The chela who offers his own energies to the masters in order to forward a world cause voluntarily sacrifices those energies not only to the master but to those whom the master chooses to forward His plan, and at any time without loss of merit such a chela is at liberty to withdraw from such a voluntary service. Such an one is the lifeline between the master and valuable accepted lifestreams who have a great cause to serve but have forfeited spiritual perceptions thru the centuries of life experience.

It would be an impossibility for Me to sit down and utilize the amount of spiritual energy that would be entailed in either precipitating every letter and word of a document to a chela--except on rare occasions--and without this wonderful dispensation I have received all these eager souls could not be reached if I had to use such means, or more difficult still, learn to wield that typerecording machine! Always yours -M

-The First Ray.

El Morya: Universal Service of the Masters, Sept. 1952

Beloved chela:

I have stood in more dingy lecture-rooms in large cities, by the side of more sweet-minded men and women hopefully presenting a phase of truth to a handful of pitiful seekers during the last 50 years than I could count in the measure of an hour's time. Ah! yes I have been in many places, many hearts and by many dear shepherds' sides, even on the pulpits of many an orthodox church to the unconscious benefit of a presiding minister or priest who would probably exorcise My Person in horror if he knew of My Presence. I AM well acquainted with exorcism!

Is it not pathetic that the one source from whence all blessings flow must be in the cup of the worshipper's choosing else he dash the cup from the Visitant's Hand and villify the Visitant? That is one reason We wear the gossamer veils of invisibility that separate Us from the physical sight of those We love. The principle of life is that when an individual dedicates himself to becoming a teacher of the law--when his motive is to spread the light and not to make a living--We immediately enfold such an one in Our protection and guidance. We would like such sincere hearts to have an opportunity to unfold in a place of beauty, and someday this shall be. I AM your friend of light forever and My Presence shall never be dissolved by the immature fanaticism of the "faithful". Yours to command -M

-The First Ray.

Kuthumi: The Still Small Voice

Every lifestream on the path sooner or later comes to a certain point where he begins to turn to the still small voice within the heart. At first the individual begins to rely on intuition, then on inspiration and later still upon that conscious contact which precedes self-conscious mastery, the attainment of which constitutes his divine freedom from all human concepts and all human form.

This is the most difficult point upon the spiritual path and I ask that when you come to the place where you enter into the heart of the silence where you commune with your own God-Self that you be extremely wise, alert and careful of the response that you will receive first of all from your own bodies, because you are a complex mechanism, a sevenfold being. Now whereas the glory of your electronic body, your causal body and your Holy Christ Self can never lead you astray, your lower bodies have voice, consciousness and intelligence of their own, and these voices, this consciousness and this intelligence within them endeavors often to serve its own selfish ends thru you.

One of the chief requirements for spiritual mastery is discrimination. Call to Me if you wish, to My beloved Lord Maitreya or to the great Lord Buddha for that discrimination wherein you may recognize the voice of the silence. Know always that the prompting which builds up the personality, that which gives aggrandizement to the human ego is not the still small voice of the Presence but rather the etheric rumblings of your own past experiences, the emotional desires of your feeling world or mental concepts and precepts from your past lives.

Remember you have sat in the past before many teachers who have given forth both truth and fallacy and into your mental and emotional bodies and your etheric consciousness are builded those concepts, some of them solidified and petrified and lying dormant within them for centuries. As the flame begins to surge thru you, these concepts are revivified and come forth, and you must recognize them for what they are, not necessarily the voice of truth! As you proceed into an understanding of the voice of the silence know that that which makes you humble, that which makes you loving, that which makes you pure, that which makes you harmonious is of God. The feelings that stir within your heart that desire to make of this star an orb of light, to relieve the burden of your fellowmen, to raise those in pain and distress into understanding and harmony, that is of light. That which decreases the personality and increases the power of Christ, that is of God! -The First Ray.

El Morya: Benefits from Contemplation of the Master, July 1953

Beloved friends:

"Hearken to the natural spiritual promptings of your heart and follow its loving counsel. You will seldom be led astray when your consciousness is odically cleansed of preconceived opinions and you open yourself to the God-will as a child, knowing that wheresoever it leads is truly the path of righteousness." These words of Our Lord Maha Chohan were given to a chela with the warning that advice of this kind is seldom given except where the chela is developed beyond the capacity of self-delusion and the pride of spiritual achievement, which results usually in following the directions of the feelings clothed in the artful garments of divine promptings which leaves others helpless to advise.

As you train yourself thru personal and individual application to receive Our vibration, you can definitely sense the particular master of the Brotherhood who will from time to time radiate thru your endeavors. A 15 minute meditation upon any one of Us whom you might choose, incorporating Our name, Our picture, Our words into your application will bring a deep feeling distinct and separate from that which is the ordinary height of vibration of your world, and then as you experiment with the different vibrations you will begin to distinguish the subtle but very evident qualities of each such an one. Your obedient servant, M

-The First Ray.

El Morya: Grants and Investments of Masters' Energy, Aug. 1953

Beloved chela:

Thank you for providing this forcefield which We are using so freely to direct the energies of Lord Maitreya, My sweet Kuthumi and the Master Jesus thru the consciousness of mankind.

From a completely mechanical standpoint your radio programs are conducted only so far as the beam of the local station can carry the vibrations, depending upon the forcefield which is the power behind the beam. The same natural law controls the direction of spiritual energies, blessings and powers from the octaves that are above the earthplane.

If it were possible for Us to direct and expand Our energies to an unlimited degree thru the atmosphere of Earth without the cooperation and assistance of the mankind to be benefitted, We should long since have transferred the ascended master octave to and thru the Earth and had done with the tedious business! However, natural law allows Us to bless the sphere below Our Own thru the energies of those who are presently a part of that sphere. The statement that "God needs a body" is a spiritual truth, even the coming of the Christ has been effected thru a natural body incarnated in every cycle.

As I have previously explained, We are allowed a certain amount of energy in a given cycle of time to invest in the evolution of the race. Whatever contributory energies We can receive from among the race to add to that store is just that much more capital with which We may work. The great impersonal cosmic law demands a balance for the investment of spiritual energies in the soul growth of the mankind whom We are endeavoring to reach thru a specific endeavor. If We show such a balance, almost without question the law gives to Us additional energies to further Our cause.

You will see then as We draw together a few chosen lifestreams to become a spiritual forcefield thru which the radiation of the masters may bless the entire race that the greater the power focused thru that forcefield the more far-reaching are the results in the transmutation of the thought and feeling centers of mankind. Those energies which you draw forth thru directed thought, affirmation or decree, thru song or contemplation or aspiration become the conductors thru which the masters' address reaches into the consciousness of the people and thru which the masters' radiation blesses the inner bodies as well. Let us remember however that there is a specific moment when the climax or apex of the preparation is completed, the master stands ready and that is the moment to give His Presence precedence. You will feel it as you attune yourself to the preparatory work and do not let it pass by, for it is not courtesy to Them nor efficacious to the work itself. Build to your climax turning the energies and attention toward the coming presentation so that the mental and feeling energies of the students are already at His feet and the moment ready He may step into the created aura and energize it with His love.

We are no longer dealing with the spiritual dilettantes that seek amusement or satisfaction of the cravings of the mental or emotional worlds. We are dealing with lifestreams who are willing to become bridge builders thru the investment of their own energies in the preparation of the aura thru which the masters can influence and affect the greatest number of people. This can and should be explained to the students and they should happily and joyously desire to contribute the individual energies in such preparation for His coming! Gently I AM M

-The First Ray, Bridge to Freedom, Inc., 1954, compiled & edited by Thomas Printz.