110. Urusvati fathoms this path where the three realms can be perceived and understood unto the fullness of self-realization. Where look for the sparks of the fiery domain, amid earthly manifestation? Yes, let each one be more observant in daily life. Let one refrain from hasty conclusion, baseless accusation, thoughtless complaint. One should know that there is a realm where pure concept reigns. One should realize how beautiful is the path to this realm. Earthly hearts can respond to benevolent pure ideas and sense creative grace.

111. The server of life must spare the feelings of the ignorant, soothe the desperate, and appreciate various fields of labor. Only malice can retard the coming of the fresh luminous age. People want to be saved but do not want to be disturbed. This transitional age is difficult.

112. In great service there must be an invincible constancy in the realization of righteousness. People lose their strength when they lose their sense of righteousness; how can one advance if one's feet do not feel firm ground? The spirit must lean upon solid consciousness. Complete trust flourishes only where there is awareness of the upright.

113-4. Crowds in the subtle realm are as unusual as beings on far-off worlds. Our abode is one yet multi-faceted. We have observed and then preserved in our chalices the individual experiences of the realms, marveling at their variety, advocating this for our co-workers.

116. Urusvati knows the correlation between battle and creation. Can one think of creation without mastery of the elements, without courageous overcoming? Otherwise, chaos would overwhelm. We advocate battle as fair defense of manifestation. To appreciate safety one must experience several earthquakes, says an ancient maxim. Every scientist has his own armor--knowledge. Our followers should acquire the armor to protect themselves from the blows of chaos. The stronghold is strengthened when the bridge to the Tower of Chun is firm.

117. Urusvati is aware of victory's chord. May it resound! May the signs of advance become visible, as there is no defeat in infinity. May our call be accepted. Only by means of the communications link of Brotherhood can one know the varied states of existence. May the adamant aspiration of the Brotherhood be an example for you in all your activity. The ancients gave the parable of an inept general who, standing on a hilltop, was so concerned on the defeat of one part of his army that he failed to turn in time to see the other part win a major victory.

118. Urusvati knows of our message records. We have never permitted ourselves to force ideas or to use complicated discourse. Bee-like collect knowledge from all sources in order to build your concept of truth, freely and willingly. This effort accelerates self-culture. Everyone must create his own design. Much information of the Brotherhood has been given, but the aspirant must collect it himself. Even now our work impresses but few; nevertheless it is done and sealed.

119. Waves of energy may be sent forth and become available to others, but the important question is how this help is received. Without conscious receptivity there may be a reverse blow. Every impulse is a double-edged sword. A high gift, free will in its misuse can drag mankind into the greatest dangers. It is impossible to convince people not to harm one another, but it is possible to continue the battle for equilibrium. We concentrate intensely on the task of maintaining equilibrium during periods of agitation, for it is essential to protect useful finer energy.

120. Discourse with us corresponds to direct radio messages. That channel cannot be revealed to everyone, nor can everyone have access to us.

121. Scientists seldom heed our word, and we are often compelled to give an indication not to the specialist but to a receptive worker in a related endeavor.

122. Urusvati remembers our steadfast protection of the beautiful. A work of art emits most potent emanations, but deprived of attention, it loses transmission power and its benevolent energy is sapped. Observe where we direct our care.

123. Urusvati pays attention to the general energy currents. At times these intensify; at times one's sensitivity becomes more acute. It is essential to protect not only physical health but also nervous balance. In general one must have an intelligent attitude toward the dark forces, neither denying their existence nor fearing them. Urusvati has seen their images, some disgusting, others beautiful. They have the ability to disguise themselves with luminosity and they know how to offer advantages. Our currents are salutary and protective; striving to us intensifies them.

124. Urusvati has seen our protective tissue. We testify that the benefit of our influence increases a hundredfold if it is accepted thru the heart. People only concoct new reasons for doubting; a deep understanding of the teaching requires an open heart. Let people turn their hearts to us more often, in a deepening way.

125. Solemnity stabilizes our upward soaring. Solemnity intensifies as one is aware of great achievements. The ignorant attempt to deny these, but we preserve the proof of great deeds.

126. Extracts of the teaching must be introduced in sequence; only then can one notice the spiral turns of our Word. What merit be there for one not applying his own effort though repeating ours? Mechanical repetitions lead nowhere. Observe how we lead without interfering with independent activity. Each turn of the path must be recognized by the wayfarer. It is of particular importance to develop a love of thoroughness; only thereby is our way found.

127. Forces that have been particularly potent during the Dark Age now struggle for survival, and they prefer a general catastrophe to defeat. Most people are unable to understand the importance of co-measurement and goalfitness. They think our power overcomes any resistance regardless of cosmic imbalance. Even the most learned people fall into despair and wonder why something possible ten years ago is not possible today.

128. Urusvati was restrained several times from extremely dangerous flights. The higher planes scorch, the lower strata oppress. The division of the spheres of the subtle realm is determined within one's own consciousness. Transfer to higher spheres must be gradual. Knowledge, as well as the degree of perceptiveness and tolerance acquired on earth, are essential for experience in the subtle realm. Such discipleship is easy for those who realize and accept Brotherhood. There cannot be an effortless ascent.

130. In ignorance people assume that we face no danger in infinity! Where the heart is full there is a soaring onward. Heroism is the fundamental key of our inner life. Those who understand what they labor and suffer for are truly heroic.

131. Urusvati understands the beauty of collaboration with the subtle domain. It is not a small task to unify consciousness in true collaboration. The appointed hour approaches: people will either understand what is predestined or choose catastrophe.

132. Those ignorant on earth are stubborn and carry their doubts and negations with them into the subtle realms. If man realizes the joy of spiritual achievement he will also realize that even the greatest difficulties are nothing compared to the grandeur of illumination.

134. The object that serves to accumulate energy, a teraph, also serves to multiply it. The Stone from far-off worlds is a significant teraph of the Brotherhood. The Stone is permeated with a substance that helps to preserve the vibrational communications with the far-off worlds. A small particle of the Stone serves as link with the Brotherhood, we preserve it in a special place so that the vibrations retain their original power. The place where the Stone was first revealed became the foundation of Shambhala. You will be astonished to know how many different countries and heroes are connected to it, and how many great deeds were inspired by its motifs.

135. Even in the most difficult hours thoughts about the beautiful will create the best bridge to the Brotherhood. It is a joy to know that there is the one protecting remedy for all.

136. We are invulnerable to man's weapons but can suffer injuries from the dark hierophants whose ruinous attacks fill space. In both earthly and subtle battle decisive results come from the quality of aspiration directed to us. Help can be immeasurably increased where there is no room for discontent, complaint, depression and mistrust. People, give your invisible helpers the opportunity to stretch out their hands. Urusvati's motto is "Be strong for victory."

137. Urusvati remembers the attracting, brilliant appearance that can be assumed by the hierophant of evil. Let us not forget that they are skillful and fierce; the dark ones can bear suffering and even destroy themselves in order to participate in destruction.

138. Urusvati knows that we never regret the past. Great knowledge must be acquired before one can recognize the spiral of evolution. Night brings communion with the subtle realm and renewal of energies.

139-40. Concentrated silence gathers a special energy. The grateful know that we are greatly burdened yet rejoice on the way to the garden of beauty!

141. Those lacking in decisiveness forget that spiritual contact is indestructible and that distance has no bearing thereon. People will not be perplexed by earthly problems when they know that these can be solved by a higher degree of inspiration.

Maitreya Fire #14: