142-4. Concentrated attention to the master's word can only come with great love and devotion. Armageddon began in 1931 and now the year 1942 is pointed out as key when the next series of world events will be decided. Concentrated natural energies aid the power of thought. One must learn to observe what particularly increases or decreases thought energy. Cancer in early stages can be arrested by vibrations, stones can be dissolved, glands normalized and certain skin ailments cured easily. Conscious receptivity definitely and greatly aids by activating the finer energy of an organism.

145-7. People complain that they are deprived of lofty guidance, but we give much, it is they who perceive little. Urusvati has perceived the image of the Great Pilgrim in her mind. He gave a simple word to the people regarding the foundations of life. People did not believe that He worked hard and had more than one skill. She remembers his eyes, forehead, light brown hair, features that overwhelmed one with wonder, and were so different from those of the local people that they provoked exaggerated rumors. The Mother came from a great family and was the embodiment of refinement and noble spirit. She was the one who laid the foundation for his first high ideals and sang a lullaby to him foretelling his wondrous unfolding. She took great care safeguarding her child and was a source of strength for his great achievements. She knew several languages, did not object to his long pilgrimages, and gathered necessities to prosper the travels. She rightly valued the common people and knew they could keep his teaching treasured. She recognized the grandeur of the Culmination and thus could give heart to those of diverse character weakened by doubt and rejection. She was prepared to experience the same achievement as her son, and greater purpose affirmed their project. The Mother understood the mystery of his wanderings; She was led by her insight into the unfolding, transcending the ways of her country.

148-9. Remember that we are ready to hurl portions of our aura to strike at and defeat darkness. Remember that everyone, when clad in an earthly sheath, is subject to the conditions of the physical world; nature is a state conditioned by law. The Master's great power was in his absolute fearlessness and He proceeded unwaveringly, for in his heart He had chosen the life of great deeds. Such unwavering striving was supported by his Mother alone. Her guidance compensated for his suffering.

150. The Teacher knew that people were not ready for the whole middle way. The key to his greatness was in his simplicity, allowing easy communication with people, and also expressing beautifully in simplest words. Only in simplicity is kindness reflected. Great is his luminosity in the subtle realm, where his loving prana purifies darker strata. It is customary for us to visit lower strata of the subtle domain where compassion saves multitudes.

151. Often the ailing one did not know why the Stranger had touched him. He encouraged joy and inspiration, drawing people's attention to nature and solar radiance. The master would first help them by uplifting their spirits, and only when balance was achieved would He go forward. Nor did He hesitate to use severity to revive deadened consciousness.

152. From the chaotic abyss to celestial harmony is indeed a long road. People wish to see the teachers in molded conceptions, and if the teacher differs in some way they will disbelieve. People expect the exceptional even in outer appearance of their teachers. The Great Pilgrim did not avoid mingling with people. Wonderful souls were revealed and quickened by his smiles and encouragement. He was criticized for talking with women, yet it was women who preserved the teaching. It was part of his lofty achievement to accept insult with equinimity. None realized how tormented He was by the many disturbed auras He came into contact with thru interaction, but the thought of great achievement never left him.

153-5. Urusvati knows from the Apocrypha that some wanted to acclaim the Master as People's Hero. People usually cannot understand the true significance of these concepts, and thus is woven the crown of thorns. Urusvati heard his voice; how could such a voice belong to a mere leader of crowds? It was precisely the crowds, shouting in praise of his Kingdom, that helped fulfill the prophecies. It is impossible to imagine what karma awaited these crowds of madmen! Restraint from unwise word and thought is consideration of coming consequences. The Master could have lived his great life without the crowds. It is amazing how well his emanations have been preserved during these many centuries. Teachers must sometimes destroy personal possessions that have been imbued with their magnetic aura in order to avoid the possibility of their intense emanations falling into ignorant hands. SG destroyed many of his paintings in Western europe, but a few were left with the Van Loo family. The Great Pilgrim instructed his messengers to carry magnets afar; the people sensed the significance of these envoys and hated them as they hate everything unknown.

156. Urusvati knows that the Great Pilgrim could direct people to the eternal by his glance. He said: "When you offer your whole heart, you feel the strong cord that binds you to the Highest."

157. Urusvati has experienced the feeling of separation from Earth. This and the powerful magnetism of Earth can only be understood by those who have experienced them. In choosing not to separate himself from the Earth, a teacher experiences tormenting weariness whose depth words cannot express. Only potent consciousness liberates him from this overwhelming anguish. The primal energy is pulsing into new spheres and rushing into those spheres whose vibrations correspond with its own. The free will of a teacher binds this energy to Earth for mankind's benefit. These sacred pains tormented the Great Pilgrim, and at such times He went into nature where it is easier to receive the healing vibrations. The Great Pilgrim did not conceal his need for people's cooperation. The action of finer energy can be evoked only if one fully realizes its presence, and it serves properly only thru purity of heart. As He said, all is manifested according to one's faith, showing thus the significance of primal energy.

159. Urusvati can describe his features to artists. Blue eyes raised at the corners, with lashes that gave them great depth. Not so much the beauty as the expression of his face makes it unforgettable. All feeling is based either on love or fear, but fear is not appropriate where there is striving to light. It is true that the chosen teacher is closest to one, but when one knows the great achievements of other teachers, he feels sincere love for them also.

160. The Master emphasized the conceptual rather than tangible phrases. "Negative thoughts burden you like an abominable leprosy. Good thoughts uplift and are light-oriented. You must know the potent healing light and of the deadly darkness as potential within man. You are used to fearing death because you were not taught about the passing into a better world." Though the Teacher spoke briefly and simply, very few were those remembering.

161. The Teacher wanted to prepare his disciples for the battle, so He recounted his experience: "Every person continually is in three straits at once, though he be completely at peace. The first is between free will and karma. The second is between the disembodied entities of good and evil, which surround man. It is difficult to imagine the darkness's fury when they attempt possession of a man. The third battle resounds in infinite space between subtle energies and waves of chaos. Only when emotions are completely controlled can man start thinking of the invisible, but this leads man to be conscious co-worker with vast life." One is always facing the infinite. Learn to remember brief exaltations, they are the key to life's unfoldment. Learn to give the teacher your trust and reverence, for without this bridge there is no passage.

162. It is important to know that the Teacher advised giving up possessions only when they were dragging down the spiritually weak ones. He did not reject earthly riches, for how deny what already exists? He taught that it is essential to find a sensible attitude to all that exists in life. Indeed the Teacher did not want to see uniform poverty in life. The Teacher cared little for gratitude toward himself yet emphasized the great power of gratitude. Ah, that wonderful life, nourishing so many.

Maitreya Fire #14: