courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

201. One day the disciples asked the Thinker the meaning of unification. At that moment they were passing a gigantic wall, and he pointed to the powerful stonework, saying "Observe how these stones support each other. We cannot say which of them is the most important. They are not joined by anything, yet they have withstood many earthquakes. They are held together only by unification and the natural affinity of their surfaces. People try to join stone artificially, with clay or different mixtures, but such structures are frequently destroyed by earthquakes. As people attempt to strengthen their relationships by artificial means, they will not be protected against dissolution. It is better and stronger when men's hearts unite spontaneously. Such unions need no artifice, least of all the bond of gold. Beware especially the bond of gold. I affirm that even the most ardent people may not be able to judge and correlate values; only men's hearts build an adamantine wall. Do not feel disappointed that your imagination is limited, for compared with infinity all is limited. Let us acquire true striving in the midst of infinity."

202. It is interesting to observe how people cling to trivialities as a way to avoid facing the essential. Only by understanding clearly such insects of insignificance can one prepare to exterminate trivialities. The Thinker: "Let us not blind ourselves with dust. Every hero of pure heart is a dispeller of evil. Students should learn what was done to Pericles and how people have treated their heroes. How long till people conquer their fear of great men? Perhaps some patient toilers will appear who will gradually remove the dust from their eyes. The heart suffers unbearably when the blood is made impure dy dust."

203. Urusvati knows how some people insist that life on Earth should be quite simply, earthly. They do not realize that there is no such thing as "earthly". Everything belongs to cosmos, every stone is part of the eternal. People are not pigs, deprived of the ability to raise their heads on high. One does not survive by earthly rubbish but by higher emanation. Not only atheists but also theists have denied the subtle and higher realms. It is hard to understand how such opposing mentalities could agree so. Prompted by fear and ignorance, they dare not face the most beautiful. The theists do not allow their deities to lead them to approach higher realms. The Thinker said "Three worlds are presented to us, and we must earn our way in each one. The supermundane has its own expressions. Indeed, we are rich in the treasures bestowed upon us."

204. It has been observed that harmony among those present assists transmission of thought and prevents interception. If nearby friends maintain harmony, this too serves to protect transmission. Those confused or irritated act unwittingly as colaborators with spatial thieves. The auras of irritated people act as the strongest destroyers of the currents. Fools assume that thought can be strengthened by narcotic usage, but the resulting mental spasms do not contribute to evolution. Even drug emanations attract dangerous entities which pick up thought fragments and weave harmful tissue out of them. The Thinker said: "Just as a handful of gold disappears when thrown into a crowd, so can thought in space be easily seized. Thought may be received by a worthy spirit, but there may be thieves among those passing along. We must keep clean bodies but should maintain even more purity of thought."

207. There are some who believe that thought cannot penetrate certain strata of the atmosphere, as radio waves cannot. But directed thought waves are unlike radio waves in this. The Thinker: "Verily, striving toward the sublime trains one's imagination. Philosophers, as artists also, need strong imaginations to create. Dreaming is born during childhood days."

211. The teacher must often ponder what the student can assimilate without harm. It is better to leave things unsaid than to say too much and create circumstances leading to betrayal. It is not surprising that milestones set by the teacher are given in advance of a pupil's development, since in the subtle realm time does not exist. We foresee many changes which people do not even suspect will come to pass.

213. Thought eternally moves the fundamental energy.

214. Karma yoga is closely connected with rhythm. Common benefit only results when a very powerfully expressed rhythm blends with similar vibrations everywhere on earth. In its invisibility such help becomes true harmony. The Thinker said "Ideas are borne on fleet wing." Thought must nourish space, otherwise people will be deprived of the opportunity for progress. Let us free ideas from all bondage and chains. Let us not rely on wardens, but speed our liberation.

217. Indeed, the poisoning of the atmosphere is now increasing. Be vigilant, gather the power of equilibrium. The Thinker: "Even the most fearful storm cannot continue endlessly."

218. At certain junctures, for safeguarding equilibrium, our Names should not be uttured. But this is also true of personal names and even names of places. The Thinker constantly taught his disciples to watch their words and never to utter them unthinkingly.

220. The potential of thought to become keener frightens the limited mind. The Thinker used to say "Let your thoughts fly ahead of you to prepare new beautiful abodes."

221. One may ask what type of dog has a stronger sense of the subtle domain--of course the longhaired ones, as they accumulate more electricity. Similarly people who collect more electricity can sense more strongly the presence of subtle entities night or day. The Thinker knew that the will must be in full readiness. He used to say "The sword of defense is given to everyone, but know how to use it without delay!"

222. A book should be written about the causes of persecution. By comparing the causes it is possible to trace the evil will. Let someone do it! We do not regret experiencing such trials but there is a need for reflecting on them, for each persecution retards an urgent plan. However, even this we turn to good.

223. It may astonish you to observe succeeding incarnations that are extreme opposites, yet without sufficient polishing a precious stone has no luster. We advise you to observe the manifestations of nature, in which is revealed the whole scope of existence. It can be observed that a man who speaks with feeling can overcome natural impediments, but the moment inspiration is gone, his defects return. Likewise, one's mental ardor can become continuous and carry one to the Guide. We work best where there is flame, and therefore warn against fear, depression and despair, which like damp coals cannot produce the needed fire, as the Thinker put it.

224. The substance of thought is the same everywhere and acts so as to link the worlds.

225. Do not be surprised that there can be such a thing as dead spirituality. The same also applies to knowledge, which should be neither mechanical or limited. Exaltation links science and spirituality, and also serves as an equalizer.

226-7. The most useful thoughts are those dedicated to beauty. The Thinker proclaimed that beauty is the most essential. "Tell us everything about the Brotherhood in detail and we will amuse ourselves by broadcasting it." Indeed, we appreciate those few who remain silent rather than broadcast unwisely.

229. The Thinker smiled sadly when he listened to people discussing karma. Sometimes he said: "It would be better for you to mention this law less and live more purely."

230. Many drops of poison remain at the bottom of man's chalice while people think all the poison has been drained. We often remove such poisonous drops.

231. Our life is long and we can confirm that joy is never forgotten and is an unending source of power.

232. Initiation is daring to approach the image of light and not fearing to look at it. Uniting with light requires courage and a high degree of self-denial; this fearlessness is in itself a beautiful initiation. It is impermissible to speak in the marketplace about the awareness of light. The Thinker expected his disciples to carry carefully what had been entrusted up to the end. He understood as Socrates did the significance of truth. He said "Truth requires a strong repositor; make of yourself a treasure-chest!"

233. You must remember that vibrations can attract or repel people, and you should observe such attractions and repulsions with great attention. Let us learn to rejoice at every high degree of excellence; it brings us closer to Brotherhood.

235. In astronomy even spectrum analysis depends for accuracy on many conditions, and mechanical apparatus is useless in communication with far-off worlds. The work of our Tower is based on the coordination of the physical and finer planes; only thus is it possible to come to correct conclusions. I dedicate many discourses to the Thinker because we must remember his tireless work. He devoted centuries of labor to the deepening to thought; without such self-sacrifice it would be impossible to achieve the transmission of thought to vast distances. It is ridiculous to suppose that one can learn and achieve within a few years! It is not time that matters though, but the degree of aspiration.

236. Certainly there are plenty of charlatans who endanger the reputation of astrology, but there are frauds in all sciences yet no one rejects science as a whole because of this. One must speak plainly to remove prejudice from man's consciousness.

237. We remind people that any disharmony is ruinous.

239. It is very difficult to kindle the flameless ones; a special shock is needed to light the precious ruby of the heart and awaken the slumbering hearts. The Thinker said "The sleeping heart is like a tomb. Decomposition is its lot, spreading degeneration. May we be spared degeneration."

241. Again they will complain that we threaten, but is a warning about disaster a threat? He who calls himself a scientist should not violate the laws of nature. But people are indifferent and do not realize what harmful forces are evoked from space by disharmony. A great effort should be made to restrain one's free will.

243. It is necessary to conserve strength, otherwise you can harm not only yourself but also your Guides. All illness has a finer energy origin. Thus, one must gradually learn how to preserve one's forces, and as the forces are dedicated to good service, such concern is not selfish. Remember that energy may be urgently needed for some selfless endeavor, and forces that have been dissipated cannot be speedily gathered.

244. Urusvati knows that hypocrisy is based upon heartlessness. We do not approve of the slightest manifestation of hypocrisy, and believe that this vice begets all other corrupt feelings. Only as there is inner striving can one achieve the harmony that enables him to apply many formulas of the teaching.

246. Urusvati knows that we do not approve of artificial or mechanical methods of achievement. All the best things come naturally. Science approaches higher knowledge through such observation.

247-8. A man ever ready to ascend welcomes growing tension as festive gates to renewal, and will flame with indignation when highest concepts are degraded in his presence. Approaches from higher spheres are varied, and we should appreciate the care and concern that is so exquisitely revealed.

249. Urusvati knows that even accelerating evolution goes thru lawful stages. Man stubbornly persists in his own perceptions and does not admit other solutions. Much energy is required to tame such a free will, therefore, when we speak about alertness and flexibility of mind, we want to prevent the harm that comes from such stubbornness. The complex of immortality is an equal tension of all energies. If you only knew how often we keep repeating the same thing! These statements should be sent as reminders to various countries. In time every word about unity will be applied actually, and the great voluntary unification will come as a stage of evolution. The Thinker said "It is not in my power to reach the far-off heavenly spheres, but indeed I am privileged! For it has been entrusted to me to observe them and to meditate upon their greatness." ### Nicholas Roerich's great art can be seen via this link below. ###

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Aum 1936: 12th in the Agni Yoga Series by El Morya, Chief of the Darjeeling Council of God's Will