Great Divine Director, San Francisco, 2-6-38, excerpts:

The human creation has been completely dissolved and consumed for 375 people who have been in this class. We could scarcely have hoped for such an achievement. Beloved ones, it is the light, the energy of your Presence which goes forth before you and accomplishes what you desire. When you realize harmony is the imperative thing in your feeling, so this energy may flow forth and go out in its full power, its purity, its perfection. Precious ones, I urge you never to argue the question of this Understanding with anyone--your family or anyone else! Leave all free to come to this Understanding and into it whenever they are ready. If you pull them in by urging, they are very apt to begin to try to pick flaws. If people come in of their own volition, they come because the light within them has drawn them and it will be the rarest thing for them to ever turn aside for any length of time.

As the Messengers have told you, this light, this Understanding which St. Germain has brought to you is clear! It is all-powerful! It is mighty to set mankind free, and I say to you as one in authority, you will not have any knowledge, any application, any information, any instruction come forth which will even touch it in the next two or three hundred years. If you really understand and know that your privilege today is the greatest privilege of all your pilgrimages upon Earth, you will realize the great mercy of the great law of life which provided a means of doing it. This law of life is unerring! It makes no mistakes! We live in accord with it and are obeying it! You will pardon Me if I use this expression, but the stubborn human being who will not yield and respond to the impulse from its own higher mental body must sometimes be given assistance in order to let that impulse thru. The great mercy of Life has said: "Now my children, I will give you one more opportunity. I have brought forth from my secret chamber of Life the fullness of the Understanding of Life." Does it sound like We urged Ourselves upon you? I trust not, but this is the law of life!

Perhaps it is asking a little too much, but if you would spend five minutes at night just before going to sleep and direct your undivided attention to Me, I might be able to do some very joyful things for you or to assist you to do them. The only thing is the perfecting of your own self and your world, and when you do it you will find all around you changing too.

I know of no one thing which gives you a clearer definite idea of what one individual in the presence of others with the proper understanding can do thru his or her radiance than "The Servant in the House". That play (by Charles R. Kennedy, 1908 debut) illustrates to mankind how one with a great calm outpouring of this radiance can harmonize, bless and bring into perfection everyone within his or her environment, if that one be strong enough to stand untouched by the surrounding discord. ("It remains for the butler Manson's quiet charity and sense to bring the family closer together and teach them the true meaning of their religion." -Oxford Companion to American Theater)

The great volume of your love which has gone forth from this room will remain an eternal memory in this city. So many times vicious individuals have come to this Messenger and usually he stands perfectly quiet until his radiance has an opportunity to enfold them, then their viciousness is gone. So it is with everyone of you. Do not speak of your experiences or your achievement to anyone else. Hold your heart the secret sanctuary, the secret chamber of all the glory of your Presence and let it fill your world.

I thank you and bless you, beloved ones, with the fullness of my love and clothe you in the consciousness which is mine, that feeling which is mine, to endeavor to give you the assistance of self-control in its fullness. Then you may enjoy the fullness of the perfection of life as it flows forth into perfect manifestation in your outer world and releases its activity and experience. I thank you.

GDD, Oakland, 8-21-38, excerpts:

Come with Me into our great octave of light, and while these words are voiced to you allow Me to assist you thru the power of your comprehension to realize mankind is entering the gateway of freedom. It does not matter how much you want a thing brought into physical manifestation, if you do not comply with the law of life which produces it, still you do not have it! I say to you, beloved ones, when you understand all which acts thru you is the power of life, then you see and know you are the director. You must be the director of your energy, your life. We want you to feel all one.

Won't you feel a harmonious cooperation in all you call forth? When you understand what the Goddess of Peace has done, you will know it is a transcendent service. It could not have been done if the war entity of the world had not been consumed. Those destructive individuals are using the great cunning of the black magicians who are prompting them, urging these destructive forces on and on and on. They find their urging of little avail, for since the consuming of the war entity there is no power there to feed and sustain them!

The Messengers receive instantaneous answers constantly to their calls today, but they did not four years ago, but they stuck to it until the answer came. When you start to make your call stand by it until the answer comes. Your Presence must have your lifestream turned to it in order to reach you. Try to feel with Me now in your attention to your great Presence, this mighty strteam of light and energy which is beating your heart, animating your body. It would assert its full power if you did not interfere with it by discord in your feeling.

There is no one in the universe to judge you but whom? Your higher mental body; it knows the perfection of the Presence and your imperfection. Therefore it is the judge of you and your life! yet it never does for a single instant criticize or condemn you. The greatest need in the world today is the application of life. More and more subtle cunning has become the remainder of human destructive creation, which We call the sinister force! Orders are being established, several of them in America and the world, where they say to you when you enter the doors "You must take an oath never to mention one thing which goes on in here." When somebody says that, you had better turn and go the other direction. They are concentrating on America just now. Remember, because you will be approached. If you do not care to listen to Us and then you experience unhappiness, remember We tried to help you! We don't say what you shall do! If you do not want something undesirable in your home, do not invite it!

When you understand how to govern and guard the feeling of kindliness and harmony which goes forth, you make it a blessing to others. This is very vital! We want to forestall all of these (discordant) things. If in your endeavor to pour forth divine love, it becomes qualified as human desire, then you have wasted your time and energy and must start all over again. There is love, wisdom and power in the triangle of life. If you try to use one point of the triangle of life without balancing with the other two, you are going to have distress. Freedom is the greatest consideration for the rights and blessings of others, and I want you to feel that tonight. Feel our freedom which is the divine order of life acting within your feeling world, the most beautiful thing.

When nature has provided everything in lavish abundance for all mankind's requirements, what has happened when some of mankind do not have abundance? Because they have been reaching out more and more to human beings, persons, places and conditions, expecting to receive from there. Turn to your beloved Mighty I AM Presence and I AM now speaking directly concerning your money supply! You cannot get away from yourself! Never cut off your span of life, thinking to be free. There is not one in America who needs to be limited, if he or she would understand this law of life which beloved St. Germain has brought forth to you, and apply it. It is so practical, the most practical thing in all life! Charge forth the outpouring of the ascended masters' divine love in your call to your Presence to bless your frineds, associates and mankind. Be alert, be determined, and the first thing that confronts you which would have hiterto frightened you, say "O no, you frightened me once, but you will never frighten me again for you have no power!" When these two Messengers became aware of this, what joy filled their beings.

Just for a few moments will you still yourselves? Don't cross your feet or hands. I speak directly to the Mighty I AM Presence of each one. I command the higher mental body of each one to release and pour forth the mighty current of the Unfed Flame thru and under the feet of each one. Hold in its mighty action the violet consuming flame so all impurity may be washed out of the human body, out of the feeling world and into the mighty violet consuming flame to free these beloved ones tonight! Render this service so powerfully, higher mental body of each one, that they may feel it now and awaken in the morning glorified by the power of the light which beats their hearts. With its mighty courage, strength and power flowing thru may each be a world of such happiness, courage, strength--the full power and feeling of their dominion over all conditions. Then nothing longer obstructs the way in their feeling world to this mighty Presence of light as it flows forth to perform its service for them. Then as you remain harmonious, accepting this, qualify it eternally sustained in action for you so it may render this perfect service.

When you retire tonight, going to your peaceful wondrous rest which you shall have, call your Presence of life & your higher mental body to release its mighty current of energy while your body sleeps. Charge it with the perfection of life! Qualify it to dissolve and consume every discordant thing which has ever been there. Then as you awaken in the morning remind yourself with the joy of all life that your great blessing is joy! We thank You, mighty Presence of Life, for answering this command, for holding it sustained forever until each hour, each day greater harmony, greater perfection manifest within the body, mental and feeling world of each one, charged with the glory of all happiness which is the perfection of life, now and forever sustained. I thank you.

Evolution of the Elohim of Peace:
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