do not understand how much one's surroundings encourage the development of certain illnesses.

57. In kindness is an entire world. No other concept gets so distorted. From idle hypocrisy to plain cruelty, all finds a place masquerading. We continually send waves forth keyed to kindness, action and labor. No kindness without action; no good without labor; no kindness without opposition to evil; no kindness exists in irresponsibility to discern evil and to recognize corruption and to look to bring light. Light must be brought. A lightbearer should not slacken his pace. It is not only light but also the primal energy that strike the blow consuming darkness. Let the co-workers show who is ready for action and who prefers lazy twilight. Our abode is most peaceful but ready for the fight. We choose the best battle hour. Each action depends upon something that has happened before.

Maitreya Fire #14: