Great Divine Director, Washington D. C., Nov. 13, 1938, dictated to Guy Ballard, excerpts:

Beloved students of the light, in all that you are today in comparison to four years ago and all you will become in the next two years, I ask you to watch the fulfillment of your calls earnestly and sincerely. We do not consider for a single moment what your outer expression may be, but We watch how your inner light is sending forth its color pictures which are the truth of the action of your life. One day you too will read the thought and feeling of mankind by its vibratory action, its color radiation, for that is the great silent language thruout the universe.

There might be some of you in this room who have seen the destructive forces operate in official places here in your capital. This force or substance is gathered by those who know how and drawn around individuals to make them do destructive things. it is projected and envelops the individual whom they want to pull down. I have seen here in your city magnificent persons struggling as within the coils of a great serpent against that force projected at them in their efforts to release themselves from it. Rarely do they succeed unless We see and give assistance which We ofttimes do. This good Messenger in his early years as a channel for healing often released individuals.

I congratulate the staff about the Messengers for the victory, self-control and mastery all are gaining! Remember what St. Germain has said to you: "The only distance between you and Us is your thought and feeling." That should not be very much, should it? If you can laugh at an appearance which suddenly comes before you and which is seemingly terrifying, you have drawn its fangs right then. Whether a discarnate or black magician, if they cannot produce fear in you they leave you alone! They might watch for an opportunity to strike, but when you are firm enough and fearless enough, they will look for other fields!

In past ages when people sought Us from the farthest corners of the Earth for this great light and wisdom, about 55% of those individuals succeeded in giving the obedience which life required.

Any report in the future which comes concerning your nation, concerning your political situation, concerning you industrial activities upon which all of your physical life depends--if it be limiting or discordent--you must be ready instantly and firmly to say to that appearance "You have no power!" As the great body of students say that and feel it deeply, you will hold in abeyance everything negative until the powers of light can dissolve it! Now let us join hands in the glory of this greater service into which We are entering, for from this day We enter into a tremendously greater service than any thus far. Therefore as you observe the changes which will take place in all avenues of life, remember the All-Seeing-Eye of God which you call into action is the revealing power of all destructive forces which would attempt to destroy you and your beloved America. As you call it into action and then abide in the wisdom of the Presence to bring forth its full revealing power, not one thing of human creation can interfere with or prevent it. Make your decrees snappy and forceful! Then go on about your business; when you return again, make dynamic forceful application! Five minutes of that is more valuable than twenty-five when you are not releasing the dynamic energy! The control of your attention means everything to you! What a pit it is that individuals do not want to understand these great simple laws which would bring such freedom to them.

After all, coming back to the fundamental, the principle underlying all disturbance, all destructive qualities sent forth, is but disobedience and destruction of life. The old statement made so long ago: "Stand in the light and draw to yourself your own" is one of the greatest statements, one of the greatest truths. I thank you with all my heart for your kindly attention and for receiving what I have been able to give you today, anchored within your feeling world--remember Myself anchored within your feeling world in the liquid light. One day when We are able to show you the light rays projecting from Ourselves, We will show you how We govern the light as a consuming activity or as a creative activity: I long for it!

Keep yourselves reminded, it is My golden substance in your world which I release to give you help. Therefore in the fullness of the light which beats your heart and gives you action, I charge you with invincible power to take command of your mind and body to give you its perfect self-control, its perfect harmony, its invincible protection, its mighty directing intelligence, and to hold you so steady in the harmony of itself that its directing intelligence flows like a river sweeping everything, all suggestions, before it and you move in the pathway of light, feeling the power of its achievement in everything required in the service you wish to give.

Stand in the fullness of your Presence, God the mighty I AM, in The Light of God That Never Fails! and draw to yourself your own! I thank you.

Morya El: Caravan to Find Christ

(Dictated to Geraldine Innocente of Bridge to Freedom, published in The First Ray, 1954.)

"...Have you ever joined a caravan to cross the trackless wastes of the deserts? Yes, some among you have. I joined one once following a star, hoping to find a Christ, and I was rewarded. I remember well the preparations of the leader of that caravan who agreed to accept on certain terms pilgrims from various parts of the world who chose to band their strengths together, and then after the goal was reached, to go their several ways.

I remember how fierce this leader was. I remember thinking at the time how heartless, for I had not in my conscious mind a memory of the desert, the wasteland and conditions of nature against which the puny form of the physical body would be required to stand. He was a rough man and an uncouth one, and he spoke in rough terms. He asked us each one if we carried with us a knife, and someone asked why. He said "It is better to (lean or) die upon the knife than to die of thirst in the desert, if you should weaken, because we cannot stop, we must be on our way!" Some among our number left the band. He examined well what we carried. He insisted that those who carried too much of worldly goods unload their camels or their horses and place in their stead plain water. There was grumbling because in the exchange of costly goods was money and interest and reward. Some there were who hid those worldly goods in the skins in place of water, and they died upon the deserts. He asked us if we wore beneath the silken garments of the day protection against the heat of the desert sun, lest we be stricken as we moved relentlessly forward. Many other things were asked--he was relentless in that discipline. Those of us who abided within his counsel remained with that caravan to the end, and others' bones are bleaching yet beneath the desert sun.

Now I seem to hear down thru the ages the shout of the leader as he gave forth the signal to proceed. From group to group the call went forth! The sneering camels rose on their reluctant legs, the fiery horses champed at the bit, the lumbering elephants followed slowly as the Ho! Ho! Ho! of the leader resounded thru the heart and spirit. I stand in that place today, friends of my heart."

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