163. Urusvati realizes much has remained unnoted of that life. The Master did not speak about reincarnation to the people as in his country this truth would not have been understood. Among the disciples very few could fully comprehend the law of reincarnation. The majority doubted then, as now. The Teacher preferred to discuss arguable subjects with each individually. Much remarkable healing was performed unnoticed. The Master could stop internal destructive processes just by willpower, mind over matter. In co-measurement the energy always accelerates thru shortest channels.

164. Urusvati conceives of the great interweave. People could now realize that unity reigns throughout cosmos. The Master's greatest revelations were given when He was in his subtle body.

165-6. That many different elements are required for self-perfection is clear to Urusvati. Joshua, leader of an unruly nation, had to concentrate upon leadership and not be distracted by basic theoretic tasks. Shepherd-like the leader must possess courage, decisiveness, aspiration and self-denial. Pericles' Age gave most refined demonstration of science and creative power. The great workers themselves avoided public recognition and resisted written biographies of themselves, rather focusing on the fundamentals of their work. The philosopher Anaxagoras frequently helped Pericles with sound advice. He possessed great dignity, defended friends, and preferred exile to dishonor. One can perceive an entire chain of precious lives linked thematically.

167. Persecution pursues a great teacher like dust after a horseman. Persecutors have vigilant protectors! Every great teaching has had its betrayers, demonic wings on their backs.

168. Each kind action is a burning away of chaos, with impulses to light aiding the transmutation. Some timid souls, perhaps for safety's sake, extinguish their fires and merge with the darkness--whoever fears goodness sinks into chaos. The expulsion of the merchants from the Temple is a symbolic warning; the Temple can be understood as man from which mercenary thought must be ejected. The basic elements of life can be spiritualized. Be not frightened by even the most awful grimace of evil, for our main task is to increase the reservoir of good.

169. Chaos accumulates here and must be destroyed here, not in the supermundane spheres. Darkness is filled with poisonous currents that attempt to arrest striving thought.

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Saint Germain painting by Charles Sindelar in 1935

Sindelar painted also the Chart of the Divine Presence, Jesus Christ, and many other masterful works, many for the I AM Activity between 1935-42. Guy Ballard in Unveiled Mysteries tells the story of the key Sindelar paintings.

Below are: Mother Mary over Sydney, AU; Archangel Michael over the South Pacific area.