GDD, Los Angeles, 1-8-39, excerpts:

Beloved children of the light! It is our desire to hasten, to intensify the expansion of your light as rapidly as possible, owing to the requirements of this time. Therefore, if there are any in this room who do not wish Me to do so, just send Me your thought and I shall pass you by. Remember, We never perform a service of this kind for anyone unless your own lifestream is calling to Us, because it is the authority for you! Never in the outer world has anything been as magnificent as this class for all who have been privileged to be present. Be kind enough to accept all I offer even though you might be here for the first time. Later you will see and understand why it has been done.

The need of mankind today is so great, every possible effort life can permit is being made, and I know many of you have sufficient release of light to understand the import of my words and that which I shall do for you. I AM sure you will not fail to give the obedience to life which enables this mighty work to go on in its blessing, its perfecting activity, for the release of your America from going thru the destruction which would destroy its people. We will reach 2 million more people this year! It would be almost incredible if I were to state to you mathematically the power with which this I AM instruction does reach mankind. I mean by that the power of the momentum which you have gained within this class especially. If something is out of order, then the entire activity is held in abeyance until it is put into order so the whole may go forth in balanced activity.

Some of you were with Me at the time so long ago when I went forward and you chose to give your attention to the things of the world. Now once again We meet, to go forward together! The greatest, mightiest of all the power of understanding is this one point! Think, thru so many hundreds of centuries you have played with the things of the outer world! In my choice to go forward in the perfection which was ours then, I have gone on into this great glorious dominion and authority over life! It makes it possible for Me to now give you our assistance today. Thousands among the students, who would otherwise pass thru the change called death within five years, will ascend into their eternal freedom. I say to all of you who come to the point where you would pass thru the change, say to your people and give the firm command--that your bodies or the shell which remains visible of your body remain on ice for 3 days, then be cremated, and that no one touch those bodies for embalming.

At least the entire preparation in America must be brought to a place of control so that which is required may follow! This must come! For the first time in the history of your Earth the inner secret service which has always been in existence is taking its dominion in the Earth. The treachery and deceit in the official places in your government, in the conditions of the capitols of your states and various places will be revealed! The people will know what is going on! I assure you, the political game in America and the whole world for that matter has been a treacherous thing, bringing upon mankind great privation. I do congratulate you, Mr. Sindelar, on the strength you have had to carry on the magazine (Voice of the I AM) in the face of all opposition. Beloved Jesus said "It shall be the most sought after periodical in the world" and so it shall be! Do you realize in the combined service of getting the books and this magazine before the world just what that means for its victory?

You see, when mankind does not know the necessity of self-control, then automatically the lifestream will do certain things for you, but when you come into the conscious knowledge and application of life, you must give obedience and make the application which olds the balance of these conditions. The responsibility is yours. Therefore I ask you for your own progress to please watch these simple things in your life activity so you do keep your attention flowing to constructive things! A few of you have been disturbed as you thought by entities. Some of that condition is within yourselves, and most of it is projected at you by human beings, not entities! Call to Myself and Victory, or as well to Beloved Astrea, in any such disturbance. The idea of people who take it upon themselves humanly to interfere with your progress or the expansion of your light is too ridiculous for consideration and should not be tolerated for a second! Do not give them any quarter; We are going to stop this thing! Don't be afraid to do it! Don't feel you have to continue to be harassed and heckled by these insane creatures because that is all they are. Individuals who have discarnates hovering about them often outpicture the feeling of the discarnates because the memory of that feeling charges its quality into and thru the feeling world of the one still in physical embodiment and that person begins to outpicture the same thing. Will you for just a few moments accept our outpouring now? (Two minute silence) My dear ones, it is positively remarkable how you are able to still yourselves. While I have been rendering this service, the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Light, the Goddess of Peace and the Goddess of Purity, whose combined outpouring makes a certain concentration of power which later We will explain to you, are enthroned above you pouring out their radiance! Will you on retiring each night remember this afternoon and call for its continued action?

I want you to fully appreciate the almighty confidence St. Germain has in you, and you have not caused him to regret one single effort! Stand firm, determined and unyieding in your call to light and to life. Let its mighty expansion go on within you, being more and more fearless and dauntless, knowing mankind has no power to limit you, no power to impose discord or pain or distress upon you! You are responsible for suggestions which you offer! Call the light into action to give you assistance whatever is needed. I want you to feel your mastery!

If you observed the action of the Presence with the All-Seeing-Eye as I do, you would see the light flash and blaze out around this body as definitely as a flame itself. I thank you and I AM eternally grateful for this opportunity to serve you today. May it remain a happy glorious memory within you always until that day when you stand in our octave of light and I shake your hand and welcome you home. Your home is there, not here. I know that definitely! Therefore, you have just been on a peculiar vacation. Now you are coming home today to render your real great service. I thank you.

GDD, Chicago, 4-16-39, excerpts:

Beloved ones of the light, for such you are or you would not be here. Therefore I claim you everyone into the light tonight! I have drawn the radiance from the Cave of Light in India where the Children referred to in the Magic Presence received their freedom! Will you be kind enough to accept its interblending power with your lifestream to harmonize, to intensify and to bring the most rapid fruition of the powers of light to act within your human form? My province for more than 200,000 years has been governing and assisting in perfecting the outer manifestation of the lifestreams of individuals. Do you not understand the tireless efforts and the energy which are being released to bless mankind and set the Earth free once again? Is the mankind of Earth wiser than I who for 2 million years have been the authority for this Earth? You can scarcely believe, beloved children of light, that such a stupendous change can take place, and yet you shall see it! What would you be today but for your great Goddess of Liberty, pray tell Me! By these mighty calls to save the civilization of America there is coming a great great release and relief! How fortunate it is, beloved ones, that you are privileged to become St. Germain's great family of light. He has not been disappointed in you!

May the light which is now intensifying henceforth hold everyone strong within the light of his or her I AM Presence so each one's patience may continue until he or she observes the victory! 50 individuals within 5 years who have stood within a few days to a few weeks of their victory of life have turned aside and returned into their unhappiness. If you would observe them, you would prevent yourselves making the same mistake! Can it be possible mankind will not see before the people stands the open door into the octaves of light--the jewelled door of achievement, of eternal victory? Beloved ones, the opportunity of eternity is here! You alone must choose and value all the promptings We give. Remember, there are two of you, the human and the divine. Life waits in its infinite patience for mankind to willingly give the obedience required for freedom!

Mankind shall arise in the call to the Presence of life for its dominion here! Do you quite understand, your beloved America is like a good mother holding you in her loving embrace? O beloved ones, you who live in the great cities have forgotten the agricultural world! Remember it again please! Remember, without it you are lost! So, protect your supply of every kind! Will you in the lack of your call to life let great achievement be delayed for another 50 years? Natural electrical air currents will carry planes at a speed far beyond what you have today. People must call for all human selfishness to be wiped out, for that is what is withholding these things from mankind, because of the fear of loss of great wealth in cumbersome machinery!

Do you realize this day the entire I AM student body of America and the world is focused upon this room? The students are receiving our radiance! Beloved ones who have the light thus far, you should be determined in your calls to life for your fellowman until the point is reached wherein the great light itself holds individuals within a certain grasp as it were, until they can be sustained in the achievement! Only so far can such powerful assistance be given! Then you must take hold and finish! So, utilize the opportunity in the radiance which is being given now and go forward like a rocket which you can do in this great achievement! I congratulate you, I thank you, I bless you for your interest, for your determination to have the freedom of life! Go on, my beloved children, and We will give you every assistance which is possible to be given. Remember, blessed ones of Chicago, We shall be watching you! You must have harmony. There must be love to one another, your willingness to put human qualities aside and join as one great point of light for the blessing of mankind in America!

May the powers of your light lift you quickly into its final, its eternal freedom, its perfect health and the glory of the light be in full command of everyone to produce its harmony and perfection everywhere for you forever! I thank you.

Master Rakoczy: finale of this set first published in 1942 copyright by the I AM Activity, Inc.