GDD, Cleveland, 3-6-38, excerpts:

When you make the call to your Mighty I AM Presence and the ascended masters, the legions of light and the cosmic beings, you are releasing substance from within your feeling world and your physical body. This substance is the requirement which We need in order to release and then amplify it with the great purity and perfection of the substance of life to bring about the changes which are being made. it does not mean, then, only your individual freedom but the accumulation of mankind of the centuries must be dissolved and consumed completely for whatever is to be done in the future. Without this consuming, mankind is constantly interfered with, interrupted at the most vital moments. America is the last spot on Earth where our perfection can come forth. It is vital for all the students to realize this because it will enable them to release the power for the portection of America. As you become more acquainted with the Presence, know that to still yourself is the means of letting its power come forth.

Beloved ones, in order to do the work which We desire it is imperative to have no one move about in the room, for it constantly changes the current of energy and the blessing with which to help you. Our ascended master octave is wholly perfect. To help give you the idea, We would place the legion of light next (up in frequency). Then would come the cosmic beings, if you wish to look at this activity as steps. Without the assistance of the ascended masters, beloved ones, I tell you frankly there would not be 3% of the people today who would have the strength to stand up against their own creations and that of the mass of mankind to free themselves!

As your own attention is held upon the goal, your power of light from your Presence is feeding into it. The more intensified your feeling and determination, the greater is the release of the power to produce perfection in the achievement you desire. This is the power of concentration and the only means by which it can be sustained. So do not depend upon the stability of your outer world which is governed largely yet in your commercial activity by the whims of mankind. There are perhaps 12 individuals in the world today who have millions at their command whose fear is the greatest you ever witnessed! It seems incredible but it is true and that is what has brought this tremendous pressure upon mankind, from the financial standpoint and in the industrial world! They are trying to concentrate and gather all within their control! I ask you to watch it! That is why beloved St. Germain has brought forth this I AM Activity and why We are making this tremendous effort to assist mankind.

In this preparation today for the coming class there is no one thing in which We rejoice so greatly as the opportunity to visit the groups and for those present to bring a certain attunment for the greater blessing released in the class work. Therefore remember in your group work and in your decree work you are rendering a service indescribably and unparalleled in the history of the Earth. I said mankind might one day be surprised at another transformation which would take place in Russia. I still maintain it! The destructive element in that great country is fast losing its power. Should our experiment succeed, you will see a transformation in Europe which will be the greatest miracle you ever witnessed!

All mankind is to some degree responsible for the great discord, but those who have utilized the destructive force to get the governing power over mankind, to compel the people to be subservient, will find themselves meeting their own creation. When they are compelled to look upon it, they will see their own destruction. The power of the violet consuming flame dissolves and consumes your own individual creation so you may not look upon it. Today in order to relieve mankind from the mistakes of the past beloved St. Germain brought forth this Understanding and the Eye Picture (Chart of Presence conceived by Arthur Brooks of New York) before you of your own God Presence, which compels love, wisdom and power to act in perfect balance at your call to the I AM Presence. As you understand this you will see how self-evident it is and with that will come an ease, rest and confidence in your feeling which never was there before. This is what your feeling needs. If you and mankind will understand these laws and utilize them, there is not a thing acting in this world which can harm or deprive you! Allow Me to cite to you the Messengers; my dear people, they are the greatest living example of this law in the world. Therefore, all who are strong enough to resist discord and gossip from those who do not understand will go forward, on and on and on.

Things which bothered and disturbed you before will never do it after today, if you will keep yourself reminded of this. O I want you to know so much how really free you are. From the heart of Russia must arise a mighty sincere honest individual whom the people will at once see is their friend, and then would come the solution of the same problem in every country of the world. Treachery and deceit in high places has brought the distrust of the mass of mankind and they do not know upon whom they can depend, but as the cosmic light increases its intensification in the Earth, We are trying to so adjust it that there will be raised up in those countries individuals of power which will call forth the power of light to sustain them in their honesty, honor, integrity and blessing to their fellowman. It is the only hope!

Remember, the beginning of this (current) destructive element was in Russia in connection with the three individuals in New York who started this frightful destruction to mankind and the Earth.

I call into action today the mighty love, wisdom and power of your Mighty I AM Presence to take command of your mind, body, your feeling and your world of activity, produce its perfection and hold its dominion and bring to everyone his or her complete financial release from all limitations. Take out of each one's feeling world every feeling which has accepted financial limitation because of the appearance world! Set all free, great Presence of Life, and give them such courage and strength, joy and enthusiasm in their application that the results become so instantaneous that all doubts and fears vanish from their world forever. In the power of our great light, Goddess of Liberty, Victory and Queen of Light! In thy trinity of action clothe these beloved ones in thy garments of light which hold thy radiance in constant action about them, fills and charges their worlds with thy dynamic action of courage strength and victory of the light! I thank you.

GDD, Detroit, 4-24-38, excerpts:

We firmly believe with your cooperation that 90% of the destructive intent which it was thought would be released upon mankind may be avoided. What will be released not only for your blessed selves here and the people of Detroit--who may not even be interested--yet its far reaching activity will pour out into the world. That is the reason why this has become a 12 day class. There is a governing power and intelligence, precious people, which once you comprehend it makes you stand firm.

It is impossible for anything to reach or enter your world without your attention upon it. Lock and seal the door of your attention so not once again does your attention ever go back to what has been, whether good, bad or indifferent! Erase it, shut the door! Then as you turn and face your I AM Presence know henceforth only its intelligence, presence and power with all its glory and harmony are acting in and thru your body and feeling world. Then you will rejoice so much at the changed conditions. I AM the Presence of all life ready to forgive your mistakes at your call on the law of forgiveness! Do you know, everyone of blessed mankind is so good at heart, but because destructive conditions have beset the people sometimes, it has made them feel almost fiendish. You are the discriminating intelligence of your world who should say how your energy shall act thru you and your world, but mankind has not understood that. Therefore how were people to govern it?

Let Us take you by the hand and help you to Understanding and Application with dynamic power and energy. Then see how quickly your world will be first stilled. Then as this pure wondrous energy flows forth and out into your world you will find those who hated you will turn and love you, those who oppose you will want to serve you in the glory of life because your outpouring of life has touched their world, refined it and made it responsive to the power of life which is light. Life is acting everywhere! Don't ever again blame any person, place or condition for anything which exists in your world! Then to think there are individuals in America so depraved as to condemn, criticize and put forth the vicious fiendish false statement that the Messengers are trying to replace beloved Jesus with St. Germain, trying to ridicule the dictations of these great beings of light! You watch! The end of their rope is at hand. They have failed, as all destructive forces must fail! If you allow yourselves to be affected by such false things, you will pay the penalty, and you will continue in your limitations. I speak with authority! Therefore stand in the light of your I AM Presence, beloved ones, and have your freedom! Remember, when you call your Presence to form the tube of light about you and set the violet consuming flame into action and continue it, it is done! The Presence always answers!

This power of light anchored within your heart is the power of life, the power of the universe, the greatest intelligence which exists. Its mighty energy released in the body will dissolve and consume, cause and effect, not only in the body but in the feeling world of the individual, every condition which disturbs you or causes pain or distress. Try to feel the authority of the Presence which is all-powerful to charge your world with itself and do it now! Then so quickly feel the freedom which is yours, the health and joy!

By the powers of light I command that to take place in the feeling world of mankind everywhere and hold its dominion, so individuals may awaken and be the glorified beings which the light that beats their hearts entitles them to be! If people do not love themselves enough, then I love them enough to give an added assistance which will awaken them into the full power, authority and glory of their own beings, their life, their mighty I AM! They can call its intensified power into action so it may purify, cleanse and set their worlds into order to give them the happiness which comes alone in perfect health and the acknowledgement of life which is without limit! Therefore today great is your privilege!

Persons who criticize, condemn, judge or release any of those qualities are criticizing and condemning themselves because they are life. Don't you see you are a part of that great perfection? You cannot be deprived of it if you will give it attention. Then realize this imperative demand of life, not the demand of someone, but the imperative demand of life so you no longer requalify its great pure energy as it is flowing into your body and out into your world. It is the most practical law in the universe! It cannot fail and never did! Your application, if you are honest, sincere and determined, cannot fail! You are the one in your world who must take the initiative. Then, whatever assistance can be given is well and good, but remember, no one can take your place in your world. When you call to your Presence for your money supply or any supply you require for use, your Presence is your treasure-house actually, practically and literally! You will be caused to harmonize yourself and do whatever you are required to do to cooperate with the activity of life which produces that result for you. There is not one person on this earth who own anything (separate from life itself)! Life is always omnipresent and acting! Be firm about it and o how quickly you will find your calls being answered with great speed and power! It is magnificent!

Henry Ford was the strength and courage to the other industries of the world in his stand against the destructive forces, which tried at one time to wipe him out of existence, because he knows God, the Presence of all life! His only support, his only protection, his only achievement has been in his power of conscious attention to the light. No matter what the criticism of him may have been, be careful you do not accept it! By calling your Presence into action you will be alert to detect the conditions which are about to touch your world which would affect, limit or harm you. 75% of you who are in this room have enabled Me to dissolve and consume 75% of your own human creation! My gratitude-joy is very great! Accept it please! O will you feel how real all this is? I AM none the less real though you do not see Me. Because my vibratory action raises my body of light beyond your physical sight is no reason why I AM not real!

We congratulate all the students who are able to release such a mighty power of the ascended masters' divine love and blessings, for it is the secret of all things! The refusal to accept or to listen to human gossip is the open door to solve your problems. O, beloved ones, how wonderful it is that mankind can have the opportunity to come home and live within the happiness, the glory and the perfection which life has always held for all individuals, but which mankind had forgotten. The love and blessings of the great host of ascended masters, the legions of light and the cosmic beings flood your beings and worlds and enfold you in the eternal perfection. We love and bless you!

Master Rakoczy: