58. Barbaric consciousness should be made to understand what is permissible and what is not. How can one feel wellbeing on earth if no one is safe from cruelty? The inviolability of the individual and his dignity must be protected. Let us not be consoled by the so-called impartiality of the courts where dignity is trampled by crude arbitrariness. There are so many small but nevertheless terrible tormentors all over the world! It is difficult to overcome cruelty. One must realize how much torment and pitiable cry reach our abode.

59-60. The dark ones cannot understand our missions or determine their scope, which irritates them all the more. The teaching comes to life when it is linked to its source. Even those who do not know the exact location of the abode can turn in its direction, this direction given by the striving thought. A powerful magnet is developed from heart to heart. Every weaver grieves over a torn thread and rejoices at a strong yarn.

61. Urusvati is unafraid to join us in battle. Let us not belittle the dark hierophants, they are not minor adversaries. Their ways are cunning and they are aware of infinity. We do not conceal the fact that the battle has moments of greatest tension. If one is afraid, he should not approach the battle for Good. If one trembles for earthly life, let him complete his decay in darkness. Let us not dwell upon fear spasms, for in speaking of Brotherhood there is no place for fear.

62. When in her subtle body, Urusvati usually appears in a purple Grecian garment. The color of garment usually corresponds to one's aura, the style a matter of affinity. In the end one must destroy all ugly heaps. We do not idly advise you to concentrate, to develop thought for life and the feeling of harmony, so that each advance will prove useful in subtle planes. One can imagine the diversity of inner life manifesting in our abode, the radiant flashes!

63. Urusvati attunes to the immaculate concept of all that exists, all proceeding from active thought. People usually reject something completely when only one part does not fit their notion of what is right. We must find everywhere an applicable spark of energy. Many useful helpers need repeated indications, for they will not accept the signs when first given. Irritation is nothing but weakness of will. Only the cooperation of subtle planes enables us to expand potentiality.

64. It is difficult for people to accept that someone of ordinary appearance might carry many accomplishments in his heart. In general, people are uncomfortable with the unfamiliar; much is rejected that could be useful in our work. Our adversaries may bring the world into confusion and even into war--we must foresee the consequences of such events in order to ensure that they be directed to the progress of nations. If one can conceive of the pristine and have living faith in it, can one not accept the higher governing of the nations?

66. Only one who is led by dharma to meeting steadfastly karma becomes trustworthy. One cannot impose a love for labor; any coercion here provokes aversion. He who knocks should be welcomed, but to gather idlers from the bazaar is not wise. One can observe friends approach by special paths. Understand that we do not expect large numbers of co-workers. Processes at the end of Kali Yuga cannot be stopped on command, they must be outlived and its dust reworked, seeds separated from chaff. The fiercer Armageddon is, the better it serves as purifier of dross. But the host of the earth think otherwise, valuing and hoping to increase the dross. He who fears labor should forget about our existence.

67. Because traitors have often been the first to make use of outer signs, we depend upon thought and feeling aflame in the heart. Our measures are beyond earthly degrees. One should understand broadly potentiality past earthly limitations.

68. Urusvati is attuned finely. Subtle sensibility is linked both to broadening consciousness and to the science of vibrations, fundamental to the transformation of life.

69. Urusvati is aware of beyond Earth travel and travellers. It is hard for many to imagine that between worlds exist thought links. Man with difficulty may realize that instead of earth as most crucial, linkage thru space is the vital element. Primal energy is everywhere one and the same; this is stronger than all existing substances.

70. Urusvati rightly is indignant at idle falsehoods heaped upon the Brotherhood. Ignoramuses fill books with information about our far-flung influence, and then proclaim their own wishes as signs from us. Discrediting us to the very end, they create and circulate strange portraits, and organize meetings of foolishness.

71. Efficiency in work increases when one is freed from the burden of doubt engendered by mixed currents. Our abode strives to deepen consciousness in order to eliminate maya's influence.

72. It is precisely when the world is in extreme tension that calmness is needed. It is necessary to call forth from the depths of being the primal energy and all steadfastness aiding calmness. At decisive times it is most important to take part in our concentration. People do not know how to concentrate upon the most crucial and their requests are only disturbing. We do all that is possible; people should send forth goodwill; escaping the labyrinth is by heart-striving to us. Let the heart give its token. Striving builds strong blood, beneficial if based upon calmness. Each one of us learned to steadfastly walk in the path of his master. In the most difficult days the master says "Be grateful."

73. We say to those who ask for help, "Act!" for then it is easier for us to help. Development of consciousness and refinement of the primal energy are needed, otherwise the veils of maya prevent. We help the daring.

74. Urusvati rightly grieves over outlived but persistent rituals. We try to purify or remove ritual remnants that obscure consciousness. The master warns that rhythm influences the entire nervous system. One should study the ancient sources in order to wipe away the dust of ages.

75. Urusvati understands the harm in not forgiving. Each invents his own fetters. The unfolding stands as a great reality, distinct from all by a thin taut threshold, and now being created by our every breath. When one's awareness is unto the unfolding, can one harbor rancor?

76. Urusvati knows how to guard what has been entrusted. It is not easy to find a balance of withholding and disclosing. The path is arduous, one should weigh how much those with whom you confide can contain. We indicate special means of dissemination. The great mass of people is beginning to see clearly.

78-9. The dark forces utilize the most destructive means to pierce the atmosphere and project deadly peril. They are not only dangerous but unwise, having no concern for the planetary balance. People could help, but they are unwilling to believe that everyone can apply his thoughts and power for the common good. When contact is made with absolute darkness while in the earthly body, there may be extremely painful sensations, even chakra inflammation. We know this contact, it attacks the finer energy. One must have a store of prana to withstand the attacking poisons. Contact with darkness is like touching a decaying corpse. When we expect a particularly heavy pressure of darkness, we determinedly increase our vital forces.

80. Those who wish to participate in our abode must commune more often with their own hearts, and thru them send us at least silent calls. "I love Thee, Lord" is the conduit to us. Love passes thru the sharpest obstacles.

81. Universal motion is not the hustle of the bazaars or the public square bustle, but the nerve of creative life that propels pristine consciousness. We call unity a healing infusion, harmonic motion that cannot be coerced. Some prefer to evoke the destructive forces of the elements and be trampled rather than make the effort toward cooperation. Does man learn only from bitter consequences? Our abode stands upon the principles of motion and unity.

83. Urusvati understands the uniformity of law in all worlds. In the lower strata lust is prevalent, in the higher spheres the best qualities are magnified.

84. Urusvati knows how much man is guided by the primal energy. The most important thing is for people to sense its presence, then cooperation with it can be realized. Everyone perfects his powers by acknowledging them.

85. Urusvati senses magnetism. The primal energy signals about the essence of things; one should not keep things nearby that bring sad and unpleasant feelings. The three fundamental realms are often likened to the three kinds of ocean currents. An experienced seaman pays no attention to the drift of surface foam, nor does he fear the middle turbulence, but he forecasts storms according to the deepest currents. The primal energy is the fiery essence. We are brothers and sisters born of fire. When you visualize us, surround our images in fire. We recognize you by the fiery seed.

86. Half-felt measures will not suffice in days of great calamity, when there must be a unity that bars even the slightest discord. Hostile forces dwell in such little cracks and poison seeps into shields damaged by discord, against which our defense is perfect love. In our intense life the cracks of doubt are the most dangerous. Can we permit our co-workers to be careless? Indeed we cannot! We foresee the attacks of the dark ones, who try at all costs to shorten the lives of workers of light, taking advantage of each organic weakness to cause injury at the vulnerable spot. Do not think that our help can be shaken, but any false step can prove fatal, and we can protect only those who accept our help. Any unworthy thought can sever the thread, people often unknowingly project harmful thoughts. Faith is true Knowledge, and trust the way onward. We point the way of vital unity, but there are not even three people who can fulfill our requests!

87. If people recognized that all objects emanate, the next step would be the realization of the chemical aspects of these emanations. From small facts one can march on to great discoveries, even concerning interplanetary influence. Everyone can begin experiment by observing why he feels attracted or repelled by certain objects. Even now careful observation helps to analyze phenomena, and the effects of finer chemical reactions of elementary substances can be discovered. Let us be cautious without losing direct action!

88. The most negative manifestation of free will is seen in outbursts of war. He who lives by the sword perishes by the sword. There is a difference between the karma of aggression and that of dense. Life is continuous, the wise understand their lives as a single necklace.

89. Urusvati understands silence. True power comes as the whole being is enveloped by silence and an energy generates permitting communion with higher planes. One must practice to attain this, acquired gradually. Let a close bond be created between planes of awareness as the threshold of cooperation.

90. We are not fortune-tellers, avengers or oppressors; we are the weavers of wings, forgers of shields, guides of thought. It must be understood that this complex energy requires careful application. In working with us the power of the heart must be applied but not by forcing, by most natural striving which must underlie one's whole life.

91. Urusvati knows such striving. Transmuted consciousness is necessary. Only with eyes of the heart can one see still more ways of increased striving. Intensified harmony arises when all heart-strings resound. Seek nearby, seek in the small things of everyday life. The degree of striving is determined by inspiration. Let waste and dust not obscure the beautiful path, and doubt not obscure the points of the path. The rainbow comes only after the storm. No confusion or slander can stay the beautiful path of sacrifice.

92. Seek the common thread in all concepts. Further division should not be allowed. There is not one teaching unrent by distortion. Every age has its up and down phases. There are many who will not accept Hierarchy, and one must not impose such ideas on those whose consciousness is obscured. Only free will prompts one in time toward unity. Meditate upon the unity, particularly in days of dreadful discord.

