GDD, Denver, 6-19-38, excerpts:

During this class the greatest work has gone on of any class of the Messengers. We congratulate you on your harmonized feeling, on your love and outpouring which makes this possible, for outside of the direct attention to the great Presence of life, your harmony is the most important thing. If you but knew it, it is the key to all things. So tonight according to your acceptance may you have this great blessing enfold you. Beloved children of the light, in the service which We are rendering to the Earth it is an eternally sustained activity always! There is no thing, no action which We start that We do not sustain until its full achievement.

You must understand this definitely and fully and know tonight that you are master of your own selves and your world thru your attention to your Mighty I AM Presence which brings its intelligence and power into action. It is my pleasure to draw forth and hold you in the radiance of the Cave of Light in India for this hour so you may absorb, receive and be blessed eternally by its action, which comes alone from the power of light. This light of which We speak is far more important than your lights here. The lack of inner light is darkness of the darkest kind, and if you were to discern those whom We refer to as earthbound who have lived depraved lives upon this earth and cannot leave it, you would realize something of what the lack of inner light means! Some people, discouraged by their attempts to overcome the obstacles of human life, cut off their lives by suicide, and then they meet the full force of all the discord against which this body was a shield. You are a world of your own creation and there is nothing can change it but yourself! Your call to the Presence of light is the only power which can dissolve and consume your creations. There cannot anything enter your world unless there is something to attract it or correspond to it.

When I see silly ignorant mankind grinning and smirking at the great wall of light, one day they shall see how they have missed their opportunity. They are quite free to accept or reject, but one day when the hearts of the people are wracked in agony they will wish they had taken the opportunity offered and, with the assistance of the mighty radiation which is being released to mankind, had attained their victory and freedom quickly. The gathered momentum of the activity of men's minds is the governing power of a nation. You are just beginning to learn. Believe it, dear ones, when mankind is willing to turn first to the Presence of all life, the mighty I AM, and then to the ascended masters, individuals will come to understand and know once and for all time the truth of life. Only a being who has set himself or herself free by the power of that one's application and the understanding of life is in a position to convey the truth to mankind. This is why the work your beloved St. Germain has brought forth to you is producing such tremendous results today.

If you want your freedom, you have to give freedom to everyone else you know. Unless you do you will remain bound yourself, for it is the law of life. Therefore profit by the wisdom which We give. From our standpoint, beloved ones, and I speak only for your encouragement, if you cannot see the example of the Messengers, then there is not a great deal of hope! They have stood against the greatest fierceness ever projected at two human beings, yet they remain untouched because they must be the example of the law to mankind. As students you are expected to become the same example to your fellowman. Let us anchor the law of your own life so strong tonight within your feeling world for constant action that you never forget it.

Say not to your fellowman: "Do thus and so." Say to your fellowman: "The blessings of the eternal light of God rest upon you. Go forth the victory of life!" Then you will have fulfilled your obligation to your fellowman, but every word, every feeling of criticism you pass to each other, you are setting yourself into greater bondage. Don't forget it! In the comfort of your own city I have brought to you that for which mankind has searched for centuries. Many of you appreciate it greatly, therefore to you be the freedom of life!

If a thousand people were in distress about you and you stood alone with your own God Presence the mighty I AM, your world would be filled with happiness, supply and free from the surrounding conditions no matter what they were! I can and I have started into action in your world the same great light, the same mighty activity rendered for Bob, Rex, Nada and Pearl in India (see last chapter of The Magic Presence) but somewhat less strongly, which according to your great love, kindness and acceptance will go on and on and on in its action of the freeing, purifying, cleansing power within you and your world. Then one day not so long hence you will begin to see the result of that purification and of the outpouring of the light of God the mighty I AM! May its full power of action take command of your mind and body, your world of action, and produce its perfection and hold its dominion there. I call to the higher mental body of each one to stand guard and see you are wholly receptive to the power of your Presence and that you earnestly make the call which will enable its great powers of life to surge forth and give you the blessings which everybody in embodiment craves to have, even the scoffers, even the doubters!

Beloved ones, in pleading with you to enter into the full activity of life and give the cooperation and obedience which are necessary for the greater release, will you not give that obedience joyfully and willingly? I know all of you sincere students of the I AM will gladly. Stand unyielding in the great Presence of your life! In commending you into the hands of the mighty activity of that great Presence tonight and in speaking to your higher mental body I say: bless these children in the human form with such obedience, such joy and happiness in their feeling world, such harmony maintained that quickly the power of light will bring into their experience the evidence which satisfies anyone, even the most skeptical, of the power of light to set them free and give them their freedom which is their due! I thank you.

Bela Bartok's Rumanian Dances has the keynote of the Great Divine Director for those with earphones

GDD, Seattle, 9-25-38, excerpts:

Beloved people of America, in your mathematical work in school you have a way and means by which you work out and solve the problems. Life has always proved the exact means--and when I say exact I mean just that-- by which mankind may solve its own problems. What you call problems after all are just opportunities in life by which individuals strengthen their spiritual powers, their spiritual muscles as it were, and release into their world of action the power of life in greater intensity. You must remove the feeling in you that something outside of you has more power than the light which is within you. With great firmness stand by the power of your life, to which you have not hitherto given very much consideration.

Beloved people of America and beloved I AM students, you have nothing in the future to fear, not one thing! In this Understanding of the law of life you become a master and controller of the energy which flows at your command. If you are uncertain in any way, call the power of your Mighty I AM Presence which is your individualized Presence of God, the Presence of life, into action to instruct you, to stand by and see that you do the right thing, if there seems to be a lack of understanding in the outer consciousness! You are not taking chances, you are not dealing with indefinite results, but you are the director of the energy to produce the certain result you require! To the degree individuals understand how to call forth the greater power and action of life will they become a greater part in the expansion of that one great life. In fact, the Explanation of Life was so simple the mass of mankind has not believed it.

Therefore, if you want to be free first you must keep obedient to life, which is harmony. That is the outpouring of divine love thru the individual. This prepares the way for the great intelligence of life to bring about conditions to produce the perfection the individual requires! Therefore, if you want to understand this, try it out! You have a great privilege in pouring forth your blessings to nature, who has had the discord of mankind poured upon her great beauty and perfection. It is time now mankind awakened to its responsibility and poured out love and blessings upon nature. Therefore, cooperate with life! All intelligence even in nature, all activity is governed by a great intelligence, but mankind's disobedience to life has caused people to believe this was not true! I say to you as one in authority for the Earth, there is no such thing as chance!

Today you stand in the fullness of the Presence of Life! Why do I say that to you who do not understand yet this great law? Because by the power of the cosmic light which is acting in the feeling world of mankind you are standing now this moment in the gateway of freedom. May you understand and feel the great cosmic love which reaches out its arms and enfolds you in the glory of the perfection life wants you to manifest. To the degree you are willing to accept those enfolding arms of light, that outpouring of divine love into your hearts, will you be able to understand there is far more on Earth than that of which you have thus far dreamed. Mankind is awakening to the power of light which is within the individual. Today the people are going to have the opportunity to prove how much of it is there! This proving will find that God really is there and that Christ the action of God is really there! The power which is in your hearts, people of America, is the light, God, so one organ of your body is divine! Please accept it and allow divinity to expand itself into the fullness of all life has! Then you too will see as I do that god is the dominion of Earth and all which it contains. You can prove this! I ask you to feel it today! Remember, beloved ones, there is nothing hidden from the light. Therefore, do not try ever to deceive each other, or worst of all try to deceive yourselves.

In 20 minutes the vibratory action of your bodies has been lifted 20% more than it was 20 minutes ago. This you do not understand outwardly, but to Us it is very tangible. I ask you to qualify all that is done to be eternally sustained within you, because We are here for definite action, definite results in your life.

All mankind thru long centuries have been bringing things from without in, and as you know, largely the things they did not want. Now in reversing the process you are bringing the perfection of life from within, instead of human conditions from outside. Do not for one moment give power any longer to outside things, persons, places or conditions! My dear ones, you must make your application until you are ascended beings, make no mistake about that! Not only that, but you must hold your protection by your conscious command for the light to stand guard and repel or dissolve and consume everything of human qualities or discordant nature which attempts to touch your world or find action within it. Now, if I AM willing to give you my assistance, will you not take hold with Me and do your part? Don't expect Me to carry all. Therefore, in all the fullness of your heart, your great heart's love, feel yourselves one with Us.

As the Messengers explained, when you make your decree stand unyielding until its fulfillment. Wherever you are, wherever I AM, my rays of light shall go forth to you, and if you want to be sure whether my rays of light and energy are powerful, ask Bob, Rex, Nada and Pearl! Remember to accept my hand and be the power, the intelligence of light acting in your world! I thank you.

Master Rakoczy: