Light on the Path, 1 Oct. 1952 (dictated to G. Innocente)

My beloved friend of old:

I bring to you today the love of a father for his children which have grown and matured thru the centuries since We were last together. The dearness of the hearts that have truly loved grows the more sweet by reason of the centuries of time that have woven the life-bond which like a golden ribbon runs thru our very selves, making us one body in the Christ expression.

Every man spins from the essence of his heart a chain or a pathway of life. Those of us who have sighted even dimly the vision of the Father have spun from our heartflames the essence which has become the immortal highway into the heart of Heaven--the bridge from the human to the divine. Along this spiritual path woven out of the bright essence of man's divinity many lifestreams have consciously ascended out of imperfection into the consciousness which can create and sustain harmony, peace and beauty at will. Many lifestreams like you, dear hearts, have woven the substance of your many lives into this pathway contributing by the essence of your very selves to the work of those who have gone before and have become qualified by love to become the guardians of the race. Thus although your freed spirits have not yet ascended on this path, you are counted among the bridge children and your energies have contributed to the path by which some of your brothers and sisters have gone before you into the glory of the Eternal Day.

For everyman whose life essence lies like a fiber of golden flame uniting the kingdom of Earth with the Kingdom of Heaven We are grateful. For every electron that passes into the world of form qualified consciously by some son of man to assist the forward progress of the race We are thankful. For every living, breathing, aspiring soul whose heart cries out for liberation We send forth Our praise and thanksgiving to Life because the call from the hearts of men is the open door by which We may enter your worlds to assist you.

During the course of the centuries many good endeavors have sprung from the chaste hearts of men whereby the Father's Kingdom was incorporated into the policies of the aspirants--the pure essence drawn, nourished and released--remains yet as part of the heritage of akasha, another golden span in the bridge from the human to the divine. Thus though the endeavor perished by reason of one human fault or another, the heritage of the endeavor is immortalized in this ever-widening golden span whose roots are in the hearts of men and whose branches leaf out in the realms wherein the perfected do now abide. With the inner eye it is easy to discern the colors that signify the Atlantean and Lemurian cultures and the essence of the Buddha's faith, the Christian creed, on and on ad infinitum.

In the course of mankind's long tedious journey many God-inspired individuals seized upon a portion of the God-vision and began thru the power of thought and feeling to weave a thread of life only to be called from the task ere it was well begun. This sweet thread often lies unclaimed in the finer ethers unless reclaimed by the original sponsor in successive incarnation. It is often never woven into its pure design but rather claimed by the builders of form and woven into the bridge itself as another link to tie the Earth and its evolutions to the heart of God. If however the thread of an idea is picked up again by the same individual in successive lives, as for instance St. Germain who continued to weave the thread of freedom thru every century in which He took embodiment, the pattern is well defined before such an one is called to his eternal freedom, and the vision if incompleted can be voluntarily assumed by those who have worked with the original sponsor but who are not yet ready to accept the ascension for themselves. Thus St. Germain was offered his ascension before the New World was established in the western hemisphere but only accepted that ascension when other fine patriots promised the Karmic Board at inner levels to assume the responsibility of completing the task. On this promise he took his freedom. Sincerely and devotedly I AM M

Morya: Light on the Path, 2 (dictated to G. Innocente) Oct. 1952

My beloved chela:

Only when the lifestream has passed from the magnetic pull of earth and known even for an instant the freedom of the immortal white fire body can such an one imagine the gratitude of the heart for every assistance that has been rendered in making such an achievement possible.

When the lifestream is about ready to be offered the ascension the Christ Self of the individual and the Sponsor apply for audience before the Lords of Karma who have been instrumental in securing the embodiment in which it presently functions. These have examined such lifestreams at the time of passing from each earthly form, and at the time of reembodiment from the beginning of the earthly pilgrimmage of each soul.

When the audience is granted the Maha Chohan brings the scroll containing the life-record of the lifestream thru the centuries. The higher mental body presents the harvest of good which pulsates in the causal body and the Sponsor summons those individuals, elementals and beings of nature who have benefited by such an one and who are willing to bear witness to this fact. When the individual has consciously served the Great White Brotherhood They also send witnesses to appear on behalf of the one who is to be freed of the chain of birth and rebirth. All of these facets are considered and the individual himself is then carefully examined by the Spokesman of the Karmic Board and the decision is made as to whether such an one is ready to enjoy the victorious accomplishment of the ascension. If the Karmic Board does allow the individual this opportunity, he may refuse it if he wishes to continue to serve life thereafter from a physical body. He makes this refusal at his own peril for he may make karma in succeeding lives and not then be ready to accept the ascension until he has worked this new karma out again in suffering. If the individual accepts the ascension he again has two choices, one to enter the services of the Great White Brotherhood or to leave the entire atmosphere of Earth permanently, willing his momentum of good this is the personal heritage of his centuries of endeavor to the Brotherhood (which of course also includes himself) to do with as They will. Your faithful M

-The First Ray, 1954.

Morya: Light on the Path, "4", Nov. 1953

Beloved child:

Many are the long years since we walked together over the stony road builded of the qualified energies of our own lives and that of the race, attempting to retrace our steps to the throne of truth! Blessed was the coming out. Then our own hearts' light like a shimmering path of dancing sunbeams sanctified the way upon which our earnest souls volunteered to join the energies of our own worlds to the progress of the race!

In the days of the coming forth from the heart's light beamed out of the sacred fire--becoming the full manifestation of every requirement of every moment--when we walked in the path of our own hearts' light all was exceedingly well! When the light grew dim the path disappeared and long and weary centuries were spent in seeking out again the way Home. Some who had not allowed the shadows to close in the Flame held the path open, and others among us walked in their light until we could again learn to draw forth and focus our own, moving within the shadows of our own creations. As we walked in humbleness and remembrance that from the sacred fire came forth our light, the path from within ourselves grew wider and more distinct. One day we were able to follow it back into the heart of the Presence and know the joy of completing the journey, returning to go out no more.

Others still while developing the path of their own return choose to voluntarily bring the tender beams coaxed forth from the first strivings of the awakening spirit into the play of Our full-gathered cosmic momentum of God-directed light and walk upon Our pathway, blending it with their own. Others will walk only upon the beam of their own light, preferring in the cold solitude of their spiritual pride to stub their groping feet upon the unseen obstacles rather than allow the light of Our friendship to illumine or at least make them cognizant of their possible danger in the forward movement toward spiritual serenity, mastery and freedom.

To every one of Us who has made the pilgrimmage into the experiences of earthly incarnations and who has consciously learned to create and direct the beam of God-controlled energy back into the heart of God there is given the opportunity of lending the beam of Our light, the wisdom of Our experiences, the confidence of Our surety to other individuals also seeking the way Home. A few of Us joined that particular dedicated order whereby Our momentum became the property of every Homesick soul. Then Our path became the enfolding beam of qualified energy to encompass the tiny glimmering thread of the most timid neophyte that, like the searching beam touching with light-fingers the face of night, seeks out some object hidden in the folds of night's garments. When the little glimmering beam is held in the powerful light of Our path which is anchored in the octave in which We now abide it is so much easier for the soul to walk upon that path than when it has no anchorage and gropes around for an objective to which it may tie the energies of a particular incarnation.

The summons from the souls of men for light on the path obligates those of Us who have offered to be that light to find a way and means of developing within the outer consciousness an understanding of how the soul may increase the intesity, clarity and power of the beam of his own heartflame. thus are cosmic endeavors and movements born. The masters who have offered their light for the illumination of all who ask for it form the impetus at inner levels for the stirring of the enthusiasm of their chelas and all who have a momentum thru past embodiments along the lines which the masters are endeavoring to externalize. Those whom the masters can interest at inner levels become the lifeline over which the ideas, the vision, the entire endeavor is finally translated into form that can be absorbed thru the incarnate souls who have petitioned for help.

As all such service is based on voluntary contribution of energy, these blessed ones who so offer to serve are not chosen by the measure of maximum development in all lines of self-mastery and self-control. From among the few who volunteer the very best of that few are chosen who by reason of past momentums and reliability under fire have proven themselves the most likely instruments by which the vision, plan, design and endeavor may be lowered into the world of form. It is a hard fact that the dear and faithful spirits who volunteer for such service have so often forfeited the very personal development that wins such hearty approval from the narrow measure of man's concepts of worthiness, giving their energies on the field of battle in the fire of the current world-need rather than developing in solitary meditation the serenity that comes often to those who are not concerned with the larger field of world service. The stubbled face of the warrior compares not favorably with the smooth-shaven countenace of the gentleman but it is the warrior who carves pout of bondage freedom, out of despotism liberty, out of injustice balance and right.

Enough! We who choose to join Our energies in the questionable privilege of creating a bridge over which the souls of men may walk into the Promised Land must work with the volunteers who have placed their hands in Ours, pledged their energies to Our endeavors and foreswore present happiness to this end. To these dear souls I pledge my heart's love for all eternity! Those of you who came forward and offered, despite the personal weaknesses, the heritage of unconsumed karma, the forfeit of security and comparative peace to help according to your best understanding and light are held within My aura of heart-friends who shall be My companions in love thru all eternity.

However, the more each one can and will endeavor to improve, perfect and correct the most glaring defects and flaws that are apparent to his own soul-light the less will We have to suffer from the prejudiced and bigoted consciousness of the race who measure Us by the friends who love Us enough to stand forward in the line of fire and wear Our colors.

Each one of you like uncut jewels has a whitefire core, for We would not have dared to entrust the foundation of this spiritual endeavor to any lifestream who had not already developed an indestructible momentum of good that could never be misqualified no matter what the surface rubble appears to be.

It is Our task to work thru the rubble and your task to dissolve the rubble, and mankind's test to trust in us both. If they do they may walk on the pathway builded of our combined hearts' light. If they do not they must wait until they find a sufficient stimulus to coax them to develop their own soul-light and walk in its flickering beams into greater understanding and a surer measure of worthiness. All today is a sifting, a testing, a sorting and to those who endure shall Our wisdom be evident.

When a chela fulfills his vow according to his own understanding We can ask no more but We can do more. We can according to the degree of cooperation on his part increase his understanding, mature his consciousness, lend him Our light and hope that he will choose to transform his nature even as he serves. We cannot ask him to do this. Sufficent and far beyond Our hopes is the fact that imperfect as he may be he has offered to serve--if he chooses to improve as well, a further miracle for which We thank the Lord of Hosts!

Not all spirits draw the same quantity of energy in a day, a lifetime, an evolution but whatever one draws, qualifies and directs into the universe becomes the sole responsibility of that lifestream and must be recalled and redeemed one day. Before the release of the knowledge of the sacred fire of mercy this great personal heritage (the alchemical art) was held back by the Lords of Karma. Even yet only the spiritual volunteers have the opportunity of redeeming it quickly, for the race, it continues to return in the gentle rhythms of earlier eras.

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