St. Germain on the Ring-Pass-Not

(dictated to G. Innocente) The mystic ring-pass-not of which the ancients spoke may again be created by the conscious student thru the power of visualization and decrees, as explained above.

The natural radiation from the Golden Man within the heart, pouring forth thru the physical and inner bodies forms such a golden circlet of fire around the physical body. When the attention is drawn to this indwelling Christ Presence, the outpouring of the God-light intensifies this circlet until it becomes an actual transmuting force of all substance and energy either consciously directed toward the student or thru which he must pass in his orderly course in daily living.

St. Germain on The Fiery Flame of Cosmic Freedom

(dictated to G. Innocente) Mankind in general are not aware of the fact that while they have fallen from their godly estate, yet thru the gracious love of the eternal Father they have never been divested of their creative power. They do not realize that they themselves create every experience, both good and bad, that manifests in their worlds. Students of the new day however, while accepting this truth, are not yet fully convinced in their feelings that they also possess the power to dissolve by means of the consuming flame the unhappy experiences that make their daily lives so uncomfortable.

Man's directive intelligence is the authority over the energy of his lifestream. Energy is God's life in action. It is the substance out of which every manifest and unmanifest creation is formed. It is the emanation from the body or consciousness of God and is charged by divine edict with unquestioning obedience to whatever mandate or command the will of man imposes upon it, whether the user is conscious or unconscious of the action.

While this pure life-energy of God cannot be contaminated in its pure essence or inner light, it can be clothed with the quality of the consciousness wielding it and thus it obediently assumes any form the generator wills, whether good or bad.

It is these dark garments clothing the pure electronic light that makes up the shadows in our otherwise shining star and it is the frightful shapes that the misqualified energy assume when it returns to his aura that makes man's sojourn on this planet such an unhappy one.

My service to the Earth as Chohan of the Seventh Ray is to teach men how to consume mistakes by the consuming flame of freedom's love and actively inspire them with a positive desire for a purer, cleaner, happier way of life. With this end in view I have stressed without ceasing the importance of his continual use of application of the purifying and consuming aspect of the sacred fire, and I do not exaggerate when I make the statement that no one uses the cosmic violet fire of freedom's love sufficiently when it is remembered that the lifestream has re-embodied on the Earth thousands and thousands of times in the long course of its evolution and has been misusing the energy of life almost continually during that long sojourn.

The Master Jesus made the statement that man is responsible for every jot and tittle of energy that he uses, and even We in the ascended state are held responsible and have to give an accounting to the cosmic law for every ounce of that precious life substance that We expend. Therefore, as Chohan of the Seventh Ray dispensations I AM eternally grateful to the eternal Father of all Life and Light who has provided man with the opportunity thru the use of the consuming flame of freedom's love to wipe out all the centuries' accumulation of discord from his being and world, cleanse and purify his mind that there may not be a recurrence of the manifestations and so raise his outer consciousness to the place where he can join forces with his indwelling spirit and thus go forward quickly to his eternal freedom even while he still walks the earth in human form.

-The Seventh Ray, edited & compiled by Thomas Printz, Bridge to Freedom, 1953.

El Morya on Externalizing the Divine Pattern

(dictated to G. Innocente) August 1953 Beloved Chelas:

The divine pattern and plan when it is lowered into the etheric plane shows the completed and perfect picture or design which is to be enjoyed by all manifest life.

It then becomes the obligation and responsibility of the individual entrusted with the execution of that plan to devise such ways and means as he or she according to his own God intelligence might find efficacious for such perfect expression.

When unascended beings are chosen as conscious partners and co-workers in tying the energies of their own lifestreams into the execution of such a plan or design, the ultimate results are always problematical because thru the use of free will and the unpredictable nature of the outer selves it cannot be absolutely determined as to how under certain pressures and circumstances the individual chela with his tendencies, self-interests and weaknesses will react.

The master or sponsor is in a similar position to an inventor who is the recipient of a complete design which if externalized will bless the race, but this inventor is left to his own devices as to the joining and merging of certain mechanical agents which he endeavors to incorporate into a replica of his inspiration. And if any group is not productive of the results desired, he rearranges his component parts until he has a workable manifestation of the original idea.

The idea or design which it is Our endeavor now to incorporate into the world of form is the provision of a conscious bridge of intelligent consecutive energies. Over this bridge We may pour instruction, radiation, illumination and the requisite principles of application by which mankind in themselves may produce light, health, illumination and supply individually, and may collectively thru the natural aura and radiation of their own bodies produce the spiritual light required by the cosmic law to sustain the planet in its rightful place in this solar system.

Those who are chelas and conscious workers, those whose motives are to spread the light and render the greatest possible service, not to personalities, but to the unfoldment of the potential fire within the soul, must be one-pointed in this cooperative and individual desire to provide and sustain such a bridge, each according to his particular individual and collective talents.

When such a combination is found We shall endeavor to sustain it as a spiritual body thru which We may reach the race and do so quickly! The measure by which We judge is the ultimate good that is done thru the individual and collective consciousnesses to whom We bring the blessing of Our Presence. That collective consciousness is made up of the individual sons of all magnetized lifestreams who come to sit at the feet of the master, and all extraneous endeavors which do not contribute to promoting this good--which is Our only purpose--are wasted energies and of no benefit to Our cause. Your M

-The First Ray.

El Morya: Victory to the Bold (July 1953) & My Service to Life (April 1953)

(dictated to G. Innocente) Beloved Chela:

May the light of Heaven make itself felt thru the energy of your world and become the master control of that energy until the focused directed power from within out becomes the governing intelligence of all activity wheresoever life in its glorious expectancy chooses to externalize God thru your self!

Some individual who had so gingerly stepped upon the rock of truth expected every moment that it would dissolve into pulverized dust and leave him to the manifest indignity of standing knee-deep in the waters of maya, a laughingstock to his more conservative and suspicious fellow countrymen.

Ah, the suffering to the ego when it is laughed at! Lesser men seeking the approbation of popular approval will never breast the tides beyond the shallow waters of orthodox worship--striking out with bold strokes for a farther shore--lest the goal towards which they swim be a mirage and they have to be ignominiously towed back to the beachhead by a smirking guard!

Here and there where We can catch the vision of a chela and, waving the flag of freedom, hold his attention long enough to make him take the plunge, We succeeed, not without effort however, in securing another consciousness thru which We in time may bridge the waters of maya and make an easier passage for the timid masses!

You who move into the strong current of the mystic river will always find Us by your side. One day you will find the riverbed rise to meet your searching feet, and securely you will walk the remainder of the way to this farther shore--returning as occasion demands, and love desires, to carry other souls to similar freedom in the name of God and Heaven's holy Sons. M

Beloved Friends:

Let the crystal ray of divine illumination fill your minds this day and dissolve the shadows of human concepts, opinions and confusions. Let the full light of divine intelligence utilize the instrument of the brain structure and carry your endeavors, individually and collectively, toward a successful and happy manifestation!

To give directions clearly is a beautiful talent, to receive them accurately is a major accomplishment, to draw the energies and substance of life together to obey those directions is the most commendable of all!

This is My service to life--to clear away the substance and energy that is lodged in the lifestream thru centuries of misqualified energy, to open the natural channel thru which the Christ Self may connect with the outer consciousness and thru the personal self accomplish its cosmic purpose.

Every activity like every individual must have a heart and a head. As your beloved St. Germain has told you, in the perfgected spheres the heart and head are one in purpose and feeling. It is my endeavor to establish an intelligent conscious connection between Our octave and yours, so that each student entering into that communion might share Our design and purpose and represent that purpose in the individual field in which his respective talents have placed him.

Thus thru illumined conscious understanding the head would be efficaciously directing the energies of any who might choose to look toward it for assistance. Thru the radiation of the masters of love and the nurturing of the individual God qualities thru the lifestreams chosen to channel the God nature, We hoped to nourish the students as the heart nourishes the body.

To this end We chose with great thought and care lifestreams who are predominantly mental and others who are predominantly feeling cells in the body of the universe. It is the blending and combining of these two elements that has caused some confusion in the consciousness of those within the crucible of Our experiment.

The scattering of the spiritual seeds has borne good fruit in the small matter of a twelve-month. And most remarkable, the response has been from those desiring to participate in active service--not from the spiritual dilettantes who flit from movement to movement sipping the spiritual nectar of each unfolding flower but desiring to contribute no energies in serving the plan.

When We have such an opportunity of receiving the proffered service of man--and it cannot be overemphasized that such a desire must be efficaciously met with suggested measures by which the lifestreams may cooperate with Our endeavors and Our current activities to life. By offering to draw together rhythmically those who have spiritually pledged themselves, to encourage such service it is Our desire to not only bless them thru Our Presence but to enable them to bring the results of their endeavors in the field to the attention of the cooperative group that the greatest assistance might be rendered the whole.

Law is law! No man overcomes the law of gravity until he abides within certain disciplines of breath and abstinence. Yet, although thousands of Us utilize the blessing of levitation, until man wants it enough to ask Us for the law and abide within it, We walk in the dignity of the silence--and are the law incarnate!

If your endeavors are to bless the race, let each become the fullness of his own God nature and approach each service not to press the strength of personal opinion or dogmatic pedantic human will but to be like a clear pane of glass thru which the spiritual light of the sun may flow unobstructed to nourish this movement and all its component parts.

Remember the attention of good souls is directed toward you over the entire known world now for love, for wisdom, for balance, for guidance, for manifest brotherhood, patience, kindness and understanding!

Yours in hope! M

-The First Ray, 1954, Bridge to Freedom.

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