93. In all this diversity the fundamental unchanging goal of existence should bwe discerned. One can see how, though earthly temples and strongholds perish, the ideas that brought them forth have remained. On earth more energy must be used for defense than for productive activity, and this is burdensome.

94. The most demanding task is to harmonize the currents of man's free will. There are no cataclysms strong enough to turn mankind's attention to the true nature of its deeds. Let one recall how the survivors of past great cataclysms did not care to think of causes of disaster, preferring to consider themselves innocent victims of some cruel fate. They did not want to purify consciousness and instead began once more to indulge free will gone mad. People persecute their own saviors, acting like a mad musician who tears out the strings of his instrument before the concert. It is our patience, acquired over centuries that helps us continually to offer salvation to mankind, in spite of its ingratitude and cruelties. One can imagine what violent currents of willful madness--from average people--inundate every movement for good! Realize this and work with a proper understanding of existing.

95. Urusvati is familiar with earthly suffocation. Sometimes even a cataclysm is better than that; we know this suffocation.

96. If our center exists as the link between physical and subtle realms, it must so express. Only benevolent, all-embracing integration can give impetus to renewing consciousness. Let us not forget that categorizing prevents proper understanding of Brotherhood.

97. Urusvati knows the balance of harmony with evolution. We live in harmony for the sake of evolution, the spiral of ascent. One evolves or becomes mummified.

98. Austerity and courage should be developed thru attention to heroic example. Certain ideas are formed during a hero's childhood. Our abode is the focal point of stouthearted decisions. Great patience is practised that these decisions not interfere with free will.

99. Most potent thought currents vibrate from our abode, and it is easier to decipher thought transmission when it comes from the potent source. Researchers should pay attention to harmonizing their own condition before experimenting, as a discordant approach will fail.

100. The events of the world can be likened to mosaics, seen clearly only in perspective. One must learn to discriminate between the crucial and trivial.

101. May the true descriptions of our concerns and labors be given to the people.

102. Urusvati senses the correlation of the planes of being. Realms exist in many forms and interpenetrate. New forms originate between subtle and fiery planes. There is no force that can prevent the ascent of the spirit harboring no doubt. Doubt is like a hole in a balloon. Everything is in motion and borne in infinity. The attraction to higher realms is tremendous. Love must become wise and vital. This concept is very fine and one can easily cross up or fall prey to hypocrisy. Only labor for the general good affords proper balance. What instills the best rhythm? What kills the worm of depression? Only work! Only in work is magnetism formed.

103. Urusvati knows the hour of urgency. Many seeming contradictions exist, but life provides the proper place for everything. As action is founded, straight-knowledge indicates work's rhythm. Work can provide the trait of excellence safeguarding against degeneration. One should not despair upon failures, for the heart potential is great, and urgency sharpens.

104. Urusvati maintains solemnity amid dangers. Our help reaches most readily via solemnity, whereas the most hampered course is thru terror and depression. The white swan of solemnity flies straightly. Intensification of energy can be acquired only as co-workers are united.

105. To each is given a seed of good as foundation for his earthly tests. If people were so aware, many evils would be destroyed. People dislike the idea that their overblown earthy concepts are colorless compared to the creativeness of higher realms. One should recall that in the early dawn of mankind it was ordained that subtle beautiful concepts be brought to Earth. Consider how often the best thought has been ridiculed! They call us sages and saints but will not listen to us.

106. Strong voices or thoughts can be expressed by a single tone. Armageddon was predicted ages ago and the abnormalities at the end of Kali Yuga were described in the Purana, but even keen thinkers have underestimated those clear indications. Mechanical routine is the result of the hypnotic effect of Kali Yuga, a state of divided consciousness. Forces are intensified during the change of yugas.

107. The energy of an evil will strike at the weak part of an organism, often overwhelming its self-defense. Medical authorities believe that infection is transmitted only physically, thus ignoring the main cause of infection. Certain unusual diseases now spread rapidly. Daily life of even the ordinary man is charged with numerous highly concentrated currents producing new impulses.

108. It is important to look at least once into the treasury of akasha where great thought creativeness is illustrated by Builders of Form. In this book we record that our sister was able to see such treasures while in her physical body. The same principles operate in the subtle spheres as in television.

109. Urusvati realizes that finer energy requires regulation. Can man be guardian and controller of primal energy? Yes, since he is capable of co-measurement and of knowing exactly when he violates the beatitude entrusted to him. Only the middle way preached by Buddha engenders true reverence for the precious primal energy. The foundation must be laid upon the real, for the real, with the real, and it is the middle way that so proceeds. Work so done is never disharmonious and proceeds to the foundations of the subtle realm.

Maitreya Fire #14: