Saint Germain on Homes and Retreats

(dictated to G. Innocente) It is the privilege of the individual who is sufficiently advanced along the path of evolution to warrant his ascension to maintain a home in any of the planets in which he has served life, and he may return to this home at will in the performance of his duties.

Many of the liberated host still hold such a focal point on the planet Earth to which they very often return for one reason or another. This is generally a habitation that they have loved during their bodily existence, and while it may be occupied presently by other earthly tenants, it does not prevent the master from holding the etheric record of the place in his consciousness as it appeared in his day, and his coming and going do not in the least disturb the current occupants--rather does this circumstance make of it a focus of light and radiation in the location in which it is placed.

Some masters sustain several homes in this way. Besides my home in Transylvania I also maintain one in the etheric city over the Sahara Desert, from whence came the pattern for goodly living that was established on the earth thousands of centuries ago when we all knew great perfection, peace, plenty and happiness and most important of all had a conscious intelligent unbroken connection with our own God-self. El Morya on God's Mission Thru You (August 1952)

(dictated to G. Innocente) My Good Chelas, Greetings:

I salute the Presence of life that flows thru you which is an announcement to the universe and all that abides within it that God desires to accomplish thru your spirits some purpose which will enrich the experiencial life of all mankind!

When We see life focused thru an evolving form We bow in reverent acknowledgement that the Giver of Life has seen it wise to focus and sustain a portion of Himself thru that form in order to accomplish something of permanent and lasting benefit to the race, for the wisdom of God is infinite, and He does not idly dispense the essence of his being! That is why the master beings of the universe always incline their heads and give a silent blessing to a life-focus wherever they meet it, with the invocation that the life they reverence may be enabled to fulfill itself quickly, easily and perfectly according to the God-will!

At the very instant that the life-force is withdrawn from any cup that holds it, it is because the wisdom of the universal God no longer chooses to manifest his will at that point in the universe, and activity ceases to be, the vessel itself returning to the unformed.

When We in our detailed journey thru the world of form contact the life-force within some of the most sordid vessels, We are always not aware of the vessel but of the truth that because life is there God has a mission to fulfill. This enables Us to move happily and harmoniously thru the appearance world, loving life in its fulfilled prupose. it is a beautiful state of mind and consciousness to cultivate and does so much to relieve the poison of refined sensibilities from a constant battle between love and aversion to imperfect manifestation--in man, beast or inanimate object, whatever the case may be.

Love, M

El Morya on Each Man's Savior Is Within Himself July 1953

(dictated to G. Innocente) Beloved One:

Looking down the course of the past year I AM extremely grateful to see that the faith and hope and confidence which I have invested in the new endeavor has borne fruit of a marvelous and lasting nature.

For who could have said a short 12 months ago that across the face of this earth there would be gathered together in interest, service and enthusiasm so many lifestreams willing to accept truth upon its own merit! If you could know the countless times We have been privileged to have knowledge of a new vibration over which the Word of God was to reach the few who have always been the vanguard of evolution, you could better understand Our extreme gratitude and surprise that so many have eagerly grasped truth without the necessity of expending countless tons of energy to convince the intellect of the authenticity of the message and the perfection of the source from which it flows.

It is easier far to pick up the senses of an expounded teaching after the Messenger has left the field and the followers, still bathing in the aura of his Presence, are already convinced of the authenticity of that Word, than it is to open the door for the outpouring of a new vibration which by its very rapidity and strength is bound to meet with the resistance of that human trait which dislikes change, discomfort and the required personal endeavor to rise above the natural vibration in which the soul and inner bodies have been more or less slumbering, content in the hopes of a vicarious atonement! Tell a man that he is the maker of his own destiny and you rouse a sleeping tiger! If a man choose a savior, his conscience is then clean--according to his standards--and he rests on the comfortable illusion that such a self-chosen lifebelt will carry his recumbent form safely to the other shore where automatically life eternal and the variegated fits of his own personally endowed heaven await him! This is as true of the so-called emancipated souls who have struck out from the blind belief of the redemption found in the blood of the Lamb as it is of the orthodox members of the church. The "emancipated" merely transfer the burden of their salvation to another person, physically embodied or ephemeral, and then return to the soothing slumbers which have caused the recalcitrant race to become a blot on the whole star system!

Patience being the order of Heaven, We have to stand aside when We see souls, loosened by such tremendous endeavor on the part of the angelic host--particularly Lord Michael--and the Brothers and Sisters who represent freedom from outworn concepts, errors and mistakes born of misinterpretation of the truths that have been brought to man thru every age--finally shake themselves free of lethargy and raise the sight and vision to comprehend the unfolded message of the present day. Then, when you think they are FINALLY on the path, like children desiring to return to the womb of the Mother, they curl up again in the shadow of the new "redeemer", cease to make further effort, and expect salvation thru that one's achievement! Sad the day when they wake and find, perhaps, that the redeemer has ceased to walk the way of truth and that their own journey, dependent on the forward progress of the star to which their wagon's hitched, has been stalemated or worse still retrogressed.

Wise is he who takes staff in hand and walks the way himself with eyes open, heart attuned to the Spirit's voice, and keeping his own watch, lingers not in the false security of another's achievement, but as a fellow traveller blesses him, making the goal of his experiences dependent on his own endeavors--for such attain the victory. Your M

(These last five messages were printed in The Seventh Ray (1953) and The First Ray (1954) published by Bridge to Freedom, Inc.)

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