The director himself must otherwise receive the discordant energies of the participants in the service, not to mention the public assembled and the far more subtle directed energies in the atmosphere which seek always to break a God-connection and thus much of what might be released is lost and much of the vital essence of the leader is spent unnecessarily. I have spoken freely, forcibly and frankly for that is My way and I hope you will forgive any emotional shocks I may have caused individual beings, for the cause is the thing, the Light of the world is Our ransom for the beloved Sanat Kumara, and inspiration not disillusionment is the plan of the Brotherhood thru all who serve Us and represent Us to the people. Your obedient servant -M

-The First Ray, Bridge to Freedom, Inc., 1954.

El Morya: Guardian Spirits, Oct. 1952 (dictated to G. Innocente)

Beloved chela:

Many are the inhabitants of this sweet earth and its inner atmosphere who do not belong to its evolution. Some have come in freedom to offer the strength of their lifestreams to the evolving consciousness of the chain and others have been brought from preceding (planetary) chains because they did not evolve quickly enough to attain God-maturity within the allotted cosmic hour. I AM among those who have come from another "star" and although I submitted to the voluntary renunciation of freedom, accepting the recurrent roles of incarnations thru many ages it was a voluntary service to life on My part.

Those intelligent beings like the 30 volunteers from Venus who chose to be the leaven in the loaf thru entering the very substance of earth in bodies of flesh agreed to accept the responsibility of generating karma in each incarnation, willingly devoting themselves to working thru the same restricting forms in which the evolving mankind must function. The self-conscious intelligence need not create destructive karma but it is subject to the same temptations in misuse of the life-energy entrusted to it by the Presence of God as is the least of the children of men. Thus many of the guardians of the race in their voluntary exile have woven individual nets of karmic limitation which bind their free spirits and dim their light even as the karmic chains of the natural inhabitants of this small star have made it so recalcitrant that the Law voted it back into nothingness.

Thus even the guardian spirits from other worlds and other chains have had to go thru the process of ascending out of emotional, mental, moral and spiritual shadows into the light of their own Presence. For them the process of dissolving the self-created karma was relatively easy, but often when the karmic debt was paid fully such liberated spirits renounced nirvana and even the ascension to return again and again to earth to become the stimulation of spiritual endeavors of its people. For example, the beloved Brother Jesus was born without sin or karmic limitation and lived in a coat of flesh as a voluntary servant of the cosmic law. In like manner Kuthumi and My humble Self voluntarily submitted to the karmic law in order to assist the evolution of mankind and incarnated again and again to offer the support of Our life-energies to the various ages. In this recurrent visitation to Earth We accumulated an individual karmic debt which We had to wipe out by the conscious use of the sacred fire in much the same manner as you are being taught to do by the beloved St. Germain thru the use of the flame of mercy and compassion.

During Our embodiments as two of the Wise Men at the time of Jesus' ministry Our karmic debt was balanced and Our incarnations since then have been wholly of a voluntary nature free from karmic creation and reaction. When I finally completed My round of incarnations--having wrought the purpose thru of what did make Me man--I retained the etheric body of an Indian potentate which I used thru the entire association with Helena Blavatsky. Kuthumi served in a similar manner. These vehicles had all the necessary comforting appearances of flesh and became absorbed into the electronic garment in the final ascension of consciousness which took place when the Theosophical outpouring was completed. I trust this will assist you in understanding some of the conflicting statements about Our Presence, Our identity and Our spiritual status.

Any Master Presence may retain one or more of His bodies thru which to function before He lays them down forever. We laid down the flesh as stated above but retained the etheric vehicles for the sake of convenience thru the Theosophical days because as you see it is difficult to contact man thru the high vibrations of the electronic Presence as We must do today. To materialize the Ascended Master Presence is a great shock to the chela until he is very very very well grounded in that peace that truly does surpass the understanding of the mind. Abide always within My heart, children, it is always yours to command! M

-The First Ray.

El Morya: Truth Colored by Human Concepts, Nov. 1952

My beloved chela:

Together we have stood in the heart of Shambhala bathed in the cosmic flame of that divine patience which is the embodied nature of the Lord of the World. And we felt the love of His spirit enter into the fire of our natures tempering impetuous action with wisdom and enthusiasm with harmlessness.

There is more energy in First Ray people than in any of the other six rays because the very nature of the ray is the irrestible driving force of the will of God. The higher the evolution of the individual consciousness the more we become aware of the od of fulfilling that will as the Godhead Itself does--without opposition but in very definite rhythmic release. I AM very happy in your complete acceptance of Our tangible reality. This is the particular argument which I placed before the Karmic Board to secure the dispensation by which We might endeavor to contact Our chelas and educate their feelings toward Our actual Presence as men and women of greater maturity perhaps but approachable on commong grounds of world service. Before the veil of human thoughts and feelings clouded over the instruments of perception the masters and the angelic host were accepted by the evolving race and the progress of the three evolutions was a glorious harmonious relationship. Each evolution was deeply interested in the others and had a comprehensive knowledge of the service and the individual lessons that the others were working out. It was truly a God-intended progress up the ladder of light. When man lost contact with the inner spheres the law provided for the entrance of teachers, messengers, and on rare occasions avatars who brought to them knowledge of the Law and the Rulers of the race, but for the most part these intelligences were delegated to the realms of wishful thinking or idealized imagery and the contact of soul to soul and heart to heart was not accepted in the feelings.

Now, each lifestream grows and develops spiritually as well as physically. The seven bodies are all connected by a spiritual lifeforce and the endeavors that evolve greater perfection in the lower bodies have a corresponding effect on the higher bodies as well. Thus every expansion of consciousness and light thru the physical, mental or emotional bodies increases the cosmic capacity of the individual God-self at inner levels as well as the size of the causal body and sphere of influence of the God-Self. It is the "laying up of treasures in Heaven" of which Jesus spoke.

Every lifestream perceives the universe around him thru his own energy, his own bodies, his own developed faculties such as the senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, etc. This is also true to the consciousness within the individual which is enabled to rise and from within the electronic body perceive the truth of the inner spheres. As you are aware, very few lifestreams can consciously ascend into the Holy Christ Self and perceive the realm in which that Holy Christ Self functions. Some are raised in moments of exaltation or deep contemplation and flashes of awareness are drawn down into the outer consciousness which are called visions, revelations, messages, whatever the recipient chooses to name them. The amount of truth which the consciousness perceives will be determined--

Firstly, by the height to which the conscious mind can rise without losing continuity of thought and awareness. The higher the consciousness goes the less it can distinguish in the blazing light and often it appears to faint or blackout if attempting such experiment without the assistance of a master.

Secondly, the development of the inner bodies all of which have access to a particular strata in the sphere in which they function. For instance, the emotional body lives in the realm of feeling and every man perceives this great realm thru his own emotional faculties, even as everyone perceives the world of form thru the physical faculties he has developed, some seeing great beauty, others distorted forms, some hearing the music of life, others dissonance. Some are able to discern truths in the realm of the lower mental consciousness thru a well-trained mental body, others when called upon to use the mental body fall asleep. The consciousness when forced to exert effort beyond its development in any of the bodies always resorts to the escape mechanism of sleep or fainting.

Spiritualists have learned to enter the finer substance of the etheric world thru controlling the senses and focusing the consciousness in their etheric bodies. The spiritual development of such individuals determines the type of disembodied consciousness they can contact. These people contact presences which dwell in various realms and report their words and their messages as truth. It is of course partial truth, for the consciousness each contacts is only as evolved as their personal development allows them to comprehend.

Although the mass of mankind has limited the use of the faculties in the physical world and a more or less varied use of the faculties of the emotional and mental worlds, the group who have developed the use of the etheric body is considerably smaller and of these 9 out of 10 are unreliable in their reports because they are unable to rise out of the substratas of the etheric realm. They have developed this faculty thru past lives and they are mostly responsible for the foolish reports that mark spiritualism as a danger and a hazard rather than as a research which it was primarily intended to be--handled scientifically from the standpoint of locating the souls of men and assisting them out of chains of human consciousness by intelligent education.

Ascended Master Dictations: